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Guild Links

[x]Caption Contest
[x]Memebers shops
[x]Pet spotlight
[x]Weekly newsletter
[x]Wishing Well
Qwick links:

[x]Draik Nest
[x]Hidden Tower
[x]Chia Bingo
[x]Coltzan's Shrine
[x]Fruit Machine
[x]buried treasure
[x]Healing Springs
[x]Wheel of Excitement
[x]Wheel of Mediocrity
[x]Scratchcard Kiosk
[x]Grundo's Gym

Other Sites

Here are some other cool sites you should visit!

New Guild!!! All of the stuff below when we had the guild called Neopetz Hangout but now we are the help palace helping all the people we can so please join us today!!

All new cool guild we are hoping to get off to a good start then we have in the past and want to grow into a great community and become more active then in the past so plz join today and enjoy the fun!!

New guild goals

10 Members
25 Messages
40k in the guild fund

Plz help the goals happen in the guild! And also once we reach our guild 2 lucky people will get a random faerie! Also if any member would like to run something please neomail tigerluv69!

Just added a guild newsletter today!! if you would like to put any story on it or anything just neomail it to me!! Thank you and there are also going to be new features to the guild soon also! TTYL all bye!

Quick message:
Please be active in the guild! Thanx!

This guild website is new and i am still working on everything so please be patient!!