The Frauds Are:

In arly 2004, a band called Destruction Of Hope was formed by Zinc, Hobo, Boron, and Someone Else. SOmeone else neverr showed up to the meetings, so Hobo just screamed over all the noise as he strummed a bass. Zinc played his guitar corectly (SELLOUT!), and Born just slapped his drums. Due to autistic reasons, the band broke up in 2004. Zinc and SOmeone Else formed Midnight Masquerade (changed to Cadence so people didn't they were paying homage to styx or something). The also broke up. Around that time , Hobo wanted to for another band. He got Zinc, and Darth Kader, the manager of Cadence to play drums. They are now selling out arenas all over the world! (SELLOUT!) What do they play?... Uh..... Punk rock I guess.