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Halloween 2003




Grave yard scene


All tombstones, fence, grave digger, etc. were made this year. Next year I plan to expand by including columns and gates and modifying the ghost into a FCG.

Porch scene


The monster on the right was constructed last year (my very first prop!!). His head is an oscillating fan. The boards were made out of ½” foam insulation. The funeral arrangement was dug out of a dumpster at a local cemetery. It wasn’t quite dead enough, so I hit it with a little black spray paint. I intended on switching the red ribbon to black, but time was not on my side.



The corpse is simply a blucky with the web/Liquid Nails technique applied. I also added red LED eyes to him.


The coffin was given to me by a local bar owner. I’d love to know the history behind it. It has no dates or manufacturer info on it. If anyone has thoughts on how to trace its origins, please email me at

Radio Controlled Spider


This was the biggest hit out of everything. It is a paper mache body covered with fake fur and fitted onto an R/C Monster (fitting, huh?) truck. The legs are pieces of pipe insulation and are simply glued onto the body. The fang are really horns that I won as a door prize at Ironstock.


Punch station


This was thrown together at the last minute, but ended out looking very nice. The witch’s spell is being held by the hand from the hand/bowl sets that were sold at Michaels and other stores.  It’s hard to see in the photo, but the little bottles contain ingredients used in the brew (e.g. tongue of dogs, wool of bat).




Each year I do a different Halloween cake. This is one of my favorite parts! This year’s cake was made from an 11x13” pan and cut to shape.  It was covered with strips of fondant. Yes, fondant tastes like crap, but I like to use it so nah, nah! You could probably achieve a similar look with buttercream and the basket weave tip.