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Darkness Returns


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. I just wish I did though anyway one to the fic!!!

Note: The credits can be found on the bottom on the page.

Summary: After the team defeated Lucemon, peace is restore to the digital world. Until one day the former digidestined Izzy yet again, after the team has beaten Armangemon, discovered that more Kuramon (Diaboromon’s fresh form) have appeared on the Internet. Then somewhere in west shinjuku and old enemy reappears. Will Gallantmon Crimson Mode be able to beat him this time? And yet again Ophanimon is asking the frontier team to come back to the digital world. Will the Kuramon be destroyed once in for all, Will Gallantmon CM finish off the D-Reaper and who is behind all this? If you want answer you will just have to Read and Find OUT

Minor Note: I will be using their Japanese names and their dub names for this fic. Oh and by the way this is a 01/02/03/04 digimon crossover. I bet you knew since you may have read the full summary.

“…” Speaking


******Location change******

Change Of Pov’s (its mostly of normal pov’s so you won’t see much of these)

Couples: MMMM…. I’ll let you guys decide

Season 01:Taiora -      Sorato -           Michi -             Mimato -

Season 02:Takari -      Daikari -           Daiyako -         Kenyako -

Season 03:Rukato -    Jurato -            Ryuki -             Henrika -          Jenry -             

Season 04:Kouimi -    Koumi -           Takumi -

Don’t worry I won’t start the coupling till chapter 5. I will give you guys till then okay? Oh and no flames only suggestions okay. Now Let’s get on with the fic!


Chapter 1

Diaboromon Strikes Back Again

And Milleniumon’s Appearance






Koushiro sat there while drinking is cup of coffee and while he was surfing the net. It’s been a long time since Takeru Takaishi’s disappearance and yet we still haven’t figured out where and why did he leave. He was deep in thought until he heard a knock on the door. He quickly put away all his thoughts and went to where the door was. When he opened the door he wasn’t surprised to see Taichi Kamiya and Davis Motomiya who stood there smiling at him.

“You’re quite early.” he said

“Yup. I thought it would be better to come earlier since you know how Davis is.” he replied while laughing

“HEY!!! That was a long time ago. When T.K. was still here.” After that said the three friends were quiet. It was Koushiro who broke the long silence.

“How rude I am, letting you guys stay there. Why don’t come in and sit down?” As soon he said those words he moved to let them in the he closed the door. Tai and Davis sat on the couch and turn on the television since they knew that Koushiro was going straight to his computer. But to there surprise he didn’t. Instead he went to the kitchen.

“You guys want anything to drink?” he asked in a louder tone to make sure they heard him.

“Glass of water would be nice.” Tai replied.

“How-” before he could have finished his sentence he heard Davis asked for the same thing as Tai. A few minutes later he came back with three glasses of water and gave on to each of his guests. After that done he went straight to his room.


Tai’s Point of view

There wasn’t anything interesting to watch. Davis was really quiet. After I finished my glass of water I heard some noises in Koushiro’s room. While Davis was still quiet


Normal Point of view

Why did he leave? What made him leave all of the sudden? We’ve search everywhere for him even in the digital world but he wasn’t there. We’re could he be. Davis thought. He was in deep thought until he heard Tai yelling at him.

“Davis I think something is wrong with Koushiro!” after he said that we got up and headed to his room.

“Koushiro wants wrong!!!” Tai screamed


“It’s what? What is it Koushiro?” Davis asked with curiosity

“It’s the Kuramon their back!!!” he exclaimed

“WHAT!!!!!!!” both Tai and Davis screamed in unison.


******Somewhere in West Shinjuku******

Takato Matsuki got off his bed and went to the shower. Lucky it’s school vacation or else I’ll be in detention. After a few minutes he got out of the shower and put on some of his clothes (Same one’s in the episodes) and his goggles. After that he took a quick glance at his clock besides his bed too see it was already 9:30. Oh crap I’m late for our meeting. Ruki will surely kick my ass! He shook away his thought and went downstairs.

“Morning mom, morning dad” he said while taking some bread and put them in a bag. After that he ran to the door and opened it.

“Bye mom, bye dad I’ll be back later” after that said he left the Matsuki bakery for his destination. The park


******West Shinjuku Park******

“Where the hell is he!!!” exclaimed Ruki

“Calm down Ruki you know were talking about Takato here” replied Jenrya trying to calm the ‘Digimon Queen’ down.

“Takatomon is coming” Guilmon said jumping up and down

“And how would you know” Ruki said in her cold voice

“Because Takatomon bring bread with him” Guilmon replied and while jumping up and down. After a few minutes everyone saw a shadow running at full speed towards them.


