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Hello! welcome to my website! I'd like to say a big hello to my darling aunty Amanda lots of hugs and kisses from the gang! hello

not much has been hapening latley in the Massarotti family. Dad is back over in China, and were missing him very much. Just as much as we are missing you!!! we can't wait to see you again! I decided to try my luck on webpage building once more, i haven't done it in a long time now. I'm trying to get some music up and running, but im still a bit rusty on the old Html, JavaScript stuff, maybe i can get some help from you, if you still remember how to do it! also, do you know if I can put a password on my site, so only certain people can access it???
i havent talked to you in ages, its a bit sad :(
but when you come back home, we will celebrate a lot!!! So how is everything over your side of the world? i hear that your summer is as hot/cold as our winter! hehehe, it is Sophias birthday on the 7th, and Carlas is on the 10th! oh by the way, thankyou for the money you sent for my birthday, (incase i forgot to say thanks) ive been meaning to send you a letter, and some photos, but this is cheaper!!! hehehe but i will write you a letter, and send a photo of the beautiful me! i love the photo you sent of you and your gorgeous 'friend', lol! everyone at home says hi and gives their love!!!
lol, this is me -->
Love Bianca!!!
PS: lol means lots of laughs or laugh out loud!

I recently went
on camp!
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find out about it!

Here are my
soccer scores!

PHOTOS!!! (there are more coming soon)

this is us at Christmas!!!