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By Bianca
I recently went on my year 9 camp! we went up to the Murray River, and did canoing and walking. It was the hardest thing i have ever done! We went up there thinking we were going to relax, and have some fun, but found that every night, except one, we were forced to set up in the dark, and rain. The first night was great, we sat up on the beach until 9pm. however, the day that followed was not so great! We covered 22km of walking in the time of almost 6 hours! I still have the blisters now. There was private property up were we were walking, so we were supposed to walk and extra 4k around it, but fortunately, with great timing, the owneres pulled out, and told us to cut through! We were all so happy! We ended up just beating the group that left 2 hours before us. We still walked another 8 k's before setting up, and we were so tired. the next day we walked another k, but only to find out that the most of the other groops had gotten lifts! we headed out canoing, and did 10k on the Murray to our next destination. About 5 groups of year nines were camping together on the Victorian side, and we were all so happy to see each other! We ended up camping with them. We had to drag our canoes up the muddy banks, and set up. Th next day was great. we did about 13k in the canoes. I was begining to become really good friends with our camp leader Hennai, as we were canoing, we were mucking oround and we ended up giving each other the nick-name Wog, although shes a Kiwi! She said that i was a realy fantastig conoer, and that I would be great at other water sports like rafting, and surfing, because I was great at steering! well i had to be because Phoebe never paddled!!! we set up camp at our next camp site, and it was so great! it was so relaxing! we got there at 10 am! which was a change. waler on that day, Wog sent me and Bianca A to go and get some water from the nice 'sandy bank'. So we took the bags and went. Bianca didnt want to get dirty- (she never does) so to be a show off, and prove that girls could get dirty, i took off my shoes and stepd down. after a few steps, i sunk to my knees! so much for a sandy bank, i was in black mud! that stank!!! to make it worse, there was a group of year nines accross the river, just laughing at me. after about 5 minuets, everyone had realised. Steve, from my class is a real macho man, and miheal is just stupid, but funny. to draw the attention from me, i dared them to jump in. Steve sain no, and savo wouldent either. but with some chicken teasining, nad daring, he did. he was stomping his feet in the mud, splashing it on me, so a grabed him and pushed him in. by now i was waist deep! i threw a big handful of mud at him, and thus the famous camp mud fight had started! after a while, they had to pull us out with a rope! then we had to wash off in the freezing Murray! the story that went down at school was that Micheal jumped in to save me, which is crap, cor i made him get in!!! anyway, camp ended, and we all had fun. I still miss Wog, but i might see her next year!!!
Love Bianca