True Love Never Was Easy
Part Nine
Sometimes, It Is

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Sea Change - Spindrift
Outer Banks, North Carolina
Friday, September 19, 2003
2013 Hours (local)

Harm and Mac decided on something simple for dinner after their long day: macaroni and cheese with warm bread. They dined outside on the deck and watched the sun set over the houses and dunes. After dinner, Mac suggested a walk on the beach. Mac was wearing a comfortable pair of green, plaid pajama pants and a long-sleeve t-shirt. Harm was dressed in a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt. Despite the warm temperature for the season, the ocean breeze put a chill in the air. Mac leaned in close to Harm and he wrapped his arms around her. The moon didn't provide much light, but the night was clear and the stars shone brightly.

The pair walked on in silence, simply enjoying each other's company. A particularly large wave crashed, breaking on the shore, sending its long fingers up the sand and kissed Mac's toes, but avoided Harm's. "Ohh…" she squealed.


"No. It's actually really nice. Come on," she said, dragging Harm closer to the water's edge, pulling the bottoms of her pants up to her thighs as she went.

"Hey!" Harm protested.

"It's nice! I swear!" Mac insisted. Another wave crashed, this time getting both Harm and Mac.

"You're right," Harm agreed.

"See? You should listen to me."

Harm took Mac's hand and they walked on in the direction of their cottage. Just before reaching their home for the weekend, Mac took off running up the beach.

"Mac!" Harm called after her.

She stopped, turned around, and grinned mischievously. "Come and get me!" she called back to him.

Harm didn't even think about it, he just took off running, grinning back at her. As he got closer, she took off running again, laughing as she went. He caught her easily and knew she wasn't running her fastest. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to him for a kiss.

Her lips immediately parted and her tongue slipped into his mouth. His tongue tangled with hers. Harm was enjoying this aggressive side of Mac and his body was enjoying the proximity of hers. He moaned into her mouth.

Mac pulled away, a smile on her face and a gleam in her eyes. "I have an idea…" she trailed off, her fingers slipping up under his sweatshirt.

"What's that?" he asked as he leaned down for a kiss.

She pulled away, still smiling and Harm couldn't help but to grin back at her. Her hands ran up over his chest, her fingers gently tugging on his nipples. "I think," she began, "we should go for a swim."

"It's kind of dark out here. Maybe the hot tub would be better."

"Maybe later. I want to swim out here. Now." Mac quickly removed her hands from under Harm's shirt and pulled her own shirt up over her head. Harm's jaw dropped and he only watched. She reached around and removed the maroon bra, the lace cup barely covering her nipples, which became erect the moment the cool sea breeze hit her skin. She shimmied out of her pajama pants. She was once again, going commando.

"You're serious, aren't you?" he asked, swallowing hard.

Mac nodded slowly, licking her lips seductively. "Coming?" she asked, as she walked to the water, leaving her clothes in a pile on the sand. She swayed her hips as she walked, looked back over her shoulder and crooked her finger in a "come here" motion.

"Not yet," Harm answered quietly as he got to work removing his own clothes. He dropped his clothes near Mac's, completely forgetting the fact that they were on a public beach. He followed after Mac, his arousal leading the way.

Once Mac was just beyond the breaking point of the waves, she turned back to look at Harm. He was quickly approaching her. She could see his smile as he got closer. She smiled back to him and just before he reached her, she ducked under the water, swimming away from him.

Harm had been prepared for Mac's maneuver and as soon as he saw her slip under, he went under and swam after her. He quickly tagged her and rose above the surface. A moment later, Mac's head broke the surface a few feet away. They were standing in water that came up to Mac's shoulders. "I caught you," he declared.

"I suppose you did," Mac acknowledged as she moved closer to Harm.

"What are you going to do about it?" he asked.

"Hmm… I don't know," Mac said. "I'll have to think about it."

"You know," Harm began. "you were right about the skinny-dipping."

Mac smiled. "You doubted me?" She wrapped her arms around him.

Harm pulled her close, his erection hitting her stomach. They let themselves move with the motion of the waves. "No. But it is surprising how good it feels. It is very freeing, how the water hits skin that is normally covered. I think my body expects to be covered, because it feels-"

Mac shut him up by sealing her lips onto his. Sometimes, he just talked too much. This time, it was Harm's tongue that invaded Mac's mouth, plundering the warm recesses. She moaned into him, instinctively wrapping her legs around his waist.

His lips moved off of hers, kissing her jaw line, tasting the salt on her skin. His lips moved back up, gently tugging on her earlobe. "I want you, Mac."

Mac was almost purring. "Ohh… Harm…"

Harm slid Mac lower along his body, preparing to enter her, kissing her lips again.

"Umm…" Mac groaned, hating to ruin the moment. "Harm, we can't do this here," she breathed against his lips.

"Why?" he asked, still kissing. "There's nobody around." He wasn't even looking; he only had eyes for her.

Mac giggled, "That's not why."

Harm pulled back and looked at her, now seriously concerned.

