"On the tightrope, everything's bare; all that there is is from here to there. On the tightrope, the goal is quite clear-- don't lose yourself in your fear."

Please bear with me, I'm workin on renovating my site so things may be crappy for a while. In fact, I'm working with a friend, Denim, & making a whole new site. I will redirect every visitor there. But I will probably leave this site up, no worries...I am leaving this site up for "Webs" & "Undecided" because they're too much work to move. Also I added chapters 10-15 of "Undecided"All the slash's work now except "Old Friends (DxI)", Tay & Alex, & "Never Again". I think every link works and every picture on every other slash should appear. So please feel free to look around & e-mail me with comments..good or bad...preferably good. Also, take note that I take requests on slash. Any couple you want...if I don't know anything about the people though, it will take longer as I have to do some "research". But if I know anything about the couple, I can have it done in about 1-2 weeks, so go ahead and email me if you have 'slash withdrawl'. Heh. And as always, don't leave here without signing my dead book.

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