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~*~MuH wOnDeRfUl LiFe~*~
Friday, 1 August 2003
my sucky life
recently i lost 6 of my bestfriends and i have no fuckin idea why. They all juss turned on me in 1 day. Thats wack. and then i was down and i meet a great guy named mike and we went out for bout 2 weeks and that was awesome and then he ended it cause of fuckin family problems. after that i became depressed again and juss sat in a slump. then bout 4 weeks ago i meet this wonderful guy name Tye from a student chat center and we instantly clicked. He tought me how 2 b myself he tought me how not 2 b afraid and most of all he tought me how 2 love. He lives in washington and i live in florida 2,800 miles away. Yea u all may think that is a long way but for love we will do n e thing. He's the one that got me writing peotry. I had never thought bout writing it or reading it until i meet him and heres a sad and depressing poem i wrote bout my feelings:
**i search deep within
through the pain and sorrow
lookin for that one ray of hope
no where 2 b found in a heart that is torn
so many tears yet not enough smiles
betrayals and lies have become familiar 2 me
hateful words that pierce my heart
not enough love 2 fill this empty hole
from all this tourture and hurt
i can never b the same
frm somewhere deep down inside
a light switch has been turned on
i try 2 think of the happy days
but no matter how hard i try 2 look
there seem 2 b no happy memories
i look back on the hurt and torture
and begin 2 tear ^ no matter wat ppl say
nothing will ever b the same or how it use 2 b
i wish i didnt have 2 live thro this hurt and sorrow
i am and i will always have a empty shattered heart
one day i will stand here strong and bold and a diff person
as of 2 day i am weak and still in a slump frm the pain that aches my heart.


heres another poem that i wrote but its bout me and his love:
as im laying on the beach
dreaming of you and me
in eachothers arms gazing
@ one another
juss being there with you
makes me feel complete
nothing makes me happier
than 2 c a smile on ur face
and nothing makes me happier
in the world than u do baby
although its only a dream
very soon that will b us
on that beach 2 gether
expressing our love 2 one another
only this time it wont b a dream
dont lose Faith in your dreams
for one day soon those dreams
will become reality
everything i look at reminds me of u
your such a huge part of me baby
as i sit here every second of every day
i day dream about you
but in the end i just long for you even more
no matter how much i want you or how much it hurts
i will never leave u baby no matter what
im here 2 stay for good

~Tay Bray~

Posted by crazy2/lilangelqt4u369 at 9:58 PM EDT
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i meet this wonderful guy bout 3 in a half weeks ago name Tye! i love him so much and he loves me back. MMMMM heres on of his poems he wrote me
And what they could bring
So much intensity and complexity
You and me
In the weary night such a beautiful sight
A glimpse of your eyes
A touch of your soft skin
As we walk down that aisle with forgiving sins
I touch and kiss your scars
You are my morning star
You are one of a kind
When the worlds sleeping
I'll be dreaming
With you in my arms
I promise you I'll protect you from all harms
Aren't always blue
But my love for you
Will always stay true
Let me be the pawn in this game
let me take the hard way out
Through all the dense fog and purple rain
My feelings for you will always be the same
My feelings are sensitive
All my hopes and dreams gone
Turned to pawns
Nothing but tears in the palms of my empty hands
Suddenly all my tears disappear
As you whisper into my ear
I love you
I lied 2 you
What do I do
What do I say
I feel ashamed
Such a pity crime
I hurt you
Everytime I lied
I made you cry
With so much pain in your heart
You never wanted to be apart
You touched my heart like no woman has ever done before
You made me find myself in this world
You helped me discover all my lost tears
Your eyes light the deepest parts of the oceans
That I try to stay afloat
But I drown into the depths of your heart
Will you ever forgive me
Taylor you are my life
Unbreak your heart
I'll always come back to you and say I love you

Posted by crazy2/lilangelqt4u369 at 9:51 PM EDT
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