The Karaoke Shack
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Come join us at The Karaoke Shack...
Mojo-Jojo The Shack. The Machine. The Shack. Mojo's Banjo Bodiddly himself Aaah We Gotta Relax Our Redneck A/C. Hotrod's Big Debut.

A little info about "The Karaoke Shack". We are located in McCalla, Alabama (downtown redneck country)!!! we are a close knit community that loves to have fun.. from the owners Bo and Pearl (a.k.a Bodiddly and Oppie) to there 4 kids to Oppie's sister Nonna and the Rickster (Nonna's other half) and their daughter and then there is MoJo-JoJo and LouBee (Oppie's brother and sisterin'law)...then there is my hubby Elroy (a.k.a. hotrod) myself BeteBoo and my 2 kids. we have made the shack a nice little place to hang out and relax, most of us do that on a daily basis, the others just drop by every now and then to have a good laugh....(and no they aren't laughing at our singing, although i think sometimes they would GONG us for sure if we were to install a gong!!)