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Well, here it goes, the feared Gallery or death!


Well, this person is interesting. I think its another Adam wannabe!

Josh Cregger wannabe right here. I love you Josh!

ph34r me!


Well, it sure looks like Mr. Hug (The Child Molesting Elton John Wannabe.)


Wow, I was really bored when I made this one in paint. Someone please slap me with a fish.


I don't even know who this person is, but it looks almost like Munkle!


Well, I can definitely see this being Adam, the goth that he is.


Yeah.. Umm, Josh made this one when he was bored. The Jedi Ninja he calls it. I think he was going to rip off at one point or something along those lines.


Yes, this is ripped off of Something Awful, but it is just hilarious, so I had to use it. I suggest you stop using 56k Neo! SUX0R = U!