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Ray and I at Lollapalooza just before Incubus went on stage!!

Yeah all the pics I took of Incubus playing sucked because they wouldn't let me take my digital camera in so I had to use a crappy disposable camera. But whatever it's still Incubus and they kicked ass!!

Shawna, Kate, Matt, and Pholi ballz. We were at this place called Bubble Tea in Edmonds. I feel really white there LoL

This was also at bubble tea. Yeah I found the tennis pikatchu thing on the wall to be very hot...LoL I was on crack that night. When you embarass Eric like I was, you know you are being crazy LoL

Matt and Pholi ballz were playing an intense game of Connect Four ASIAN STYLE! (thats what I called it lol)

Yes I was a bad girl so I had to beat myself with the ping pong paddle. Again...I have no idea what was wrong with me that day LoL

Pholi ballz, me, and Phola.

I was telling Santa Eric everything I wanted for Christmas. Santa Eric told me that I've been a naughty girl this year though so who knows what I'm gonna get (That just sounds so wrong doesn't it? LoL)

Steve and I kickin some booty at Halo!!

Yeah baby, look at K-dawg kickin some ass.

My roomies and I after we hung that damn bear that one of the little bastards in our apartments threw up on our deck.

Yeah our neighbors are gonna think we are insane. LoL But we are so whatever

Should I even attempt to explain this? LOL Yeah I better or else Eric will kill me. Eric and I had a deal...he got to do something if I got to take a pic of him in my bra and put it up on the website. Let's just say he got the better end of the deal LoL

Don't ya love our new pic above the fireplace? Obviously Kirsten and I do LoL