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Bruce Hornsby - The way it is
Played: In 1989 when Martha and Jonathan are at lana's aunt's shop.

Eagle-Eye Cherry - Long way around
Played: In the morning before school when clark asked his dad if he could play

Stereoblis - Eight half letters
Played: When Clark meets Chloe and Pete at school after missing the bus.

The Calling - Unstoppable
Played: When Lex is driving and talking on the cell phone and hits Clark.

Fear the clown - Inside The Memories
Played: When Jeremy Creek attacks the guy in the auto repair shop.

Capital Eye - Lets go
Played: When Whitney hits Clark and throws him into the back of the truck.

Stereophonics - Maybe
Played: At the dance when Chloe and Pete are dancing.

Jude - Everything I own
Played: At the dance when Clark sees Lana and Whitney dancing.

Lifehouse - Everything
Played: At the very end when Clark has a daydream that he is dancing with Lana.

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