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Information about Joan's Quilts

Welcome to Joan’s Quilts where you will find a variety of small quilt tops. Perfect for using as a wall hanging to add a bit of color to you room. Based loosely on the Watercolor Quilt style they have evolved to a style all their own. No one can quite decide what style they are! I do hope that your enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoy making them. Each quilt is individually designed and sewn. Quality materials are used and the quilting is done by machine. The quilting is minimal so the design and the colors of the fabric stay the focal point. A wooden dowel or a decorative drapery rod will easily fit through the simple hanging sleeve that is hand sewn to the back of each quilt. Care is taken in every aspect of making these quilts but they, like their maker, are evolving and have not reached perfection yet. I have tried to get the colors in the pictures as accurate as I can but monitors vary so the colors may be a little different than the picture shows. Shipping is not included in the prices of the quilts. Postage is $4.50 per quilt. Please respect international copyright laws that apply to this site and all of the quilt designs on it. No part of this site or any of the quilts may be copied or used without written permission. Hope you enjoy your visit. Please e-mail me at for purchase info.