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The Baby Shower

The Baby Shower
Planning a baby shower

You should start with:

The Invetations should go out to the people how are by your side when you need them and to family.
The baby shower should be held before the baby is born, most people do it toward the end of the pregnancy.
The baby shower should be held some where nice most baby shower are held at a home.
Have baby shower games.

Here's some more Ideas:
1. GUESS THE GIRTH-all you need is a long piece of ribbon.ask the guess to take turn writing there initials on the ribbon. After everyone had there turn the mother to be ties the ribbon around her belly and the person is the closest to the belly botton wins the prize.
2. BABY PICTURE MATCH GAME-your guess have to bring a baby picture of themself when they where babies and assemble the pictures on a board and beside put numbers.pass out sheets of paper to the guess so they could match each baby to the grown-up and the one who gets them all right wins.
3. TREASURE HUNT-Hide a baby gift around the house and then give theguess a map or clues for them to find it. the one who finds it first wins.