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The Life of Char
Friday, 12 March 2004
FranceGirl 2004
Paris was good... the best part was hanging out with all the Canadians.. umm.. hung out alot with Danny Kirsten Tessa and Tom.. we had our own little Shaw clan goin on.. it was fun.. but we all made our own friends too.. We didnt get to go to the louvre because according to the tour guide person it would take 5 weeks to look through the whole instead we got to drive by adn take lotsa pix from the bus windows!! goody goody gum drops.... yes its huge ive been there before!!! After a realli long flight from toronto to paris (ugh it was realli bad..) we figured out that we had been travelling about 20 hrs.. then we went sightseeing first we went to the hôtel de ville.. hey that O is realli cool... hehe sry off topic.. which is like city hall and theres this big skating rink in front of it.. its relali big and gorgeous.. then we went to Notre dame and Kirsten Danny Tom Tessa and I went around looking at the place which is GORGEOUS.. Ill try adn show you all the pix when I get back.. and then We had to pee adn we had to PAY to go to the bathroom.. seriously do they want a broke person to pee on the street or somethin?? haha. just kidding. these keyboards are realli annouying..after that we went for lunch at the bataux mouches which are boats that take you down the seine adn they have commentary in lotsa different languages.. i fell asleep on that so i missed most of it.. hehehe oops... then.. umm... uhh.. then we went to the hotel.. some Campanile hotel or somethign along those lines.not important... Kirsten and I shared a room.. then we went to sleep after over 36 hours of being awake.. THEN.. we had to wake up at 6 30 the next mornign which was HORRIBLE.. i was dead at that time.. hehe.. then we had breakfast which was realli good i dont remember what it was but all iremember is that the hot chocolate is REALLY good.. haha.. after that we went to teh Eiffle Tower and there was a Really big line to take the trammy thing so I walked up to the first thing adn I was just about dead but then everyones like LETS GO UP SOME MORE STAIRS!! and of course i had to follow them cuz i hate being a loner. hehe then jessica (one of the bc-ers.. our groups were broken up into BC and ALBERTA..) and I went to find our way down and we kinda got lost.. hehe oops.. ok so after that (we were up the tower for about 2 hours) we went to the arc de triumph which was realli cool because they dropped us off at one end of the street adn ALL along the street were designer stores.. it was a DREAM.. but the i looked at the prices and my poor dream turned into a nightmare.. boohoo..but the highlight of the whole thing was this MASSIVE louis vitton bag that was an ad for louis vitton.. it was SOO big!! ill show u all the pik when i get back.; i fell in LOVE right then and htere adn im not usually one for designer stuff.. ok neways.. then we walked to the arc de trimphe and we didnt go up it cuz it cost money adn all i had was canadian stuff.. so neways.. after that we went to sacre coeur which is another church but its outside is realli realli pretty.. and it was kinda scary cuz there were all these people trying to sell you stuff adn what they would do is come up to you, tie a bracelet on ur wrist and charge you 20euros or something ridiculous like that.. so we all went linked arm and arm adn ran past.. and then a bunch of the girls went by and this REALLY creepy guy whispered in our ear as we walked by: seeeeeeexxxxxx.. it was realli gross.. i swore that next time that someone did that i would go off at them.. and holy shit i had a lot of going off at people to doo.. haha... ok so then we went to this place with all this artwork (not a museum) there were alot of street artists and it was a square with tons of painting and people that would do caricatures and some were INCREDIBLY talented.. but then they were the ones that sold their stuff for over 200 euros.. not buyin nething from THERE... haha so neways after that we went back to the hotel and it was something like 6 at night. OH and I saw a MIME!!!! it was so cute!!!!! I didnt have my cam tho so i didnt get a pik.. boo hoo.. so yea.k; went back to the hotel.. slept.. i was supposed to wake up at like 630 the next morning and Mrs McFarland, the lady in charge of the whole thing; called me adn was like CHARLOTTE.. everyones leaving in like 5 minutes!!!! so I JUMP outta bed.. poor kirsten got to sleep in ... grab all my stuff.. and i get downstairs with my poor teddy bear (YES i sleep with a teddy bear) in one hand and my jackey inthe other and everyones sitting having a nice slow breakfast.; adn im like HUH??? i have never gotten outta bed and dressed SO fast.. hahhaa so yea that was interesting.. then.. umm.. i went on the TGV (the big train thingy) and it was realli cool! i was on it with dan krystal adn a bunch of other people.. noone from SLS they all went different ways.. and i made alot of friends.. only ONE person came to the same town as me.. i was realli dsad.. but yea neways.. Julies house isr elali nice.. shes realil nice.. her bro and sis are realli nice and her parents are awesome.. 30 minuites after I walked in the door julie adn I had already headed for the bar. they have the BEST beer here its SOOOOOO good.. oh and to the person who cares (you know who you are) ABSINTHE is ILLEGAL.. so i cant get it.. sry.. hehhe.. but yea umm.. schools in the equivalent of gr 11 and its realli hard to understand things but give me another month and ill be fine.. I have more spares than classes and I only have ONE class on tuesday.. friday Im at scool until six tho which sux the big one.. but i start at 9 on monday so i like this.. htis freedom is INCREDIBLE!!! omg!!! ive been stuck in shaw for all of high school so far so its good to get out adn have freedom/.. the only two things i dont like about france so far is really creepy guys and all the smoke.. the person im friends with tends to like to blow smoke in my face adn i HATE it;. but yea i went to ehSWEETEST party this saturday night OH MY GOD.. or as the gay guy would say oh mon dieu!! haha dancing with gay guys is SOO much fun!! hahaha. but we danced until 5 am.. it was an night club adn there were like 50 of julies friends there.. one of the guys sat down beside me and out of the blue tried to kiss me;, but i said and i said go kiss julie and hes like, IM HER COUSIN!! so there was NO way i was going to hook up with him.. then the other guy i had a chance with looked like mr guelette as in he had a hunch back adn he strained his neck forward and he REALLI reminded me of a turtle so that was kind of disturbing.... by the time the night had finished tho i had danced with probably 12 different guys.. no joke.. but anyways we got back here at like 6 and then I got to bed at like 630 and slept until 330 that afternoone.. then i went to bed at 10.. talk about a short day huh???


