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Erin's Website!

Hi! This is Erin, and welcome to my webpage! I'm a 13 year old Florida hottie and I go to Darnell Cookman Middle School. I had my friend Dallas design this webpage for me so that I could say hi to all my friends and put pictures and stuff. So take a look around and have fun!

Lauren -You are the best and I never see you anymore!
Christen -Call me!
Kristyn -Starbucks choco brownie fraps rock!
Dallas -Thanks for helping me with the webpage!
Morgan -You're so perfect
Sarah -Are you dored?
Leighanne -I'm gonna miss you when you go to Providence!
Emily -You are too sweet!
Devon -;p;
Jessie -How's it going with Alex?
Jordan -My webpage is better than yours!
Dorian -Your teapot is better than mine!
Ashley -My sis! I <3 u!
Jason -Am I still the super cool princess?
Chelsea, Brooke, Amber, Shannon, Alex, Jeff, Cameron, Mary, Carrie, Mendy, Jennifer, Kaitlin, Kyle, Josh, Alex, Shiana, Alicia, Raven, Lauren, Rhian, Courtney, and the other Lauren!