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ThE bOy W/ StUpId PaReNtS

*The Boy With Stupid Parents* One night a little boy's parents got in an argument. The mom said, "Bastard!" and the dad said, "B!tch!". The little boy came in and said, "What do those words mean?" and his parents said, "They mean ladies and gentlemen." Satisfied, the boy went into another room. The next day the boy's parents were very horny. The mom said, "Nice d!ck!" and the dad said, "Nice t!ts!" The little boy came in the room and asked what those words mean. His parents said, "They mean hats and coats." The little boy was satisfied so he left the room. The next day was Thanksgiving and the little boy's family was going to come to his house to eat. His dad was upstairs shaving and he cut himself and said, "Sh!t!" The little boy asked what that meant and the dad said, "It's the brand of shaving cream I'm using." The little boy then went downstairs where his mom was carving the turkey. She cut her self and said, "FuŠk!" The little boy asked what that meant and the mom said, "It means I'm carving the turkey." Then the doorbell rang and the little boy went to answer it. All of his relatives were at the door. The little boy said to them, "Hello b!tches and bastards. Please hang up your t!ts and dicks. Dad is in the bathroom wipping the sh!t off of his face and mom is in the kitchen fuŠking the turkey."!