There are always things I just want to talk about that have no reason, so this page is up so that I can at least type them and get them out of my system.
Also I intend on putting up my illogical arguements here.


Saving Lives?

According to rational thought, when you save someone's life you really are not saving it, you are merely postponing their death. So how does one actually save a life? To save someone's life in this respect would mean that you would have to stop their death all together. Since everything that lives eventually dies (as far as we know) it follows that in order to prevent someone's death you would have to keep them from being born. Using the previous definition that preventing death is saving someone's life, then it follows that in order to save someone's life would have to keep them from being born. This means that we can not in fact save anyone's life in they are in fact already living, so we can only save the lives of the people that would be born should we choose to do nothing. How about we save the life of every person that will ever exist by killing every living person on the planet?