Ok So news.. umm.. for those of you who have emailed me recently, they already know alot of what is going on. first of all.. there arent any french hotties around here. there all pretty acne-isn and hideous. but the rare hot ones are all taken.. typical! I think its that way all over the world! haha.. ok well I know this guy and he RESEMBLES stephan moser, but hes REALLI hot and hes realli nice! (everything stephans NOT).. haha sry if you like him but i think hes... well.. lets not go there. Ok but otherwise things here are going great! Im off of vacation now and it was tons of fun. Lots of going to bars and lots of going out with friends. but we also went skiing for a day and that was tons of fun. Not quite to the swiss alps but i was LOOKING at them! ahh I was kinda sad about that but then julie told me that were going to the alps later with a couple of her friends and no parents.. heee this is GOOD! but yea. umm.. i know you realli dont care but the bed im sleeping on is a bunk bed, but every single time that I move it SQUEAKS!!! Believe it or not it makes me miss the beds at shaw alot! hahaha.. Im reading SO much here! its not cool! its like im turnign into INGRID or something!! NOOOOOOOO!! not good! Ive read everything that Mr williams has given me plus a lot more... uhh.. more news.. uhhh...the shopping is good..haha I havent done alot lately but I plan to do alot on the 21st because theres a big get together for all the canadians who are on exchagne in the area and its going to be FUN! We're going to have a game of something ( i think basketball) with Canadians VS Frenchies.. all i can say to that is PREPARE TO DIE! haha. they dont do sport here.. and Im SERIOUSLY MISSING IT! Ok so PE once a week is sport i guess but I miss FIELD HOCKEY! and the basketball too, but more field hockey than basketball.. Well.. If anyone needs a running partner when I get back PLEASE ask me! I need to run! I am going to need to get back into shape if im going to play field hockey really well in 3rd term. But hey thats life! Ive burnt tons of CDs here wiht lotsa french music so if anyone ever wants to listen to FRAP when I get back just let me know ok? haha.. I miss you all so much! seriously you have no idea! Id have been here 5 weeks the day after tommorow. its one away from the halfway mark! I cant believe its already been almost 5 weeks! AHHH!! I have 5 weeks of school then after that I have a week of holidays then Im on my way HOOOME!! OMG I had so much fun with Krystal the other day (Krys is the other Canadian at my school) and she came over after the half day on wednesday (wednesday is always a half day) and we decided to go "rabbit hunting"! We actually just chased the rabbit around the garden but it was SO much fun! We had war paint and everything. you can guess what julies mom thought of us when she saw us runnning around the garden with eyeliner and lipstick drawn all over our faces chasing the wabbit. But after that we had crepes for dinner and it was just julies little sister, krystal and I.. Julie was out somewhere adn Doudou (her lil bros nickname) was.. uhh.. on the couch watching cartoons, the parents were at a friends house so the three of us were having fun and after eating about 6 mini crepes each (the mini ones are actually mini.. like SMALL pancakes!) we got bored and THATS when the war started! haha.. we were throwing crepes left right adn center! putting it all down shirts, in hair, and all that jazz.. ... so it was all good.. then the front door opened! We all thought it was julies mom and dad so we were cleaning up SO fast (like 30-second-crêpe-war-clean-up) and then JULIE walked in.. then she ate a bit then we saw her parents arrive in the car so we cleaned up realli fast and well.... it was fun. Like I said in the last email, this whole idea of freedom from shaw is still making me pretty awe-struck.. haha.. I cant wait to come home. I know im having a great time here but I miss you guys so much

