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Computer Page



Normal usage : CPU speeds range from 500mhz-1.00ghz

For people that uses their computer for light gaming, word processing, internet, chat, and listening to mp3s.

Moderate usage: 1.01-1.70ghz

For people that like moderate gaming, chatting, listening to mp3s while working, running programs while working, and viewing media files all togehter.

Above Moderate usage: 1.71-2.40ghz

For people that want higher end gaming systems without lag, view DVD's flawlessly, and running multiple tasks without lag.

Extreme Gaming: 2.41-3.00ghz

For people that want to run EXTREME gaming, these systems are built for pushing graphics and video games to their max. potential, while providing all the other features mentioned above.

ULTRA-Extreme COMPUTER: 3.00ghz and above!

For HARD-CORE gamers or people that want systems that will not be outdated any time soon! These systems are over clocked to speeds that aren't even out on the market yet. Ever heard of a 3.84ghz computer?!?! These systems do cost more, but upgrading won't be a problem for at least 5 years.



NEW ECS Elitegroup P4 Mainboard for Sale!


This mainboard has a Socket 478 processor socket for Intel Pentium 4 type of processors supporting front side bus (FSB) speeds up to 400 MHz. This mainboard uses the SiS645 & SiS961 chipset which supports built-in AC97 Codec for sound, 2 DDR + 2 SDR modules up to 2GB system memory, and provides Ultra DMA 33/66/100 function. This mainboard is integrated with a 256-bit 3D/2D Graphics Engine, Video Accelerator and Advanced Hardware Acceleration MPEGI/MPEGII Video Decoder for the Intel Pentium 4 series based PC systems. It also has one AMR (Audio Modem Riser) slot to support Audio and Modem application, and 10BaseT/100BaseTX Network Interface. This mainbaord is Micro ATX size and has  power connectors for an ATX power supply and measures 244 x 244mm.

56K modem is INCLUDED!


1 Available



NEW Computer for Sale (Great for the Dorms):  SOLD

Major Name Brand 512MB PC133 RAM
Nice 40GB 7200 RPM HD
High Quality Sony 1.44MB Floppy Drive
256-bit 64MB High 2/D and 3/D Graphics
52X CD-Writer & 12X DVD-ROM
On-board Network Interface Card for High Speed Internet Access
On-Board 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Audio

56K modem installed for regular dial-up usage.
Computer Case has Clear Side Window, 2 cooling fans built in, and free BLUE NEON light!!! (Shown above)

Windows XP PROFESSIONAL and Office 2000 installed for FREE!!!

CHEAP!!! IM me for more details.

Only 1 available at this price!!!*

RATED: Above Moderate usage


*Other computer configurations are available. Any set-up you want, I can build. Please give me specifications on the system, and I will do some research too see how much it will approximately cost you. If you have no idea what you want, just tell me what you do most on the computer and I can configure a computer for optimal performance for the tasks you do.


All systems are tested with Burn-in, and other various "processor" intensive programs before they are packaged. This ensures the processor is working PERFECTLY with the Motherboard, the thermal grease has set in, and there won't be any overheating programs due to lack of cooling.


**POWER USERS OR PEOPLE WITH THE NEED FOR SPEED! I also build OVER CLOCKED computers. Over clocking is a process that forces your CPU to run above the manufactures set speed. As CPU's leave the factory, they are "toned down" to generate less heat. If running AMD systems, there are SIGNIFICANT advantages that can be gained from over clocking. CPU's that run at normal 1.5Ghz, can hit 2.3Ghz or more without any problems. Intel processors are less over clockable, but can still be done. The advantages are not significant, making Pentiums not a choice for hard core computer users. AMD processors are the best since they have the laser cut L1 cache bridge, which can be "unlocked" to bring out the true potential of the CPU's power. Cooling is a MUST for over clocked computers!!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Water-cooling is definitely recommended. If you have NO IDEA what the hell I just told you, you can still get your hands on one of these HIGH SPEED systems!!! IM me for details.


*If you want a water-cooling system for SUPER quiet performance, please tell me. Guaranteed NOT to leak! Professionally installed and tested before delivering!!! Water-cooling is the next generation of computer cooling. As computers become faster, heat becomes a problem. Overheating of a computer causes laggy performance, random reboots, and possible lose of a cpu. Water-cooling is also MUCH quieter then fans since it does not require any fans, and if installed properly, maintenance is minimal.