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Definition of a nerd: A nerd is someone who enjoys knowing things. Most of the time they find one category to be knowledgeable in such as computers or science, hence the terms computer nerd and science nerd. Fear us, because someday, we are going to rule the world, and there is no mercy towards those who hate the nerds. Your computers will be our slaves, constantly working to give our computers more power. Ok, I admit that last part was just computer nerds speaking, but its true...

Nerd Allies: The punks, the posers, the psychos, the band geeks, the choir, the orchestra, and sometimes the goths.

Nerd Enemies: Preps, jocks, and those Pop-Punk sk8er bois.

Neutral towards nerds: The hicks.

So you see, nerds greatly out number those who oppose them and will surely conquer more than any of our allies due to our great diplomacy and charisma.