Posted by crazy2/charbie_420 at 5:34 AM PST
Updated: Friday, 12 March 2004 5:59 AM PST
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Sunday, 14 December 2003
Exams.. again..
hey everyone. Now we're half way through exam week and I have two more left to do. Yesterday I did socials, and tommorow I have math and then yea I'm so excited about going to the caribbean!! hahahaha.. I got a relative earth science mark back.. mr Detchon woulnd't tell me exactly what I got but he said it was around high 80s low 90s.. which is really good. I'm sure Stephanie got 100.. shes SO good in that class omg.. lol.. ok well i have to study for french. I realize that my entries have been getting smaller and smaller but I'm slowly getting less and less free time~!..

love char

Posted by crazy2/charbie_420 at 9:50 AM PST
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Tuesday, 9 December 2003
study study study
Ugh I hate exams... I have my english exam first so thats not bad. but then I have socials, earthscience, and then i have math and french.. hehehe.. The two that I'm more worried about are french and socials.. I'm a natural at earth science so I'm not too scared about that one.. but. umm.. yea I wrote my science exam a while back (about two weeks ago) and I got an 80 on it.. I'm happy about that.. at least I didn't fail~! lol.. but yea.. nothing else new really.. I'm so excited about going to the caribbean!! OMG OMG OMG!!! hehehe.. i'm gonna get a TAN baby!!! I'm so excited... ok well newayz, i'm gonna go because I need to study for earth science... BUH BYE!!


