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Choi Ji Woo


Name:  Choi Ji Woo

Korean Name:  Choi Mi Hyang

Nickname:  Rabbit

Date Of Birth:  June 11, 1975

Place Of Birth:  Kyung Gi Pah Ju

Blood Type:  A

Height:   174cm

Weight:  50kg

Zodiac Sign:  Gemini

Talents:  Modern dancing, aerobics, horse riding, skiing

Hobbies:  Shopping, watching videos

Religion:  Christian

Attractive part:  Nose

Favorite Food:  All type of food especially meat

Car Owned:  BMW

Education:   Pusan SooYoung Elementary
                  SooYoung Girls High
                  Dukmoon Girls High
Pusan Girls University (Dance Major)

Awards:  2002- MBC 38th Baeksang Art Award: Most Popular Female

          2001- SBS Acting Award: Best Actress (Drama Category)
             - SBS Acting Award: Top 10 Popularity Award.
         2000- MBC Acting Award Best Female Performer Award
         1999- Video Music Award Golden Video Actress Award
         1998- 21st Golden Film Award: Best Female Newcomer
            - 34th Baeksang Art Award: Best Female Newcomer
         1995- Korea Isabellel Adjani Award



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