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Updated --> 8.14.o3
Allison @ 11:36AM

Well this is our new layout...thanks to Amanda for making the banner:) It kicks butt I love it! lol. Anyways we obviously haven't started anything yet, just the layout. So come back soon and I'm sure we'll have a lot more up for you to look at!

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|[ Now ]|
Date: 8.14.o3
Time: 11:42AM
Loves: my baby. kisses. hugs. i love yous. shopping. new york. beach. etc.
Hates: mean people. snots. bitches. school. etc.
Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
Wearing: lol a shirt my uncle had made that says BS 2002 FU 2006 and black shorts
Hearing: rod stewart - have i told you lately?
Feeling: good but bored
Chatting w/: no ones on:(
Thinking: about my baby and that i miss him:(
Wanting: to talk to luis