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ciara f. came into this world in the month of july in 1992.she lived in australia for a month then went to england to live at her granddad's mansion for 1 year and 9 months. then she came back to australia where she lived until she was six and had a break to england again for 6 months. but she didn't quite get a break. she went to school in england to keep up with her studies. while in england her grandfather purchased a horse and she named it lightning after seeing a lightning storm in a book. ciara's name isn't prnounced 'kee-ara' (like in the lion king) or 'she-ara' but 'see-ara' it is a celtic/gaelic name meaning 'black and mysterious'.

at a young age she started her acting career from pretending to be various people she had seen on tv and acting them out. ciara got a small role in a production called the eureka stockade in year 2002 while studying gold, she had the part of a man name 'Black'. then she moved to abbotsleigh junior school for girls in 2003 where she got a non-acting role of the prompt to not attract attension to herself in her first year but instead of a prompt she turned out to be the student stage manager which led her to a special award presented every term called a pennant. that year she did speech and drama lessons through school to inmprove her speech and voice volume but unfortunatly that day she had a cold that caused her to go down in marks. the previous year she also did it and came out with an outstanding result of 91%. she was very proud of her achivement but thought she could have got better. every since her very early childhood she's displayed talents of acting. her drama teacher says she has the talent to be an actor. she mainly focuses on shakespeare and his plays he wrote. ciara loves history and reads, researches and records results in a notebook.

in plays ciara can master doing an american, irish, scottish, english (natural i guess) and australian accent but using the keyboard and writing this is the greatest website in the world would take her a billion years. according to her, making this website was a huge challenge. she said to us one day 'my school revloves around computers, it took me a hundred years before i was able to type up a one page document. i'm really pathetic, my school gave us a week to write up a 20 page document, it took me around two and a half. i can't type for *h*t" which we (orlando and joey) found pretty easy to believe seeing as though on msn she's always the last one to find where all the keys are.

a bit about ciara's life

 ciara is a horse fanic. ciara lives with her brother and parents back in australia but might be going back to england when she's in year 7. ciara is a very keen violinist, she started playing when she was three and went on until she was nine when she was in grade six. then she stopped for a year and had no form of learning music for that year and nearly got all her musical memory whipped of her memory in a horse accident which has affected her mental life (no she didn't crack her head open and get brain damage but has a haunting dream of it) she started again when she was ten and also started learning the piano. even though she had a horse accident most people would think she would be terrified of them but she built up the confidence to ride them again and do all four gaits; walk, trot, canter and gallop. she went to a horse camp at papillion stables in 2003.


Written by Joey and Orlando

Thanks guys! -Ciara F.


hi guyz! just a lil more about me.

name: Ciara F.

age: 12

fave song artist: westlife, stacie orrico, jewel and heaps more

fav actors: tom cruise, colin farrell, orlando bloom, julia roberts, kiera knightly, nichole kidman and most

good at: sports, computers (but i am so hopeless at typing, typing all the pages in hell(but at school i am a computer whizz)), watching movies, jorse riding (i'm very skilled at it) doing accents and drama

hopeless at: like i said, typing is hell, remembering to get up on certain mornings, singing, typing, typing, typing, typing and have i said - typing

wanna-be what: wanna be actress

why wanna-be what: i find that doing something that i love and being paid for it is an absolute bliss. i just see all the actors, orlando bloom, kiera knightly and colin farrell, being paid heaps for something they really like doing. i find that if they can do it, so can i.


wears glasses: yes, but i wear contacts