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Alyssa *Airhead* Montaņo
Kisses*It could be you!!!!

Hey everybody all the way from Cali to Indy...Alyssa here...ok well for all my Cali friends, IU is a university out here..they're awesome by the way!!!...oh and i hate to break it to ya but Indy guys are way hotter...I'm lookin at comin out there this summer..Clay Junior High's 8th grade Boys basketball team is #1!!!!...Go Trojans!! <--oh by the way i just found out what a Trojan was not even a week ago.. :-) Basketball Players r hot!!
My latest blonde moments:
*telling some1 that it was "like negative zero degrees out"
*telling logan krieger that he looked alot like brandon krieger...they're identical twins...i didn't knwo that!!
*i asked people what sleet sounds stupid i know but hey i'm from california and it gets to like 40 degrees and people are freaking out
*i did the twin thing again...except this time it was a set of girl twins...i told a girl she looked alot like another girl...they were identical twins too!ok and i'm updating this after i put the thing about the 2 sets of i did it a 3rd time!! i think i'm cursed or sumthin...but i was talkin to a girl and she then goes ya do u know my twin? omg i'm like so not good with the twin thing!!but there is one set of twins i can tell apart..michael and anna..wink wink
Cali Shoutoutz
**jenna- hey babe i miss u soo much!! call me!!
**carissa- hey i miss ya! tell every1 at ccc i said hi!
**alyssa- i'm the smarter 1!! lol.good luck with ******!!!
**ian- hey babe i miss ya!!
**nick- hope it all goes good with u and brandi!
**garrett- hola..keep in touch!! drew- hey! tell every1 at ccc i said hi!!
**kaycee- hey girl! tell every1 hi for's been a while but go gettysburg soccer lol!!
**emily- hey girl! ur my fave cuz!!
**katie- hey girl..stay weird!!lol..wrestlers and bball players r hot!! (hehe inside joke)
*kristen-hey girly! snowboarding and cheer rock chicka!!peace out!
Indy Shoutoutz
**Grace- hey babe! good luck with u and josh! ur cute together!
**Ashley B- hey!! good luck with u and chad!! u guys are awesome!!
**chad- hola! ur weird but stay taht way!!
**brandon and logan- u guyz r awesome..stay cool!
**michael-hey! ur a and basketball r awesome..Go IU!!!
**anna- hey girl!! i luv all ur adidas stuff!! adidas rox!!
**lauren-hey girly! see ya at the barn!! hehe...
KoOl LoVe QuOtEs
*Should I smile cuz ur my friend, or cry cuz that's all we'll ever be
*No guy is worth ur tears and when u find one that is..he wont make u cry
*When i first saw you i was afraid to talk to u, when i first talked to you i was afraid to like you, when i first liked you i was afraid to love you, now that i'm in love with you i'm afraid to lose you
*Last nite i looked up at the stars and matched each one with a reason y i luv ya..i was doin good but i ran out of stars
*A person who asks a question is a fool for five minutes and a person who doesn't is a fool forever(hint to guys, that means that if ya like a girl ask her out!)
*Dont settle for 1 u can live with, go for the one u can't live without
*Dont cry because it's cuz it happened!
*Fine guys open my eyes, smart guys open my mind but only sweet guys can open my heart (girls luv sweet guys!!!)
*Dream as if u'll live forever, live as if u'll die tonite
I LOVE BURGER KING and MCDONALDS (HEHEHE INSIDE JOKES) Well that's all for now...I'll keep ya updated!! Peace out... Alyssa Montano

My FaVe SpOrTz

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Diving
  • Track and Field
  • Gymnastics

TiGhT wEbSiTeZ

really fun stuff to do when ur like hecka bored!!
a website where i have tons of pictures of me and my friendz from Cali!! (when ya get there click on pictures on the left side)
tonz of icons and themes for ur AOL Instant Messenger!! my sn is adidascutie9922 by the way!!