Four Years (September 29th, 2003)

It's been four years now, four years to the day,
and I look back at all that I have done since you.
You changed me, who I was, altered my perception
of both life and people, forever changing who I am.
Four years ago today, our lips met for the first time
and our relationship was born in front of the old school.
A year and a half later we crashed and burned
and our memories of what had been were all we had.

Those memories are slowly growing distant,
replaced by new ones of my life,
of where I've been and who I am.
I have traveled the country and beyond, tasted freedom
only to see it go up in flames on national television,
I have made friends I won't give up for a man,
stood up for myself and refused to be walked on,
seen justice at its best and injustice at its worst,
felt the kindness of strangers and the coldness of "friends,"
been afraid for my life, held against my will,
my protests ignored, my voice silenced,
I have held newborn infants, taught children,
helped my peers, and learned from my elders,
I have been a role model for two tiny lives that grow
bigger, smarter, and more amazing everyday.

You wouldn't recognize me anymore.
I am me, myself, whoever that may be,
not just whatever somebody else wants me to be.
But I smile fondly at our memories
and consider how far I've come.
But our beginning is overshadowed by another-
a year ago, to the day, my nephew was born.

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