“She’s right Takato is in his tornado mode!!!” exclaimed a worried Hirokazu. After he said that everyone had hold on to something except for Renamon and Ruki who instead jump into a nearby tree. The other who were holding on to something hold more tightly on what where they holding on. The running figure was getting close and closer until he stopped and started walking. The other was relieved and let go of whatever they were holding. When Takato arrived where the group was gathered up (yes you guessed it) Guilmon was running up to him. Then collided and fell down with his tamer.

“Yeah, Takatomon bring bread for Guilmon” Takato just sat there laughing while Guilmon wolf out on the bread Takato had brought him.

“Late AGAIN goggle-head” Ruki said emphasizing the word again.

“Hai. I just woke up and nice to see you too Ruki” Takato said in his joyful voice

“Excuse me but since where all here can we start already?” Ryo asked eager to start their own Digimon Card Tournament that Takato suggested to do since they had nothing else to do on this coming Saturday.

“Bring it on Digimon Kind your going down” Ruki said in her as usual cold voice.

“Oh no! I’m scared. Please save me from the evil queen” Ryo said sarcastically.

“Oh whatever let’s just start!” Takato said

“Guess you want to lose really face huh goggle-head” Ryo and Ruki said in unison. The other started laughing after a few minutes they had paired up.

1st round: Henry versus Kazu                Takato versus Kenta.

2nd round: Winner versus Winner

3rd round: Ryo versus Ruki

4th round: Winner of 2nd round versus 3rd round

Henry won very easily while Takato took a long time to beat Kenta.

“What’s up with Takato he usually doesn’t play like this” Jenrya whispered to Ruki.

“Hey goggle-head guess your going to lose versus Henry” Ruki said. Takato just gave her one of his smiles as response. They have no idea that I got new cards in my deck.

(I don’t know how to play the game so I’ll skip to the battle of Ryo and Takato)

Ryo has confident has he is, was toying with Takato. He was trying to get

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode on the field. But little did he know Takato knew he would try to summon him so he was prepared. Guess he losses this game I can’t wait to see how he will react.

“Earth to Takato it’s your move” Ryo said while waving his hand in front of his face.

“Just give up already.” Ryo said with a smile. But his smile faded as soon as he saw the smirk on his face.

“Ryo, you should’ve finish me off when you could now you lose”

“What!!! The only way you can beat me is if you have a Gulfmon card in your deck and if you’ve set up the field for summoning Gulfmon but you don’t have it and you didn’t so there”

“Are you sure about that” He saw Ryo check the field and he started staring at Takato.

“Okay fine you’ve settled up so who cares you won’t possibly have that card since no ONE has it”

“Are you sure about that?” Then Ryo stated to worry. Nah Impossible he’ll never get that card. Maybe he’s just joking. Ya that’s it he’s joking. Ryo thought

“Yup I’m sure,” he said smiling.

“YOU really sure.” He asked again

“YES DAMNIT. MATSUKI I SAID I’M SURE SO MAKE YOUR DAMN MOVE ALREADY.” Everyone in that park went to where they heard Ryo screaming. And in a few seconds later Ryo fans surrounded the gang.

“Oh guess I’ll move now” he smirked at Ryo

“Okay go.” He said more calmly. But before he played his move he showed his Gulfmon card to Ryo and then played it.

“I guess you lose. Ryo Akiyama” Takato said while laughing. The audience was shock especially the Digimon and the gang.

“Terriermon what just happened? Why is Takatomon laughing and why is everyone quiet?” The curious Guilmon asked

“Ta…Takato just beat Ryo in a card game” he replied really shock at this.

“Ya, Takatomon beat the Digimon King” Guilmon started jumping up in down.

“This got to be a dream goggle-head BEAT Ryo. Impossible I CAN’T even beat him” Ruki said

“This can’t be a dream Ruki” Juri replied

“Chumly way to go my man!!!” Hirokazu said while trying to get where the card battle was located. Ryo could hear his fans whispering some stuff about Takato and his match. Suddenly, their Digimon started to get serious again while some fog appears a few meters where the tamers and Digimon fans were located. It came closer to where they were.

“So Ryo we meet again” Everyone ran away leaving the Digimon tamers and their Digimon and the new enemy alone.


******Meanwhile in Koushiro’s room******

“You aren’t serious are you!!!” screamed Tai

“See for your self” Koushiro replied softly

“Oh man.” “Davis call the others this time Ken, Yamato, you and me are going to the Internet and finish him off once and for all.” After giving his orders Davis rushed to where the telephone was and dialed all of the digidestined phone number.

“Ok Tai I’m done calling all of them”

“Great Davis now we just have to wait” A few minutes after Davis has called all the digidestined, the three of them suddenly heard a nock on the door. Tai rushed out of Koushiro’s room and headed to where the door was. He opened it and there was the whole group. He moved so they could come all in.

