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The Gallery of Tim Lukens

Here it is, the gallery of all my collected art. Ok, its just my pen art, but soon I will have more in here. I love drawing with pens, especially with just a black pen, but I would like to get a color set so I could have more than one color with my pictures. Write that one down for a birthday gift or something.

The Beginning:

I discovered my love for pen art about five months ago. This was when I just doodled little things.

These were the two choice drawings that I ever showed people from this era of my art. This is actually the beginning of my abstract art dealing mostly with faces.

As I said above, I started getting into abstract faces. I drew many of these everywhere on my work, here are a selected few:

These were always my favorites. I can easily reproduce Twig Man, but Bob is unique and unabled to be reproduced.

Pretty soon, after drawing so many faces, I drew one big collection of faces on the back of my notebook:

Click to enlarge.

After this, I started drawing a little bit while traveling, but nothing ever turned out right as you can see below:

Eventually the full body came through. Here is a picture of God and his step brother Rainbow:

Pretty soon, all of my work evolved into one big abstract mess:

That is the end of my gallery for now. Keep checking for new pictures.