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About the Obsessor

This page is about me and well, my obsession with Billy Boyd. Oh, yeah, and my friends. Anyways, I'm really into music. It's like the next best thing compared to Billy! I love bands like AFI, System of a Down, Metallica, ect. ect. My friends are awsome too, I guess. I won't put names, because I don't want to forget someone, and then have them be like, "Why aren't I on your website?" and then have them be all mad at me. But their cool. Uhm, lets see, I play club volleyball for PowerSurge. That's pretty fun. But music is pretty much it besides Billy. Oh, and I like hanging out with friends and meeting new people. I am also an Aries and love taking long walks on the beach. :D If you have any idea's for my page, please feel free to go to my guestbook/polls page and email me any ideas to improve the site!


Yeah, this is me. Deal with it.