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This is OUR Website!!

Currently Under Construction

This is the grand new site that belongs to Carnage (Brad) and Super George (Corey)

Here is Us! Below with a couple of our good friends, Alicia and Sarah. Its an old pic of us both it was taken in January and its now close to August so thats about 7 months old! (You know the outta make those picture booths alot bigger cuz man its hard to fit 4 people in there lol)

Brad and I are just couple of normal guys with some normal lives but you know everyone is entitled to have some fun every once in a while like we do all the time, Its just a grand old time here in Calgary!

Bio of Carnage Aka Brad

Well to start off i am from Calgary obviously, Im 5 feet 8 to 9 inches tall, i have brown hair with blonde highlights... I got to Forest Lawn, its pretty Pimpin... I have hazel eyes during the summer and brown eyes during the winter, its pretty messed up meh!?! its suppose to be. because its the way i go. I love to have fun with friends and of course girls... they are a major part in my life as they are in all guy's life. I would have to say that i spend most of my time outdoors with my friends sportin around playing Hockey. I love all kinds of music mostly, thats another thing i cant live with out. My favorite band is All American Rejects and Linkin Park too. Well thats basically me in a nut shell<

So Heres Super George's Aka Corey's Bio

well.....what to say abooot me...hmmm well to start im 6 foot 1 somewheres around there. I got blonde hair with platnuium blonde highlights and blue eyez. I go to forest lawn high skool as well and yeah its grand!all my friends go there and they r a big part of me as well as...the acting baby! yeah! im a very outgoin guy that love to act and sing and dance and all that stuff for fun...its the greatest stuff in the world. Music wise...I like alomst any kind of music...i got all kinds of fav bands but imparticular i would say i like linkin park and p.o.d....and my fav artist is eminem! woo hoo slim shady! take care and remember its not always size that matters....ITS HOW U USE IT! from ur friendly neighbourhood Super George!!!

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