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chapter One:

Suddenly, a tidal wave hit PEI, it covered everything, drowning almost everyone. There were only a few survivors, among them were: Melanie Perry (Mel), a 16 year old with long dyed red hair naturally dark brown and brown eyes; Carolyn Perry (Care), a 15 year old with short black hair and brown eyes; and Christopher Perry (Chris), a 5 year old with short light brown hair and brown eyes; Marianne Ware, a 13 year old with long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes; Johanna Ware (Jo), a 16 year old with long brown hair and blue eyes; Jannigje Ware (Jen), a 14 year old with long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes; and Tony Ware, a 15 year old with short blond hair and blue eyes; and one of Carolyn's friends Emily Parker, a 15 year old with long blond hair and blue eyes. The reason they were still alive was because of the fishing trip they had been forced to go on. They had steered their boat to the closest land they could find. When They got on the land, they decided to look out over the water and they saw a gigantic ship. Melanie pointed out the letters on the side of ship, "Galaxya". Everyone stared in amazement at the ghostly ship. Then they all heard "Iceberg dead ahead!" and an iceberg suddenly appeared out of thin air. A loud scraping noise came from the ship, as it hit the iceberg head on. The ship tipped straight up and started to twirl as it sunk. Then a multi-colored, shiny, slivery, sparkly object shot out of sky, and bounced off Emily's head, then landed in Carolyn's hands. Carolyn held up the object and showed everyone the beautiful heart necklace. Melanie, who loved anything with a heart on it, grabbed the necklace from her.

"Hey! I found that! Give it back to me, I want to look at it!" Carolyn yelled.

Marianne, in a soft low voice said, "Technically it did bounce off Emily's head first."

"Shut up!" yelled Carolyn and Melanie.

Then Jen piped up "Hey! Where's Chris?" Everyone looked around. But Chris wasn't in sight. Everyone quickly started searching the woods for him.

Finally Carolyn and Emily yelled, "Over here! We've found him!" Everyone rushed over to them. Carolyn put Chris on her back in a carrier. A ghost suddenly popped out in front of them, and scared everyone away, but Emily couldn't move, her legs would not budge. She noticed she was stuck in quicksand, she screamed for help. Carolyn rushed back to help her friend. Carolyn was helping Emily out of the quicksand, and she noticed that the ghost was her friend Kali.

Kali had short purple hair and hazel eyes.

Carolyn turned around to tell her friends who the ghost is, but saw they were all out of sight. Emily and Carolyn started talking to Kali. Kali then lead them back to a little house.

Meanwhile, everyone else noticed that they were missing some people, they decided to split into two groups, Tony, Marianne, and Johanna were going to stay behind to make a campsite to sleep in that night. The other group, Melanie, and Jen, were going to look for Carolyn, Emily and Chris.

When Melanie and Jen finally found them, Carolyn, Emily and Chris were sitting on a bench talking to the Ghost. When Emily saw Jen and Melanie she yelled to them "Hey look guys it's ok, it's our good friend Kali!" Melanie and Jen came over to the bench and Carolyn told them about how they could stay there for the night, in the abandoned house. Melanie and Jen went back to get the others, when Melanie was leaving, she tripped and fell. Kali helped her back up.

They met back at the bench. As they walked over to the house they saw a blood covered object on the door, it was the necklace. They all stared at it, but decided it wasn't a big deal and just left it there, Melanie made a mental note to come back for it later. After they all entered the house, they heard the door slam and a "click" as the door locked behind them. Melanie ran over to the door and tried to open it. They all ran over to the windows and tried to break them open, but no luck, they were shatter proof. Melanie said, "I knew we shouldn't have come here." They all heard an evil laugh that seemed to be surrounding them. The necklace slid under the door. Emily rushed over to pick it up. Melanie grabbed it from Emily's hands and said, "My poor necklace is covered in blood!!" and ran over to the sink to wash it.

Emily started whining "I picked it up, let me have it, it's mine!!"

Melanie mumbled, "Oh I'll let you have it alright, a fist right in the face that is, if you touch my necklace." As she finished washing it Carolyn ran over and pushed Melanie out of the way of the sink as a knife flew out of the wall. Melanie scared, but somehow managed to get a few words out said, "But how did you? but how? but....."

Carolyn shrugged and replied "Reflexes." Jo pointed out that there is a note on the knife.

Marianne rushed over to read it. It said "You are all going to die."

