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You have reached the home of the illess in town.

My name is Kendice Supaul.
*16 years old
*Iam a student enrolled in the the Toledo Community College Which is located at the bottom of the country of Belize in the beautiful district of Toledo.
*Iam also known as "Nitro/Nite" Nitro cause Iam very fast at everthing i do especially on the PC. Nite, just the shorter name for Nitro.
*You can mail me at Also you can message me at kendice_supal at yahoo messanger or at kendice03 at AOL instant messanger.
*I "LOVE" dealing with computers. I also love playing football, volleyball and basketball. Iam a great swimmer and diver. Iam also a long distance runner. One of the things I also find alot fun is cycling. Iam a junior cyclist.
*My favorite foods are pizza, fry chicken, rice and beans, bar b q, chow ming, and hoodut(a garifuna dish.)
*My favorite colors are sky blue, white, red, blue, and grey.
*The pics at the top are, me on the two side and my HUMBLE HOME in the middle.