“So Tai what’s the problem?” asked Kari

“You guys really want to know?”

“Yes” everyone but Koushiro, Davis and Tai said in unison

“Do you really want to know” It was now Davis’s turn to ask

“YES!!!” all of the besides the three of them replied again in unison

“Do you really really really want to know?” This time it was Koushiro

“Just tell us already” said a really annoyed Yolei

“Okay then we-” before Koushiro cut him off

“The Kuramon is back and they now formed Diaboromon again” To their surprised it was no one in that room. The group turned around to where the source of the voice was located. To their surprised the one standing there was.

“T.K.!!!” Matt said surprise to finally see him.

“Call me that again and I’ll make sure SlashAngemon beat the crap out of all your Digimon. One by one” he replied harshly. The other just gasped at what he just said. The room was silent. It was Tai who broke it.

“Care to prove that” Tai said

“T.K. are you sure we should fight them?” Patamon who was in his hat came out and asked him.

“If they want to I have to. I don’t back down in a fight” Takeru told his little pal.

“I accept your challenge ONLY and ONLY if you guys fight me with Imperieldramon Paladin Mode and the others bring their Digimon to their highest level and of course DNA digivolving is allowed.”

“Izzy may I used your computer to get in the Internet?” he asked

“Yes you could” Koushiro told him while he gave him a smile.

“Okay thank you” After Takeru said that he went straight to the computer and in the Internet leaving the digidestined beside Koushiro shocked.


******In the Internet******

“Well Patamon you ready for this” he asked his partner

“Of course T.K. he’ll be a piece of cake”

“I told you to finish him off. But noooo… you let him live”

“But it’s no fun if I don’t get to fight him again” Patamon said. Takeru just smiled and after a few minutes they arrived to their destination.

“You miss us Diaboromon?”

“You again!!!”


******Koushiro’s Room******

“You can’t expect him to defeat Diaboromon alone!!!!” exclaimed a pissed off Davis.

“Maybe he could” Koushiro told him. Davis continued complaining while the others just ignored him and checked the computer screen. After Davis stopped talking Koushiro had just install the speakers so they could hear what they were saying.

“Yup it’s us again” they heard Patamon’s voice coming out of the speaker. “And this time Diaboromon no offence but Patamon will beat you in his rookie form” Now it was Takeru’s voice that came out.

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!!” the others screamed in unison when they heard what Takeru just said.

“You know you guys are rude to be eavesdropping our conversation” Patamon’s voice came out. “Patamon leave the rookies to their affaires we got more important things to do” Takeru said to Patamon and the others heard his voice come out of the speakers.

“ROOKIES!!!” Davis exclaimed. “Tai can you please?” Takeru’s voice came out. After that said Tai stood up and punch Davis in his stomach and then Davis fainted.


******The Internet again******

“Ok since Davis finally shut up let’s get the crap out of him Patamon” After that said Patamon charge up to Diaboromon and attack him with is Boom Bubble. After a few Boom Bubbles and tackles from Patamon Diaboromon was not damaged at all.

“Guess you’ve grown stronger the last time” Takeru said

“Cable Crusher” Diaboromon aimed his target to Takeru but he was save by Patamon. After the dust cleared up Patamon was visible but no damaged was done to him. Takeru was searching something in his pocket until he found what he was searching for.

“Digi-Modify…. Wargreymon Terra Force activate” After he said that Patamon had something charging up in front of his mouth after a few seconds the energy ball grew a lot bigger and.

“Terra Force!!!” Patamon screamed while he tackled the huge energy ball and it when straight at Diaboromon


****** Koushiro’s Room******

“N-Nani???” asked a curious Agumon

“Hey Izzy what’s going on. How did Patamon use Wargreymon’s special move???”

“I have no idea” The room was once silent again and a few minutes Davis woke up.

“What did I miss?” Davis asked

“Oh nothing except seeing Patamon USING MY MEGA LEVEL TECHNIQUE” replied a pissed off Agumon




“Guys if you want I’ll explain later just shut up and enjoy the show,” Takeru told them knowing they could hear him. Hmmm… maybe I should kill him now “Digi-Modify… Speed Activate”

“Digi-Modify… Strength Activate”

“Digi-Modify… Imperialdramon Positron Laser Activate”

“Positron Laser!!!” Shouted Patamon as he again tackled the huge ball of energy and it headed straight towards Diaboromon who was now weakened by the Terra Force Attack.

“Digi-Modify… Seraphimon Seven Heavens Activate”

“Seven Heavens!!!” Patamon Shouted again. As 7 huge balls of energy emerges from nowhere in front of him. Again he tackled each one making a direct hit on Diaboromon.

