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%%July 7%% - %%1:31am%%

Well today we decided to re-open our site...basicly becuz we both were bored n have nuthin better 2 do! haha and we picked this layout becuz on july 28 were going 2 c these 2 in concert its gonna b osm! hehe well we dont have much up as on now...but by the end of the week we will...cuz 2nite were each at our own house so its kinda hard...but next time were together which will b this afternoon or evening..well work on it! so later!
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Our full names are Jessica Lynn Shimko and Amanda Rae Phillips. but are friends call us Jess or Manda. Amanda is 15 and Jess is 14 almost 15 and we Live in MP, PA. Amanda was born on 2-15-88 and Jess Was Born On 9-15-88. We both havebrown hair, brown eyes. love status: both Single like Craft Cheese!(our saying).

Amanda Loves:.nice guys

Amanda Hates:.matt presock, joel smartnick n the whole rest of their gangbang besides tim, hes the ONLY nice one..

Jess Loves: Justin Timberlake! Gymnastics, Kissing, Reading, Sleepin, Music, Talkin, n Hangin Out .

Jess Hates: mean people, alarm clocks, sunburns, splinters, spiders, bitches, liars, peas, mustard, mayo.