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Believe it or not, the world isn't perfect. It may sometimes feel like a deadly poison that is forced into your body, slowly taking everything down with it. Your heart turns dead cold, like the icicles that hang from the roof tops, deadly sharp. Easy to cause pain, easy to cause tears, easy to cause death. But for each pain there is a light, a light that opens new possibilities. A possibility to let the pain go, bringing you into a utopia, a world that provides endless euphoria. An outlet from the horrors of life. This is mine. What's yours?

Your feet hit the icy ground. Each step you take quicken until you are up into a sprint. Your breathing his hard, white against the opaque, cloudy sky. What are you running from? Only life. It's truthness hurts, so you must escape. You see am opening ahead. A cave. As you enter it's darkness, the stench reaches your nostrils, causing a slight gag. Further and further up the cave you travel until you reach a fork in the road. Which to choose? The left you think, unfortunately you were wrong. Instead of continuing your path, you fall. Into a bottomless hole, filled with all your melancholy memories. The ones you wanted to forget. But this is what you deserve, for trying to run, trying to run from life. Where will that lead to? Nothing.
Your eyes open to a bright light. Taking a big breath, the smells of spring flowers fill your lungs while you hear a rush of water from a near by river. Quickly you head there for an early bathe. The water is chilly yet refreshing. It washes away any pains or memories. It lets you forget and overcome any fears or anxiety. It cleanses you, for that's all you need. To be cleaned from sins or regrets, forget the wrongs that you've done, to start over. But can you? Can you stay in this world forever? A place of rebirth, a place of peace. Away from the cruelness of the world. Where murder is present, where death survives? If only..