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For my baby,Acxitl

Things I love about you.


This is the only way for you to find out how I feel about you unless you get it slowly out over the phone, I stumble or just plain clam up when I want to tell you.

I love you. More then words can say. Since I've met you, I've been beyond happiness. To me you're an angel thats been sent to me. I've never felt as happy as I do when I talk to you. I never want to lose that, that happiness.

I've never met a guy like you, who can be so careing, as loving,as sweet as you are. When I talk to you, I feel complete.

I feel if not for you, I'd probably would be going insane. So you are also my lifesaver!

Never forget that I love YOU. So much!

With love always,


Written on:

Jan 22,2004