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My love, Chris

Things I love about Chris

Chris this website is for you. Mostly to tell you something. But as you read it i want you to not make any assumptions until you get to the end. Read this slowly and carefully, don't misinterpret ANYTHING!! Chris i love you, and you know that somewhere in your heart. When we first started talking and you told me you loved me and i returned the comment i didn't mean it. I didn't want to be rude. But now that i have grown to like you more and more i actually mean it when i say it now. Sometimes i thought the childish way you acted was a weakness but now i see that sometimes its easier to just think simply and live simply and not always have somethin on your mind. The thing is Chris, we are completly two different people and they say opposites attract but in this instance i can't really find a way that we attract. I suppose we just ended up together because i didn't say no, i never say no to any guy because i always give guys a chance. I gave you your chance and i'm not sure whether you see it or not but i don't think we belong together. My mom doesn't dislike you, however she does think that you are too old for me which you really aren't. On top of that, your mother doesn't like me. And after all the stories my mom and your Aunt Rosalyn (Rosie) has told her i don't think she has a pinch of respect for me anymore. Your mom is sweet and nice but i really think she thinks i'm crazy. Thats another thing. As a sexy-classy girl i don't like you OR your mother seeing what you saw the last time you saw me. You saw me in one of my worse states. You saw me down and out. And as people who really don't know anything about me or my family you guys think i'm crazy, selfish, and stupid for leaving out and not coming back and refusing to go back. I'll be truthful, sometimes the things i do don't make sense to me either but i won't judge myself(i'm young)....i don't judge anybody. As many people say i am too powerful of a spirit, of a being, to ever be put in a situation where i was looked down upon. It irritates the hell out of me when people feel sorry for me or look down and say "that poor little girl". Truth is, i'm living and learning and becoming a better person each day and what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. Chris, I'M NOT BREAKING UP WITH YOU!!!!!!!! Instead i will make the decision yours. If you would like to work this out, let me know. If you would like to put our relationship on pause, let me know. If you just want to cut our losses now and make it a peaceful breakup, let me know. Its all you babe. By the way, i talked to my mom and she did say she would allow us to talk on the phone but truth is, that's all she'll let us do. As far as letting us see each other that'll never happen, not on her motherly clock. And i'm sure your mom wouldn't like the idea of us seeing each other. i heard on the radio that faith evans song you played a million times that night in your car and i couldn't help but have the biggest smile on my face because sometimes you make me so happy. But one thing i don't like is someone who isn't real with me. Someone who will tell you anything and everything. It's nervewrecking. Chris, personally i don't think you're ready for a girlfriend right now. Your a grown man now, but your mindset is still that of a 14 year old. Life isn't just video-games. And its not just video-games AND work. Its finding yourself and knowing yourself and finding what or who makes you happy. And i think you may need to find a girl who suites you. Chris, if we continue: be there for me and i'll be there for you. I always was and always will be. Being good friends is always an option. Chris, i love you and i miss you. Luv, Brittany