Top 5 Lists

Here are the lists. Please note that they are in no particular order.

Top 5 Most Meaningful Songs:

- Cat's in the Cradle

- I'm All Out of Love

- Everything I do I do it for you

- I want to know what love is


Top 5 Songs to Listen to:

- Through With You

- I believe in a Thing Called Love

- Carry on my Wayward Son

- Shiver

- This Love

Top 5 Bands:

- No doubt

- Smashmouth

- Maroon 5

- Weird Al Yankovic


Top 5 Movies:

- Reservoir Dogs

- Princess Bride

- Boondock Saints

- South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut

- Kill Bill vol.1

Top 5 TV Shows:

- Sportscenter

- South Park

- Scrubs

- Simpsons

- Sportscenter

Top 5 Books:

- Life's Little Frustration Book

- Knee Deep in the Dead

- Big Trouble (read the book, burn the movie)

- Prey

- Anything from the Harry Potter series

Top 5 Quotes:

- Don't take life too seriously, you won't get out alive.

- Divorce, a word whose latin root mean to have one's genitals ripped out through one's wallet.

- Join the Military: vist new countries, meet new people, and kill them all.

- Do not blame got for creating the tiger, thank him for not giving it wings.

- Are you stalking me? Cause if so that would be super.

Top 5 Foods:

- Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips

- Strawberrys

- Black Olives (w/o pits)

- Clemintines

- Crunchy Fudge Sandwitches

Top 5 Actors/Actresses:

- Bruce Campbell

- Colin Farrel


- Edward Norton

- Kevin Spacey

Top 5 most Influencial People in My Life (Excluding Family):

- Pharmacy





Top 5 Musicals:

- Chicago

- South Park

- Rocky Horror Picture Show

- Little Shop of Horrors

- Grease

Top 5 Pet Peeves:

-Having to be respectful to people I dislike because I am an RA.

-People makin gnoise on my hall.

-Friday night desk shift.

-Watching lots of TV

-Not having any motivation

Top 5 Fears:


-Untimely Death

-Murky or deep water

-Prison...and what they do to weak people like me there

-Prostate exams

Top 5 Things that depress me:

-Work, in some form or another.

-Not having any motivation to acheive any of my goals, which probably results form being depressed.

-Weekends, cause school is right around the corner.

-Weekdays, cause i will have to get up at 6 to go to school.

-Not being very important to anyone emotionally.

Top 5 People/Things on my shit list:

-Free time
-FYE program
-cross-dressing, why did those pictures have to surface?
-presentations (i prefer just having tests)

Top 5 People/Things on my happy list:

- The countdown
- Ryan Grizzle - so glad he is my AAC
- Most of my coworkers, who are cool
- free time
- projects

Top 5 Surprises:

- Pats win superbowl
- 72 is 3rd best grade in class

Top 5 Reasons to Quit Res-Life:

- Going to Pharm School
- Desk Duty
- Being responsable for stupid shit
- Programming
- Freshmen

Top 5 Remakes:

- Smooth Criminal by Alien Ant Farm
- It's My Life by No Doubt
- Night of the Lving Dead (the color version)
- I'm a Believer - Smash Mouth
- Dawn of the Dead