Hey Welcome to my site.. created by me... lolz well its still under CONSTRUCTION... so here is some info bout my site to be!

  • the name is Sweet Valentine
  • it is my personal blog, but with some cool stuff for you to take =D
  • 99 % created by me (i did get html help from looking at other sites)
  • The layout was INSPIRED by one of my faveorite sites! but i didnt steal =( never!
  • i will NOT give out my name on my site.. if i ever did please please dont mention it, i like to keep my life to MYSELF, u can enjoy my site, but u dont need to no about me.. thats my theory! i call myself GirlOne.. i donno it jus came to me, i use to be Never Gonna Find Me, but that was to GAY and LONG so i switched, its still gay, but yah no~ who cares?

    My Site wont be fully done for months =D... im a very busy person yah no.. school, lessons, and my own social life.. lol YES I HAVE A LIFE... well when i get TIME i will try to update... so just stick around :wink:

    oh yeah did i mention i change layouts and colors verrrrry freqwently? lolz tommarow ill prolly change it again! i cant make up mi mind =D

    UPDATE --21104--
    ok i just switched my old server (geocities) to here... so now I just got ot upload everything (oh yay)...this is the TOUGH part... *SiGh*

    UPDATE --121404--
    ok, now im trying to fix out how to do all the HTML... its really confuzzing.. i hope you can keep your patience..lolz how many fans do i have? about 2? lol

    Sweet Valentine
    Sweet Valentine

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