Mac just smiled and removed one of Harm's hands from her waist. The water made her lighter and Harm found that she was very easy to support with one arm. She placed his hand down on her mound, guiding him, allowing him to slide one finger through her folds.

Mac was wet, but despite the hardened and swollen clit, she was not slick. The dampness, the oily feel, Harm was used to experiencing down there, was noticeably absent. The only wetness he felt was ocean water. "I…" he began.

Mac cut him off with a finger to his lips. "Ocean water doesn't really promote intimate moments."

Harm smiled with understanding. He kissed her again before he said, "Then, let's take this somewhere that does."

"Now you're thinking," Mac smiled as she unwrapped herself from him and started swimming towards the shore.

Harm willingly followed. He would have been willing to stop and go at it on the beach, but he abandoned that idea when Mac shook her head. Come to think of it, the beach really wouldn't be that good. There are some places that probably shouldn't be exposed to sand. He was amazed at Mac's ability to keep her head, cause all he could think about was getting his head inside Mac, and not the one on his shoulders, either.

Somehow, they made it back to the house. Mac led Harm up the outside of the house, knowing he was enjoying the view. The moment she entered the house, she dropped her clothes and sashayed off to the bedroom.

Harm was immediately on top of her. She reached down and ran her fingers over the top of his penis, spreading the drop of liquid present there. Following her lead, Harm reached down and slid his fingers between her folds, eliciting a gasp from her. He spread her juices around, lubricating her fully.

He pulled his hand up from between their bodies and licked her juices from one finger. Mac quickly grabbed his hand and slowly sucked on his middle finger, loving the taste of herself on him mixed with the salt from the ocean. "Mac…" Harm groaned. He wanted to be inside her. Now.

"I want you, Harm, I want you now," Mac whispered, her eyes meeting his.

Harm sent his lips crashing down on her, claiming them. He was poised at her entrance, and when she wrapped her legs around him, he couldn't wait anymore.

Sometimes, slow and sensual was overrated. On one wavelength, neither Harm nor Mac wanted slow. They wanted each other as fast as possible. Now wasn't soon enough.

"Oh, God, Harm…" Mac moaned as he entered. She clenched her muscles around him, causing him to groan.

"I'm not going to last," Harm warned as he thrust into her.

"Let it go," she urged, encouraging him to pick up the pace. She wasn't going to last long, either. She was already tightly wound.

Harm pulled Mac's hands above her head with one hand, pulling her tighter around him. His other hand snaked down between their bodies, fingering her clit, as he pounded into her.

"That's it, Harm. Harder…" she moaned as he worked. A few thrusts and a moment later, Mac was sent over the edge, screaming his name as she went.

Mac's muscles tightened around him and her thighs held him close to her. As she shuddered around him, he continued to thrust until he joined her in orgasm, spilling himself into her, calling her name as he came.

Harm rolled over, pulling Mac with him, catching his breath. He could feel Mac's heart beating against his chest, her pulse pounding through her veins. "You know, Mac, this is going to happen every time we go skinny-dipping."

"You don't hear me complaining," Mac laughed. "I guess that means we'll eventually have to get a place with our own pool."

Harm smiled at the thought as they both drifted off to sleep.


Sea Change - Spindrift
Outer Banks, North Carolina
Saturday, September 20, 2003
0446 Hours (local)

Harm rolled over and felt the empty spot beside him. It was amazing how quickly he had gotten used to Mac's presence beside him as he slept. He felt a gentle breeze blow across his bare chest. He rolled out of bed and pulled a pair of boxer shorts out of a drawer and slipped into them. He grabbed his bathrobe off of one of the posters of the bed and wrapped it around himself. He noticed that Mac's was missing. He stepped toward the sliding glass door, which was partially open. He saw Mac on the balcony, leaning over the edge, in her cream-colored silk robe. "It can't be that bad already. It's not worth taking that leap," he joked as he approached her.

She smiled as she turned around and looked at him over her shoulder. "Hey. It isn't that bad," she said, responding to his joke.

"Couldn't sleep?" he asked.

"Just thinking."

"About what?"

"Things. Life."

Harm wrapped his arms around her from behind. "You want to clue me in?"

Mac leaned down slightly, pulled his hands up, and kissed his knuckles. "Do you think it will always be like this? That we'll always be this happy?"

"I can't promise you that, Sarah, you know that. But I can promise that I'll always love you."

"And I'll always love you, Harm."

"The path to true love never was easy. You know that as well as I do."

"But what if love isn't enough? It isn't always."

Harm hugged Mac tighter and kissed the top of her head. "Sometimes, it is."

Out on the balcony, Harm and Mac watched the sun rise, wrapped in each other's arms in a lounge chair, each of them knowing that no matter what else was out there for them, this was love.




Okay, you want to know what happens next? Nine months later, after countless massages, shared pizzas, and nights spent enjoying each other's company, Lindsay Stephanie Rabb made her entrance into the world, to two ecstatic parents, very much in love.


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