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"Our Ghetto Christmas"

Sitting under the Christmas tree

Stress, Sam, Joanna, and me

Passing around the gifts we bought

Wondering what it is we got

All I want is peace this year

Relax my mind and see things clear

We're gonna eat real good today

After we get in our seats and pray

For the blessing we will want to receive

No more crying or time to grieve

We will pray that we all have peace of mind

Act to others in ways that are kind

We'll be happy for everything that we get

thinking to ourselves this day was well spent

This day to me went rather well

From the gifts and dinner

To the stories we tell

What we need to make things right

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight

By: Omega Jade Williams

Dedicated to: Sam& Stress

(You Know who you are)