“And this will end it”


Biomerge Activate


Matrix Evolution


Patamon Digivolve to…


Takeru closed his eyes as his body slowly compressed and became nothing but part of a database. He could almost see how his data became part of Patamon. He saw Patamon going through the Champion and Ultimate stages before acquiring his new appearance. Once the dust cleared up, a new Digimon replaced where Takeru and Patamon once stood.




******Koushiro’s Room******

“Nani??? What appended to Takeru?” The quiet Sora, Mimi and Kari said in unison.

“How did he do that?” asked a curious Gatomon finally speaking. Just then they heard Takeru talking.

“This is the end Diaboromon” came the voice out of the speaker. Everyone watch the screen as SlashAngemon made his way to Diaboromon. Before Diaboromon could move he was struck in the chest with SlashAngemon’s blades. After he got struck SlashAngemon dedigivolved to Takeru and Patamon.

“This is it. Goodbye and I hope you rest in peace. Fractal Code Digitize!!!” Takeru’s voice came out.

As the digidestined and their Digimon stood their shock at what their seeing. Takeru was taking Diaboromon’s data and the data is going in his digivice.

“What appended to his digivice?” asked Kari

“We don’t know I hoped he clears this up for us as soon as he comes back.” His older brother replied to her question. After a few minutes of chatting Takeru came out of the computer.

“Ok to answer your questions. So who’s first?” He asked.

Tai was about to ask him a question when suddenly T.K. answered his question. “Tai if you think I’m going to tell you were I went or why I left then forget it.” Tai stood there confused how did he know I was about to ask him that question? He thought.

“Tai you asked to much questions” Takeru said smiling. Everyone looked at him confused because Tai hadn’t said anything. Takeru just laugh at how they look at him and soon Patamon started laughing too.

“Guess this is goodbye now if you excuse me I’ve got to handle Milleniumon so cyah.” He said.

“Digi-Port Open” Then out of nowhere a portal came. He went in and before anyone else gets in the portal with him, the portal disappeared after Takeru got inside. They stayed like that and where all silent.


Ken’s Point of View

Did he just say Milleniumon??? I thought Ryo and me took care of him ages ago! Unless… It’s got to be him. But how he’s stuck in the dark ocean! Maybe he escaped and if he did than how come Gennai didn’t inform us about this? Maybe Izzy knows something… I’ll just have to ask him


Normal Point of View

“Izzy did Gennai informed you in some information these past few days and that you haven’t told us yet?” Ken asked. Izzy just nodded. Then he started talking “I guess it’s time tomorrow everyone meet here at 11:00 make sure you be here and some of your question might be answered” After he said that everyone left his house and he went back to his computer business


******Shinjuku Park******

“M.i.l.l.e.n.i.u.m.o…. n w-what a-are y-you doing here?” Said a frightened Ryo

“Well I came to take my revenge on you and then on your friend Ken” He said while laughing evilly

“Argh! Renamon are you ready?” asked a pissed off Ruki

“Why of course” replied the kitsune type digimon.


Biomerge Activate


Matrix Evolution


Renamon Digivolve to…


After the dust cleared up, the place where Ruki and Renamon once stood was now replaced by…




“Ready Terriermon?” asked Henry

“Let’s start Partying!!!”

“I’ll Take that as a Hai”


Biomerge Activate


Matrix Evolution


Terriermon Digivolve to…


After the dust cleared up, the place where Henry and Terriermon once stood was now replaced by…




“Ready Guilmon?” asked Takato

“We fight now Takatomon?” Guilmon said

“Yes. If we fight now I’ll give you lots and lost of bread when we get home. Okay?”

“Yippee!!!! Bread!!!”


Biomerge Activate


Matrix Evolution


Guilmon Digivolve to…


After the dust cleared up, the place where Takato and Guilmon stood was now replaced by…




I hope where strong enough to beat him Ryo thought


Biomerge Activate


Matrix Evolution


Monodramon Digivolve to…


Now Ryo and Monodramon was now replaced by




All four of them now stood there in the battle position.


“Lighting Joust!!!!”

“Gargo Missiles!!!!”

“Spirit Strike!!!!”

“Justice Kick!!!!”







Takeru’s Voice: Hey it’s me Takeru Takaishi. Man this time Diaboromon isn’t coming back for sure and how will the digimon tamers fair up a match versus Milleniumon? Will Ryo Akiyama beat him again or will he be defeated this time? And what about me? Will I tag along like I told the other digidestined stay tuned and find out in the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Milleniumon Defeated? And Lucemon Friend Or Foe?

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Note: I want to thank Daneel Rush and his writing abilities and ideas. His Tamers Forever Series gave me the idea to make this story so there! And I did get some idea from other stories but I just can’t remember which or what was the title or the pen name so sorry if I forgot but I give you full credit to this stories (Daneel Rush and the people that gave me these ideas)