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QuOtEz 3

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal, sometimes you canít always see the pain someone feels

OnCe YoU LoVe sOmEoNe ThAt pErSoN iS a PaRt of yOU FoReVeR

rite now love aint the ishoo--I jus wanna b tha one to hug n kiss u

Said I wouldn't walk away
*Some days I want to stay
*But leaving you is what I need to do To be OK
*I never thought it would be true
*Me living without you
*So now it's time for me to make that move...

sOmETiMeS PeOpLe ArE sTrOnGeSt
wEn tHeY HaVe nO OnE tOo HoLd ThEm Up

SpEnD a LiL tiMe Me -n- yOu
HaNg OuT~hOoK Up~JuSt uS 2
_BaBi i LoVe yOu_

TaLk To Me BoY
iS YoUr LoVe FoR rEaL
TaLk To mE BoY
TeLL Me HoW YoU fEeL

tHa tHiNg i LoVe aBoUt yOu
iS tHaT yOu mAKe Me LaUgh
wHeN - n0tHiNq`s - fUnNi

ThiNk aBoUt WaT u SaY
BeCuZ iT iS a FaCt
nO MaTTa HoW BaD u WaNt To
TaKe uR WoRdS BaCk

this dream i have been living turned around todai it is officially a nitemare somebody wake me up n tell me things are okay

TrYiN sO hArD nOt tO bE nErVoUs
i KnO tHiZ oNeS rEaLLy WoRtH iT
aNd aLL tHe bAd LuCk IN dA wOrLd
CoULdNt KeEp Me FrOm bEiN hIs GiRL

u dUn geT 2 cHo0zE
u jUz FaLL in LovE and u geT diz pErz0n wh0'z
aLL wr0ng and aLL righT aT da samE TimE
and iT jUz w0rkZ

u kNo wUt??
i dOnT nEeD u yEa
tHaTs ritE iM dOiNg mUcH beTtA W/o u
iN mY LiFe aLL tHoSe fvCkiN LieS
aLL tHoSe tiMeS u MaDe mE cRy
fuCk u bOy gOoDbyE!!

**War doesnt determine whos rite, it determines whos left**

YoU HoLd Me FoR aLwAyS
LiKe ThErEs NeVeR aN EnD
YoUr LoVe iS SoMeThInG rEaL
aNd NoT FoR pReTeNd
YoU TrEaT Me LiKe a pRiNcEsS
aNd YoU ShOuLd KnOw ThAt iTs TrUe
ThAt i'LL LoVe YoU FoR aLwAyS
CuZ BaBeE i'M CrAzY FoR YoU

You know that feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster for the first time? Or you're going too high on a swing? Or you hit some certain bumps on the road and your stomach kinda flips? That's the way I feel when I'm around you. Not all the time, but there's those times when you look at me, or you'll hold me; and I can't even explain it - but that's what I feel

You know when it happenz, you know when it'z right, your breath stops in an instant, and your heart takez a flight. There'z no description to tell what you feel, and the only thing you can think of iz the fact that it's real

You spend your whole life believing that you're on the right track..
only to discover that you're on the wrong train

Your hatred won't bring me down--
Its a new game now Its a new me

Your Kissable And Cuddly,
Your Loveable And Sweet ..
You Thrill Me Every Minute And Sweep Me Off My Feet ..
Your Charming And Disarming, Desirable And True ..
You Inspire Me And Impress Me,
That's Why I Love You.

YoUr KiSsEs MeAn EvErYtHi~YoUr HuGs ChAnGe ThE wOrLd
NoW aLL i'M AsKiNg~iS iF I CaN Be YoUr gUrL