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Forever Yours

*Tabu ~N~ Deadly's Music Box*

A Special Someone

A Special Someone
A Special Someone To Share You Deepest Thoughts
To Treasure Your Time Together Through Lifes Little walks
To Be A Companion And Friend So Tride So True
And To Share A Few Memories Too
A Special Somone Should Love You Through Good An Bad
Even Be There To Hold Your Hand
To Help You In Your Time Of Need This Is A Special Someone Indeed
Taking Your Tears And Pain Away And Save Them For A Rainy Day
Lifts Your Spirits When You Are Sad Make You Smile When You Are Mad
A Special Someone Loves You No Matter What
Gives You Hugs And Food For Thought
A Special Somone Shares Your Dreams
Showing You Things Are Better Than They May Seem
Holds You Close When You Are Near
Cherishes The Love And Kills Your Fears
A Special Somone Can Be Anyone
A Friend A Lover Somone Who Cares Like No Other
So If You Need A Special Somone Look Closer
And You Will See That A Special Somone Just Might Be Me

I Love You More Than All of These Things
Because You Are The One Thing I Will Always Need