Melanie went over to the table and sat on it, almost sitting in blood. "Why did we come here, why??"

Tony said, "Well if we are going to be here for a while we'd better look for food." So he went over to the closet, but when he opened it, a dead body fell out.

Jo looked at him in shock and said, "Isn't that the fisher man that use to fish on the lake by our house?"

Jen looked over at the body and answered, "Yeah it does look like him, but that would mean...." She looked out the window and pointed at a building in the distance, "Look it's our farm!!" Everyone ran over to get a look at it, they all watched as Kali walked into the building carrying something. Then they saw Kali's real body hung from a tree, they all gasped in shock. All of a sudden the necklace started to glow and got really hot. Melanie tried to hold onto it for as long as she could, but it got too hot and she dropped it. Carolyn kicked the necklace back over to the doorway and the necklace shot a red-hot beam at the door, and caused it to explode.

After they shook off the shock, they all ran out of the house as fast as they could. As soon as they got outside, they ran towards the farm. On the way they passed a shop selling boats, they saw a old man in the shop. "Need a boat?" He asked.

"We'll be right back!" Tony yelled. They reached the farm, but there was no sign of Kali. They ran into the house and into Jen's room, which she had finally got a lock for, so they quickly locked the door behind them. Feeling safe, they laid down on the bed, all except for Carolyn.

Suddenly Emily jumped off the bed and yelled, "Everybody off!!" Everyone jumped off except Tony, who was too slow, spikes shot up through him, then the bed returned to normal. Jo picked up Tony's lifeless body off the bed and threw him out the window.

Melanie looked at Jo like she was insane, and said, "That was your brother you know." Jo just shrugged. They all heard a loud knock at the door Melanie, Jen, Emily and Chris all hide in the closet, Carolyn jumped onto the top shelf just before Emily slammed the door, Jo and Marianne slid under the bed.

The banging at the door continued until finally Melanie said, "This is ridiculous" and walked out of the closet and opened the door, getting punched in the face by Dirk who didn't stop knocking in time.

Dirk is Marrianne's Jen's and Jo's brother, he was a 7 yeah old with short brown hair and blue eyes.

Not apologizing, he said "Took you long enough!"

Melanie, rubbed her nose, replied, "Nice to see you too. You guys it's ok to come out it's just Dirk." Slowly they all came out of of their hiding spots.

They heard a door slam shut downstairs and Dirk said, "What is that? I was the only other person in the house how could the doors be shutting on their own?"

Melanie looked out into the hallway and yelled. "Come on quickly let's get out of here!!" Carolyn grabbed Chris and they all headed down one set of stairs. They saw the shadow of someone talking on the phone, they tried to sneak by without being seen, but it was too late. The person chased after them, and threw something at Dirk which caused him to fall down the stairs. Dirk cried out in pain as he reached the bottom stair, he couldn't move his left leg, the fall had broken it. Jo and Jen rushed back to help there brother. They lifted him into a sled that was near the doorway and pulled him out of the house just as the roof clasped.

"That was close." Carolyn sighed.

"Too close." Melanie agreed. They saw the dark figure walk out from behind the pile of bricks that use to be a house. The dark figure aimed shot a arrow at Melanie. Emily quickly pushed Melanie out of the way of the arrow. It hit Dirk in the head and killed him. They quickly ran back in the direction of the store. When they arrived there, Marianne screamed in terror. The old man's throat was slit, and blood was oozing down his neck, dripping onto the floor. Melanie and Carolyn started looking around for a boat, but there was none left. All the boats had been chopped to splinters. They left the shop and hung their heads in disappointment.

Carolyn, Melanie, Chris, Marianne, Jen and Jo started walking towards the beach where they met Kali. Melanie started running towards Kali with her arms out-stretched, ready to choke. On the way she dropped the necklace. Melanie grabbed for Kali's neck and went right through her. "What the heck?" Melanie yelled. She tried again with the same result. Then Melanie noticed that she lost her necklace. "Where's my necklace??" She screamed. Just then they all heard a rustling in the bushes. Then suddenly Dustin, Melanie's boyfriend, popped out of the bush.

Dustin is a 16 year old with brown hair down to the beginning of his ears, blue eyes, and glasses.

He said, "Hey did anyone lose this necklace?"

Melanie yelled, "YES!!! That's my necklace!!!" She ran over and grabbed it from him.

"Well that's a nice welcome, glad too see you too." He replied.

