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^ how can anyone be afraid of kute lil penguins?! ::looks around:: umm...I'm not quite sure what I'm doing or how I got here ::voice quivers:: I have no idea what exactly I am typing this on either...well my name is Chelsy and I THINK this is my website, or something...I am 15 years old and I live in Beverly Hills, California. I have brown hair and purple eyes (yes, that's right). I am 5 feet tall...yah, kinda short and i weigh a whoppin 83 pounds!! I have 2 brothers Nick and Randy and 3 sisters Andrea, Lucy, and Claire...and they're ALL OLDER AHHHH!! Oh and I'm extremely hyper and i would be more so than this if i wasnt so CCCCCOOOONNNNFFFFUUSSSSSSEEEEEDDDDDD!!! ~*Friends*~ MY bestest friends ever in the world amen are Rachel Kelleher and Cody Bradley. I can always laugh extremely hard with Missie Brown cuz she's HILARIOUS. I can always talk to DeAnna Causey and Cherry Rhonen. My modeling buddies are Kirstie Clooney, Sassy McNamera, Tara Aust, and Brooke Alsup. My TCS friends that i really really miss are Sophia Anderson, Matt Lemont, Erik Athens, Haylie Freidman, Alyssa Terranova, Charlie Bryant, Kyle Cooper, Wendie Ralleyie, Alicia Nicolee, LeAnne Ainsworth, Moriah Demeike, Demi Todd, and Jenny Austin. Oh, and the rest of my kewl pplz are (and i wont say their last names cuz they are all paranoid and would kill me if they by chance ended up being stalked) Britni ~-> the wierdest most NICEST ENCOURAGING GREAT sista in crime EVER! Wendy ~-> super super fun and never ever serious...which is not always good but it comes in handy when we're saaaad! Jenn ~-> my french buddy!! really really good at cards...cept when playin against me...haha jp jp Rae ~-> has never been in a fight with me, and for that, i thank you! Lindz ~-> there realy is nothing i could say in the amount of space i have...which is HUGE... Steph ~-> we are soooo goin to protest at disney world...grrrr, you dont fire our idol and get away with it! Sarah ~-> I can only go out with so many people ^_~ and everyone else!! 7th grade buddies: Ashley, Jayme, Olivia, Riley, Jeff, Lexie, Mathew, Shelby, Lacey, Hunter, Noah, Blaine, Melissa, Tylynn, Trenton, Ryan, and Roshaun you guys are sooo great and crazy!! you are gonna be such AWESOME seniors when ya get there! luv yaz! 8th grade buddies: Torin, Tyroooone (you are AWESOME man), Jared, Lexi, Cory, Keely, Evan, Stori, Lauren, Grayce, Monica, Nick, Chelsea, Austin, Michaela, Sage, Olivia, Caity, Jesse, Lindsey, Jaidan, Gavin, Kelby, Ryan, Kyle, Houston, and Lyra!! you guys rock my sox!! i am soooo glad you guys arent skeered of me ^_^ cant wait for high school next year huh, yall will be in my classes!! My Grade Buddies: Brooke, Sophia, Erik, Cody, Missie, Charlie, Belinda, DeAnna, Chris, Haleigh, Judah, Zach, Victoria, Shayna, Rachel, Jared, Matt, Alicia, Madison, Wendie, Nick, Alyssa, ans Sara you guys are sooooo just tha kooest ppl ever!! I am really glad you're in my grade, haha ^_^ 10th grade buddies: LeAnne, Michele, Shannon, Carol, Shayne, Nicole, James, Joanie, Hayley, Alexia, Eric, Chance, Spencer, Taylor, Kyle, and Laney!! Yall seem more immature than us haha!! inside joke i luv you guys! 11th grade buddies: Ashlee, Michael, Stephen, Kristi, Moriah, Neely, Heather, Chloe, Shanna, Desiree, Dylan, Jenna, Shannon, Blake, Alaina, Amy, Jordan, and Barrett!! you guys are so cool! thanks for bein friends w/ my a drivin me places!! luvz!! SENIOR BUDDIES!!: Brenna, Monica, Rene, Angela, Leigha, Rachael, Marissa, Mason, Blake, Mackenzie, Ian, Kaylee, Carrie, Tyler, Brittany, Lauren, Justin, Ciara, Courtney, Jared, Mathew, and Mikayla!!! thanks soo much for being such great friends to the lowly freshman hehe...and also for drivin me places!! i will miss yall sooooo much!! Friends from TCS (the elementary days): Gina, Tara, Courtnee, Sean, Aria, Camille, Karena, Ellianna, Rexanne, Casey, Emma, Trisha, Juliana, Nathan, Joshua, Rachel, Destiny, Kerry, Shelby, Levi, Audrey, Niki, Sierra, and Rhett!! I miss you guys but I'm glad we still keep in touch!! Last but not least...MY THEATER BUDDIES!!: Carrie Ainsworth, Katey Alexander, Kara Allison, Alina Alzamora, Holly Arata, Caroline Arnold, Heather Aust, Renee Baskin, Garrick Barr, Taylor Beard, Devin and Shawn Beaugez, Annika Beckley, Destinee Blakeney, Leslie Boren, Rain Brock, Natalie Burke, Jill Calloway, Shelia Case, Isabella Ciano, Andrew Charbonet, Daria Childress, Destin Clinton, Ariana Cooley, Drew Kimball, Lily Cowart, April Currey, Sharalyn Dees, Jody Denson, Nina Desmith, Breigh Drake, Krysten Edmonds, Tessa Ezelle, Joy Fleming, Charity Floyd, Miranda Gardener, Lizzie Jordan, Brandon Garner, Leah Gillian, and Emily Lawrence ::sigh:: dang i think i have too many friends... well that's it for now...c ya!! .:chelsy:.