Posted by crazy2/charbie_420 at 3:08 PM PST
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Saturday, 29 November 2003
Busy Busy little Bees
Hey guys. This past week has been fairly uneventful. Actually, no. Thats a lie. This past week, for me, has been filled with loads of sickness, frustration, studying, and well....... some more sickness.. This week started off on saturday, with me being very sick. I was sick from saturday - tuesday.. 4 days, with 2 days of missed classes. THen I got over that, and International week continued as normal. We were originally supposed to have our Science 10 christmas exam on tuesday, and it was during an assessment sleep in and we were missing all this kind of stuff.. and it just wasn't convienent for ANYONE.. so yea.. it got moved to this morning (saturday) and it worked out really well.. I think (more like HOPE) I did really well. At least i finished it! some people didn't have enough time to finish the whole thing.. hehehe.. but before that I got an ear infection (when dad came to visit, he took Neil and I to the Docs and we got checked out because neither neil nor I were feeling well..).. but I'm taking antibiotics, and now I have to work on my Earth Science Project so i have to go now.. Later!

Posted by crazy2/charbie_420 at 2:05 PM PST
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Friday, 21 November 2003
Chars awesome day
we had a baby day today (when a teacher has a baby, the whole school gets to sleep in until 11:30 ish and classes start at 12, adn theres only three classes...) so the three classes i had today were english, socials and math..... for english we actually worked but class was shortened by 20 mintues because we had unexpected chapel for talkin about leave and the flu adn such...

then we worked in english, the i went to socials, and there was a notice on our door to tell us to go to the gym, so we went to the gym adn ended up watching the last 15 minutes of a basketball game (collingwood vs some other school).. then we had the gym (mr pasquales socials class adn PE8) to ourselves and we were messing around with the extra basketballs because the tournament was cancelled
(because of the flu going around our school)
so we were playing basketball for about 45 minutes.. .

I went to math, 15 minutes before last class started cuz we got left outta socials early, and Mrs Platt wasnt there, she just left a note saying take this sheet and have a good weekend but to have the sheet by next monday... heheheh.. so TWO spares in a row

it was an AWESOME day


AND... hehehe theres an AND

I'm getting the highest mark in my math class
(for the assessment)

and i'm getting a 93 in earth science..
heheh I feel like such a smarty pants! I have a really good feeling about this assessment.. hahahah... ok well I'm out cuz I gotta go to dinner, so POST COMMENTS!! I update weekly!

Posted by crazy2/charbie_420 at 5:49 PM PST
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Saturday, 15 November 2003

Hey guys whats up? This is a new blog thing I'm just starting to explore so you know.. just to see how things work... well um yea.. this past week has been awesome for me.. Groves' House has won interhouse field hockey!!! we are the best!! Kayes was wholeheartedly expecting to win, but oh no!! It was a really good game though. It was tied through the first half, tied throughout the second half, tied (0-0) through 10 minute sudden death, and then we had to go to strokes, where it was tied until the very last stroker.. It was awesome. The last couple of days have been very good for me because I've gotten a bunch of tests back and I feel that I am doing fairly well in most of my courses... I got a really good science test mark (30/36) which is alot better than some of the smartest people in the class, I got an 83% - ish mark on my Big french unit test, and then I got 31/32 on the huge Math test!!! I'm all over proud of myself. Second term sport starts on Monday, and I've joined Basketball for the 2nd year in a row. I'm excited because we had alot of fun last year and I hope that the same will surface this year. On another topic, we changed our room around for the Open house we're having this sunday night. It looks so much bigger... mind you it will look even bigger still once its clean.. hahaha.. For the last couple of days here at school, we've been honored to have an American Army Man come to stay with Mr Boulton in Duxbury.... he looks like vin diesel (which for those of you who don't know who he is, is a complememt!) and he is HUGE! not huge in a body fat way, huge in a muscley way.. he could bench press ME and not even break a sweat! lol. He inspected us this morning and it was ok.. I had my dog tag (fake, of course.. with C.Bell-Irving written on it) and he looked at me funny which kinda scared me considering hes about 7 feet tall!! lol. Yea but then in the house meeting, there were a bunch of Spirit Of Groves awards handed out and I got one for "Leadership and Support".. I'm Happy about it.. Really I am! nothing else new really in my life... so yea if you have a chance, hit me back just to chat.

Love to All!!


Posted by crazy2/charbie_420 at 8:54 PM PST
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