"I'm sorry." Melanie said and she gave him a hug. Melanie turned around to look for Kali, but there was no Kali in sight. "Where'd she go?" Melanie demeaned an answer. But then she turned back to Dustin and asked in a nice tone "Why are you here? You live in Iowa."

"I came as soon as I heard that something happened to PEI I had to see if you were alright." Dustin replied.

"How'd you get here?" asked Carolyn

Dustin pointed towards a small motorboat.

"A BOAT!!!!" Jen shouted. "Let's off this island, now!!"

"Two little problems with that," Dustin said, "one the motor is broken and two it can only hold two to three people."

Jo whispered to Jen, "Who is that guy? Maybe he's the one killing everyone."

"Well it is possible." Jo replied. Melanie over heard them talking.

"Are you insane?!?!?" Melanie yelled at Jen and Jo. "There's no way it's him!" Suddenly, Kali popped her head out in front of Melanie.

"Looking for someone?" Kali asked.

"Yes," Melanie dove for Kali and grabbed her around the neck. "YOU!!!!" Melanie yelled in Kali's face. "Now tell me why you are doing this to us."

"Revenge, sweet revenge on the person that killed me." Kali responded

"Who killed you?" Carolyn asked in a sincere tone.

"I'm not telling you." Kali answered.

"Why not?" Jen asked.

"Cause she would hurt me if I told you." Kali replied.

"So it's a girl?" smirked Melanie,

"Hey I didn't say it's a girl, I didn't say anything like that!" Kali shrieked

"Yes you did, you said she." Melanie laughed. Just then Kali pushed Melanie to the ground and vanished. Melanie started yelling, "Where'd she go now? Get back here Kali!" The others started looking around at each other, trying to decide who the killer was.

Emily piped up, "One of us is a killer, who is it?"

Melanie turned to Jen and Jo and said, "See? I told you it wasn't Dustin."

That night Carolyn, Melanie, Dustin and Chris all laid in the boat, while Jo, Jen, Marianne and Emily slept beside the boat. Carolyn and Melanie started talking about who the killer could be. "It wouldn't be either of us right Care?" Melanie asked, "I mean we can trust each other right? I didn't like Kali much, but still I wouldn't kill her."

"Yeah, you're right, we are sisters we should be able to trust each other." Carolyn replied, "But one of them is a killer, who do you think it is?"

Melanie looked around and said "Well it could be Jen, Jo, Marianne or Emily. We really need another clue before we can figure out who it is. One of us should stand guard tonight, just incase."

"Good idea Melanie, your first." Carolyn laid down and put a blanket over herself.

"Hey! that's not fair, I'll never be able to stay up with nothing to do." Melanie complained.

"I'll stay up with you." Dustin smiled sweetly at Melanie. Every two hours they switched places with Carolyn.

About 8 in the morning Carolyn and Melanie woke up and looked at each other.

"You were supposed to be watching for the killer!!!" Yelled Melanie.

"You were sleeping too!!! Hey where's Jen?" Carolyn said.

Dustin pointed at a tree. Carolyn and Melanie both looked towards the tree and rushed over to it. Jen was hanging from the tree, a rope tied around her neck choking her. Dustin ran over to her and helped Jen hold herself up, Carolyn stood on Melanie's shoulders and untied Jen.

"Jen, What happened?" Carolyn asked.

Melanie grabbed Jens collar of her shirt and said "Did you see the killer? Who is it? Tell me now!"

Jen tried to back away from Melanie and started crying. "I didn't see anything, I couldn't tell who it was, I'm so sorry."

"Well at least we know you aren't the killer now." Dustin said.

"Or is she the killer? She could have just planned it all to make it look like she isn't." Melanie looked towards Jen.

"What how could you think it's me? I'm one of your best friends. I wouldn't do that to you, and I wouldn't almost kill myself like that." Jen started to cry harder.

Melanie looked around, "Where'd Carolyn go?" Melanie said with a shrug.

Meanwhile in the forest, Carolyn saw Kali crying and ran over to her, "What's wrong Kali?" She asked.

"You still care about me? I don't see why you would, I'm letting you go through all this just because I'm trying to protect myself." Kali said.

"Of course I care about you, you are my friend and always will be. I have to go before people start worry about me. Bye!" Carolyn replied as she ran back towards the boat.

"Bye!" Kali shouted after her.

As Carolyn approached Melanie, Dustin and Jen, she heard them still arguing.

