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Get A Krawk:

You can only have 3 neopets or less to get one of these...

1. Go to Krawk Island.

2. Go to the Little Nippers Pirate Petpet Shop.

3. Buy a relatively cheap Krawk petpet. Do not confuse the other petpets in the shop with the Krawk petpet. It is a specific type of petpet that you need (the Krawk petpet) and that kind only will work. And Remember, Krawk Island only accepts dubloons so be sure to have at least five before going into the petpet shop.

4. As soon as you have bought the petpet, give it to your active pet. 

4. Make sure that the pet with the Krawk petpet is still active, and take it back to Krawk Island. 

5. Go to fungus cave. A message should appear asking if you would like to feed your petpet some fungus from the cave.

6. Click yes.

6. You now own a grundo.