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Friendship Code

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  + Treat your friend the way you would like to be treated.
+ Friends DON'T push you around. -
+ If your friend wants to try a new sport, but you do not like that sport, do not take her out of it just because you do not like it. Try to see the alternative side(s).
+ Always ask them what they want to do if they are your guest!
+ Don't argue with their choice of boyfriend. Even if you hate the guy, respect your friend's feelings for him. Loophole = unless you know that they are a player; then you tell your friend.
+ U need 2 b able 2 talk freely, b able 2 act like yourselves.
+ Friends should respect everything about each other: fashions, possessions, decisions, religions, etc. - frenchie15
+ Don't think that ur better than ur friend.
+ DON'T COPY CLOTHES, unless planned!
  + A friend can't talk trash about u behind your back.
+ Never start talkin' about something and then say...ohh never mind I can't tell you!
+ Tell them when something is wrong with their physical appearance (such as a booger).
+ Keep secrets, or its mutually assured destruction.
+ ...unless your friend is doing something dangerous.
+ No breaking promises.
+ Don't steal my stuff.
+ If you know what you are going to tell them will hurt them but you have to tell them, choose your words VERY carefully.
+ Before you do something that you think he won't like, like dating his 'X,' ask if it's ok.
+ Don't lie to them, tell them what u think.
  + My friend has broken every rule I wrote about but we still remain friends!!
+ When a friend makes a new friend they just don't go 'BOOM' and start ignoring the other people.
+ Friends have to have fun, and stick up for each other.
+ Be around for the bad times as well as the good.
+ All my friends can make mistakes, so can I, but if we don't forgive those mistakes unconditionally then we aren't really good friends.
+ A friend will always care if you fall down and always help you up.
+ Keep in touch. Don't lose them.
+ Friends don't blow you off for someone cooler than you.
+ Friends shouldn't stop being your friend just because one of their other friends hates you.
+ You should help your friends eliminate gossip about them.
+ Don't do something big & not tell your best friend.

  + When you bottle up your anger, if the bottle ever breaks it would be a huge fight and your friend would never speak to you again. So if you are mad I think you should tell that person.
+ Think twice before you say something hurtful.
+ There WILL be fights, but if you were wrong then apologize.
+ Don't get mad at them 4 something stupid.
+ Remember that the rules apply to you too.
+ Never put anything bad about them on message boards.
+ If your fighting with them don't get other ppl to dislike them as well.
                  BOYS AND GIRLS:
  + 1 rule is NEVER ditch a friend 4 a date!
+ Never ruin your friendship over a girl/guy.
+ Friends are forever and boyfriend's/girlfriend's aren't.
+ Never ever make your friend chose between their boyfriend or girlfriend and you.
+ Never date the boy/girl that your friend has a huge crush on unless they are over him.
+ If your friend is going out with sum1, do not try to break them up.
+ Never like your friend's boyfriend, and if you can't help it, then keep that thought to yourself
+ Don't change who you are for a guy/girl.


YOUR FRIENDS HAVE TO BE ABLE TO TAKE A JOKE...If your friend can't take a joke their either PMSing...STUPID...FAT...or there NOT  your friend...So end the friendship now...or later on they will become idiots...