"It is possible that you just set the whole thing up to make yourself look innocent!" Melanie yelled at Jen.

"I wouldn't do that, and I'm not a killer!" screamed Jen.

Dustin looked towards Melanie, "Sweetie I think you need to calm down a little bit." Melanie glared at him. "It was just a suggestion sweetie."

Just then Jo woke up. "What's going on here? Break it up Melanie and Jen! Now!" she yelled.

"But....." Jen started to protest but stopped as soon as she saw the look on her sister's face.

"Oh you're back Care. So the killer didn't get you." Melanie said.

"Gee thanks allot Mel." Carolyn said sarcastically.

"Anyone else hungry besides me?" Emily asked.

"Me!" Shouted everyone.

"O.K. Me, Dustin, Carolyn and Chris will go out fishing, the rest of you can split up to look for anything else edible around here." Melanie ordered. They all quickly did as she told them to, not wanting her to get in another fight.

Out on the water Carolyn told Melanie about her talk with Kali, "She seemed really sad about what she has been letting us go through."

"Who cares? Did she tell you who the killer was?" Melanie quickly asked.

"No I didn't even ask her. How can you be so insensitive?" Carolyn replied.

"Easily. How could you not have asked? She probably would have told you." said Melanie who was starting to get really angry.

"The fish don't seem to be biting today, I wish we had some food." Carolyn wished.

"Well we ate all the food Dustin brought with him, remember?" Melanie said as she picked up the picnic basket, "See there's no..." They both gasped in amazement. "It's full of food, but how?" But they had no time to think about it, they heard someone scream on the shore. They hurried back as fast as they could.

When they got there they saw Marianne was hanging off the edge of a cliff, and Jen was there trying to help her back up. Carolyn, Melanie, Chris, and Dustin rushed over to the cliff to help Marianne back up. Carolyn reached the edge and yelled, "Marianne, grab my hand!"

But Marianne couldn't reach her hand. So Melanie tried. But as she leaned over she was pushed off the edge. Carolyn quickly garbed Melanie's arm and Jen helped Carolyn pull her back up.

"Who pushed me off the cliff?" Melanie demanded to know. But there was no one else around. Dustin got a rope and threw the end down to Marianne, then tied the other end to a tree. Marianne climbed up. They then heard a rustling in the bushes, they ran over to see what it was, they saw that it was only a golden colored cat.

"Aww... how cute!!" Marianne said while bending over to pet it. Everyone quickly joined in, in petting the cat, except Melanie.

"Melanie why aren't you petting the cat? You love cats." Carolyn asked. But Melanie just stared at the cat, it looked like they were in a starring contest, they just glared at each other, almost evilly.

"Hello, anybody home?" Dustin asked while moving his hand in front of Melanie's face. She didn't move her line of vision. Just then Johanna jumped out of the bushes and the cat ran off.

"How could you let her get away?" Melanie screamed.

Carolyn replied, "You're still mad about me letting Kali get away?"

"No the cat!" Melanie yelled, while she ran after it.

"Anyone else here think she's lost her mind? I mean it's just a cat, and she wasn't even petting it." said Jen.

They all headed back to the boat, except Melanie. Where they met Emily.

"Shouldn't we go look for Melanie, there is a killer here." said Dustin looking worried, "I'll go look for her you all stay here." They tried to protest to the idea but he ran off into the forest before they could say anything.

Carolyn, Emily, Jen, Jo, Chris and Marianne decided to finish building the shelter that Tony, Marianne, and Johanna had started. It was late when they stopped to eat before bed, they wanted to eat all the food but Carolyn talked them into saving a little for Dustin and Melanie. They all had begun to wonder where Melanie and Dustin could be, it had been about 5 hours since Melanie had ran off into the woods chasing after the cat. Late that night two shadows appeared coming towards the shelter. Marianne screamed.

Jo yelled, "Hey look it's Melanie and Dustin! They're back."

"You guys hungry?" Carolyn asked. Melanie just limped over to the boat and laid down in it. Dustin explained that Melanie was really mad that she couldn't find the cat, but he didn't know why the cat was so important. Carolyn walked over to Melanie and tripped over the boat and landed on Melanie. "I wish we had a bigger boat." Carolyn wished. Just then the little boat disappeared and I huge boat came in it's place.

"Well that's interesting..." Jen said as she looked at the boat.

