Seans Favorite Parts!!
1) the whole EXHIBIT THING "exhibit C" 2) GANGREANE, my word of the night on the second night lol 3) "Sean shuttup, i dont want this thing in my fuckin cunt all night" 4) Best Part Party! 5) singing to seal and tom petty and other songs 6) pictures of colin passed out and pete's ass above him 7) ITS LA CASA DE SEAN 8) telling everyone i had gangreane 9) asking kristy for water, and her spitting on my hand instead 10) going on a ho hunt with doug and pat 11) going fucking INSANE WITH LAUGHTER in my tent every time pat or doug would start laughing 12) barrett saying something about "MAY ME MOO" beach lol 13) the music party in barrett's van the first night 14) when i was in my tent on the first night talking with the girls and graeme and then doug told me to be quiet and i was like "shhh im trying to talk" 15) the look on barrett's face wen he turned around and jer just APPEARED out of no where 16) peter running around and saying SEAL HAS LUPIS!!! 17) peter hiding in the back of doug's truck 18) the hamburger i made that had gangreane / salmonella and i fed it to dougie 19) doing the robot by myself 20) shining the flashlight at paige and pat in the tent wen they wouldn't let me in 21) pissing on the fire to make it go out 22) you trying to have this really in depth conversation on the way back from the bathroom and me not listening to a fuckin word you just not and say ya every once in a while...i still dont even know what you were talking about haha 23) being greasier than brett for once 24) the sign that i swear said frenchers 25) coming up with amy's new name : McSkip ! 26) paddling out from amy's boat on the water-tube and trying not to fall in 27) coming to the conclusion that the world is round and then telling everyone about it 28) strpiping down to nothing but my boxers and going running into the water at full speed at 2 in the morning 29) brett and i talking about how hot different girls were on the beach and analying all the girls at the party and then turning around and finding colin and kristy just sitting there listening 30) telling kristy to SHUT THE FUCK UP every 2 minutes lol and then making her cry cuz she thought i was mad at her 31) TELLING EVERYONE "we're going to a MIDNIGHT SWIM AT one oclock! " 32) going to bed at 4, waking up at 6 30 and then staying up till 3:30 again 33) sitting in La Casa De Sean discussing how you were a lesbian 34) explaining MY MASK to doug and pat 35) colin's groans and noioses that sounded like orgasm sounds but were really the sounds of him dying 36) seeing peter try to give alcohol to 10 year old kids 37) launching water balloons at the ocean trampoline 38) brushing my teeth every 5 minutes to get rid of the gangreane 39) getting pulled over by the cops and kristy talking so much and colin talking about booze in front of them 40) watching brett try to steal kerri's bathing suit top tonight, and then wen she was mad, seeing him try to give her a make up HUG / Hump 41) laughing at everyone else cuz their tents sucked so much and cuz mine was so good lol 42) seeing that dirty woman mowing her lawn at the ma me o campsite, the dirtiest fucking heap of trash in the world 43) colin asking the chick if there was running water and showers and her LAUGHING OUTRAGEOUSLY and saying "are u kidding, if u want, u can just run down in the lake, you'll only be here a few days" and wen they were out of sight, everyone saying "alright so we're not staying here" 44) colin's axe that was less sharp than a butter knife 45) kerri wearing her skirt thing around her head and looking like some arabian whore 46) the whole conversation with the camp guy about DOWNED SOLDIERS and everyone being so stupid