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Kit-Kat The Stuck Up Cat

you know baby
and pudgey
and lucky
and jynx.
Frisky and
blackie and
hunter and
but do you recall the most stuck up cat of them all.
Oh kitcat the stuck up cat,
had very bad breath,
and if you ever smelled it,
smelled it.
you would definatley say phew,
All of the other cats,
used to laugh and call her names,
like stinky breath.
they would never let poor kitkat,
join in any kitten games,
like chasing the mouse.
now they look back on the scene and quiver in their boots, cause kitkat got a knife one day and slit them down their throat.
Now kitkat is laughing,
cause she is queen of the world,
uh oh.
You'd better watch your back,
cause now kitkat has a gun.