"Hmmm......" Melanie said as she looked from he boat to Care, "I think if you're touching the necklace or something that is touching you that is the necklace whatever you wish for comes true."
"Yay! Now we can get off this island!" Jo yelled.

"No, not yet." Melanie said.

But Jo didn't get a chance to answer. Kali suddenly appeared in front of them.

"So I guess you won't be needing me anymore." Kali said to Melanie.

Melanie jumped up out of the boat and grabbed Kali. "That's where you're wrong." Melanie replied.

"What are you talking about? I thought you had this all figured out." Kali said with a grin on her ghostly face.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about." Melanie sneered as she pushed Kali away from her, "I'm not in the mood to deal with you right now." Melanie then walked back over to the boat.

"What's going on here? Melanie knows who the killer is? You can't tell me it possibly has something to do with that cat." Johanna said.

"Melanie has been acting weird for a long time, you don't think it could..." Jen started.

"No way!!! How could you guys even think that it's her? She's the one figuring everything out, you all haven't done anything to try to get answers." Dustin yelled, then ran over to Melanie.

"Whatever." Carolyn said as she got up and walked towards Kali. "Hey Kali what are you doing here at our camp?"

"I came to see how much Melanie has figured out, and maybe give the rest of you a little help." Kali said as she changed her shape into a dark figure, a shadow. "This is your clue."

"Huh? What does that mean?" Carolyn asked.

"It's the shadow of the killer." Melanie mumbled.

The shadow had hair down to shoulder length, and was about average height.

"How do you know that's the killer?" Emily asked.

"Well... Kali said it was a clue, who else would she be the figure of?" Melanie replied.

Kali quickly added with a smirk on her face, "I hope that helped." Then disappeared.

Melanie rushed over to see where Kali went, but quickly stopped, "Shh... can't you guys hear that?"

"What is she talking about?" Dustin asked.

"Shh!!! I said!" Melanie yelled.

"I think she's lost her mind." Jen said.

Melanie walked over to the bushes, then ran into the woods, as she yelled "Catch it! NO! It's going to get away!"

"Yeah she's lost it." Jo agreed.

Dustin quickly followed Melanie into the woods, Carolyn ran after them with Chris on her back. Jo and Jen just stared in disbelief. Then remembering Emily and Marianne haven't talked in awhile, they looked around and discover the two of them have left.

"Now where did they go? Don't tell me they have gone as insane as those three." Jo stated.

Jen sighed, and started to walk towards the woods, "Lets go look for them."

When Dustin and Care had finally caught up to Melanie she was uniting Marianne from a tree trunk. "Who did this to you?" Carolyn asked.

Before she had a chance to answer Melanie had untied her and started running back through the woods dragging Marianne along. "Hey wait up!" Called Dustin.

Melanie didn't slow down until she had reached a clearing in the woods filled with cages. In one of the cages was Emily. There was a cat standing on top of one of the cages on the other side of the clearing. Melanie stared at the cat until Care and Dustin had gotten there. Just then they all heard a scream. "No matter what, don't take your eyes off that cat!" Melanie ordered as she ran off towards the sound of the scream.

"Oh come on, why would she want us to watch the cat that closely? Emily needs to get out of that cage, lets go help her out." Dustin said as he turned towards Emily's cage, Carolyn with Marianne followed. The cat ran off into the woods.

When Melanie found Jo and Jen, Jo was up in a net in a tree. "Hold on a sec and we'll get you down. Jen cried.

"No we won't..." Melanie said.

"WHAT?! What are you talking about? You've turned into such a..." But Jen didn't have time to finish that, as Melanie pointed towards the cat, which had a knife in it's mouth and was climbing up the tree trunk.

"It's too late..." Melanie slowly said, "There's nothing we can do to save her now." Jo's loud scream pierced their ears.

Carolyn, Dustin and Marianne arrived, "What happened?" Care asked.

Melanie glanced over at her, "Where's Emily?" Melanie asked then pushed her out of the way and ran over to the tree. "Get down here now!"

"Who is she talking to? Emily ran off into the woods, yelling something about the cat." Marianne said. There was no need to answer her question, the cat jumped down from the tree and on to Melanie's head, grabbed the necklace from around Melanie's neck, then jumped to the ground.

