My Thoughts

This page is dedicated to the random thoughts that pop through my head.


What were those troops thinking beating on prisoners. We should send them to the Arabs and let them do their justice...then we could have someone video tape it and let them see that we are all equal in hate.


Why is everyone so scared of dieing, we do not even know what it is like. It could be fun for all we know.
I am not scared of death, it is just the concept of not still being alive that unnerves me


Maybe we die the instant we figure out the point of life.

Political Correctness

Fear motivates political correctness.
Politicians fear being politically ostracized.
Public figures fear media reprocussions.
White boys in the south fear death.


If emotion was taken out of relationships and instead everyone just had casual sex to reproduce, then would we be more productive since there would be no one distracted by the stress of a relationship that they are in.


Diamonds piss me off. They cost a shit load of money in order to get what? A freaking stone. Yeah, the stone is clear or slightly colored and sparkles a little, but you know what, it is still just a stone. The prices of diamonds are the only thing that keep their worth so high. If diamonds suddenly became cheap, then everyone would afford them and their would be no sense of worth..thus no demand.

Diamonds still piss me off. A diamond is forever...true, but we won't live forever so what is the point in buying something tht lasts eternally if we wont get to enjoy it the whole time.

Diamonds continue to piss me off. If we are not buying them simply because they are rare, then why are people insulted by cubic zirconias. They only differ on a molecular level and look exactly the same. Also they last as long, and if you lose them or they chip (they may, but I would doubt it) you can buy another one to replace it. Also no one will break into your house to steal your cubic zirconia since it has almost no real value!!