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After having the propositions rejected and delayed the chargers finally took more drastic steps and decided to meet all the requirements needed to activate the "trigger" clause. The trigger enables the team to force the city into 90 day negotiations in which the team can talk to other cities about relocating. The trigger can only be activated when the team's average salaries meets a certain level that is competitive with the rest of the league(although it can only be used every 4 years).
The article talks about the current situation between the San Diego Chargers and the city of San Diego regarding a new stadium and the current contract. It goes over each sides views and concerns. It also explains what actions have been taking to arrive on an agreement.
The city of San Diego signed a contract with the chargers a couple of years ago that will keep them in San Diego until 2008. Or at least that was the plan until last year when the Chargers began to push for a new contract. The city does not want to get into new contract negotiations becasue they entail plans for a new multi million dollar stadium for the team. The city is reluctant to give in to the request for several reasons (such as the problems that came about with petcom park). To settle the issue the city decided to assign a task force to deal with the situation.
L.T On one of his season high games.
David Boston arrival will add to the chargers success and the teams popularity
The chargers on the other hand are doing their part to satisfy their needs and the cities. The chargers agreed to finance most of the stadium and to get rid of aspects of the contract that the city disliked, the main one being the ticket guarantee. Under the ticket guarantee the city would have to pay for all the extra seats at the stadium that went unsold. This cost the city millions of dollars. As a solution the chargers agreed to drop this ticker guarantee.
I believe that the author was very accurate and non partial in writting this article and i also believe that the city is being foolish for not trying to work out a deal with the chargers. The chargers are offering to get rid of the ticket guarantee, the trigger clause, and to finance most of the stadium. On top of doing all that the team is still finding a way to build the new stadium where 30 year old Qualcomm (one of the oldest in the country) is located. Besides improving the community by adding an eye pleasing stadium and making the area (which has marketable potential) better. It will also bring millions of dollars to the city because it would re-instate San Diego as a major super bowl
One of San Diegos young stars