"My necklace!!" Melanie screamed, "Get back here with my necklace!" As she chased after the cat. Melanie arrived in another clearing and saw Emily tied to a tree near her, and the cat just stood in the middle of the clearing. Dustin, Carolyn, Marianne Jen and Chris arrived soon after. "Get Chris to help untie Emily, he's the only one small enough to not be seen." Melanie looked over at the cat, "I have my own problem to deal with." She ran towards the cat, but stopped as the cat started to change.

She changed into, "Emily?" Jen asked, while looking towards the Emily tied to a tree.

"Catriana." She said, "Emily's twin sister. I killed Kali to get this." she held up a diamond.

"Don't even think of putting that piece back into the necklace." Melanie said, as she noticed that there was a piece missing from the necklace.

"Why not? Both of us being evil wouldn't be so bad now would it?" Catriana smiled. "Let's find out"

Melanie started to run towards Catriana again but, it was to late, she placed the diamond into its place in the necklace, just as Chris had finished uniting Emily. Emily turned towards Chris to kill him, but Melanie picked up a stone off the ground and threw it at Emily's head. "Leave my brother alone!" she yelled.

"Come here Emily." Catriana said. "Come here and kill this annoying girl." Emily walked towards Melanie. Melanie picked up a stick to use for a weapon. Carolyn started to sneak around in the woods on the other side of the fight. The others all just stood there and stared. All of a sudden Emily jumped at Melanie, Melanie quickly ducked out of the way, which caused Emily to land on Catriana. The necklace flew out of her hand and the little diamond piece flew into the woods.

"Got it!" Carolyn screamed, then she quickly smashed the piece of the necklace.

"This is all your fault!" Catriana yelled, while attacking Emily.

"Who's Emily and who's Catriana?" Jen asked.

"Can't tell, they look too much alike." Marianne answered.

They stopped fighting and looked over at everyone. "I'm the real Emily, can't you tell your own friend from her evil sister?"

"No I'm the real, don't listen to the other one, she's just trying to trick you."

Melanie ran over to one of the girls and tackled her to the ground, she saw the necklace fall out of Catriana's hand. "Yippee! My necklace!" Melanie yelled.

Emily ran over and picked up the necklace. "Only one way to end this." She stated.

"NO! Don't! There must be another way, we'll think of something, just don't do it!" Melanie begged.

"Fine, but you'll regret not letting me." Emily complained.

"What are they talking about?" Dustin asked.

"I have no idea." Marianne answered.

"Carolyn remember, how everything you wish for comes true when you're touching the necklace? Well wish for something to happen to end this!" Melanie yelled as she tried not let Catriana go free.

"Ok. Emily, pass me the necklace." Carolyn said. Emily rushed over to Carolyn and handed her the necklace.

"I wish that Catriana would..." Carolyn started.

"What happened to PEI anyway? Did it blow up?" Dustin asked Marianne.

"Blow up?" Carolyn commented. "Oops...." She glanced over at Catriana just in time, she ran over and pushed Melanie out of the way of the explosion, but she dropped the necklace. Melanie screamed as she saw the necklace hit the ground.

"Well that wasn't quite what I meant by ending this... But wait a minute! My necklace! You dropped it!" Melanie exclaimed.

"Looking for this?" Carolyn said with a smirk on her face.

"Yay! My necklace!" Melanie ran over to her, grabbed the necklace, and started hugging it. "How'd you get it?"

"Oh just a little technique I know." Carolyn answered.

They all started to walk back towards the boat. "Yippee! We can finally get off this Island!" Melanie yelled.

On the way, they met Kali, "So how did everything go?" she asked.

"Very well, I got to keep my necklace, Catriana is gone, no thanks to you of course, but there still is one more thing that would make this day even better..." Melanie answered.

"And what would that be?" Kali stared at Melanie.

"Killing you... but you're already dead..." Melanie frowned.

"Hey Kali, do you want to come with us?" Carolyn asked.

"There goes my good day, I knew it couldn't last." Melanie sighed.

"Sure of course I'd love to come with you guys." Kali smiled. "Just a minute, I'll go get some things, then I'll meet you at the boat."

At the boat, "Well I'd say things worked out pretty well. Wouldn't you say so?" Dustin asked.

"Umm... I guess so..." Melanie shrugged. "Hey there's Kali, now let's get out of here, wait a minute, what is that she's carrying behind her back?"

"Uhh... guys... I think we might have a problem." Kali said.

"What are you talking about?" Marianne asked.

"Umm... the cat... it's back." Kali took her hands from behind her back and showed the cat she was carrying.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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