My Journal


Yesterday sucked. I found out at 2:30 in the morning that I had to go to ODU for a meeting. I really do not mind meeting people there, but to e-mail someone to be there at 2:30 in the morning of that day is kinda absurd. So I missed about 5 hours of sleep that I really needed to function. It is not that I need lots of sleep, just that I was not all that caring about how much sleep I got on sunday or monday night because I thought that I would be able to sleep in. So now I am sleep deprived. For instance, Kim asked me a question, and in the time I was thinking about the answer I actually forgot what she asked. That was not very cool. But I digress a bit. Yesterday....I went to the meeting and that went rather well. Except I found out that the webmaster (job I am going to do) has an exceptionally large responsibility and I do not get to take on anyone else to help with it. Also, I wanted to be treasurer, and since I did not get that I was going to be assitant treasurer. Since I have so much to do I may not be that either, just the webmaster. So I got shown everything the webmaster has to do, and I didnt really expect there to be so much freaking stuff. I am sure I can manage it, I just need to take some time to study html, tables and everything else about web design. So I finally got home about 3 o'clock and did the physics homework I had meant to do previously. I also remembered that I had some more answers to put in for my Chemistry homework, but forgot even though I had the answers with me and was on the computer. I tried to get to the website I was going to be onitoring, but I couldnt seem to find the pages that had the html codes, so now I have to look for those. I have more to write, bu tno time to write it since I shoudl be takign this time to find html, more to come.