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It was a long time before I could actually talk about it. I told my parents a story about how the scratches had gotten on my face. I was an active child, what could I say. I had no problem getting them to believe it. Troy and I wouldn’t talk about it. After it happened we didn’t do too much together. We did still have dinner together but there wasn’t any sex, over all we just felt different towards each other. I couldn’t trust his word, and he just didn’t know what to do. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant, I had been feeling sick and my breast had been tender, I didn’t think much about it at the time, mainly because I was due to start my period. The days came and went it was another week when I finally broke down and told Troy that I was pregnant with his child. The _expression on his face changed instantly right from nervousness, to surprise, terror and joy. Right after that he called into work and then went to the drug store. Im sure he was only gone 15 minutes, but it felt like forever. He brought back 2 tests both E.P.T. He said we should take both just in case and then go to the Carenet Pregnancy center. I took the first one and waited a few minutes, and then looked at it. And then Boom there it was, a big ol’ sign telling me hey u really are pregnant! Troy grinned and said that he was going to be a daddy. I cried and said that I needed to take the other test, just to be sure. He slapped me and told me that one was enough, and that I needed to get in the car and go get checked out. I didn’t argue with him, I just went out and got in the car. The side of my face burned where he slapped me. He got into the car a few minutes later; He kissed me and told me that I was having his baby. I didn’t know what to say so I just nodded my head. During the 20 minute ride to the center he told me that he was sorry for hitting me, its just I needed to learn how to see things his way, because it was the best way. He told me that he loved me, and that since I was having his baby, we would need to get married, I didn’t have to quit school, and I wouldn’t show much, if anything people would jus think that I was gaining weight. When we got to the carenet pregnancy center, he came around and opened my door for me and helped me out. The walk over he held me close. He stood next to me holding my hand as I told the receptionist that I needed a pregnancy test. She gave me all the papers to fill out, when I was done I gave them back to her and she put them in a folder and on the table to her left. There were no other patients in front of me. 15 minutes passed when I heard ‘Isis Ordondez’ I got up to go into the room, Tory got up too but I told him to sit down I didn’t need his help peeing in a cup. He just looked at me and sat back down. My doctor’s name was Marty, she was an older woman and very surprised that I was in for a pregnancy test since I was only 14 years old. She gave me the cup and peed in it. We waited for a little while and there it was, yes you are deffinatly pregnant. At first I cried tears of sorrow, and they tears of joy. Im going to be a mother, some little person’s life is affected by all the choices I make here and now. When I finally realized that I was being spoken to I was so overwhelmed with joy that all I could do is smile. She asked me when I would be coming back for my abortion, and I told her that I wasn’t. She looked very disappointed, but oh well. You are my baby, and I’m going to keep you. I walked out to the waiting room to where your father was waiting. I was smiling. From that moment on, a lot of things changed. I told my mom and she was upset, yet excited. She was just upset that I was throwing my life away. Your grandfather on the other hand just ignored it. Just like he ignores everything else. Things between your father and me didn’t change. I hardly talked to him. He moved into a 2-bedroom apartment down the street. With my carrying his child you figure his temper would change, it didn’t. As we both grew, the name-calling and verbal abuse got worse. When I was 6 months pregnant with you he pushed me down a flight of stairs because I took too long bringing a bag up stairs. As they rushed my to the hospital I was ecstatic! I was going to lose you, it was his entire fault and I never wanted to see him again. I wanted him locked up for life for what he did to you. Well guess what baby girl, you didn’t die, you were born two months later June 21, 2001 at 1:21 AM, 19 inches long and 7 lbs 2 oz, bight brown eyes and dark hair, Carmen Octavia Ordondez was born. That afternoon sitting there feeding you, I wanted to give you the world, but I knew I couldn’t. You needed a real family, someone to provide for you. After you fell asleep I talked to child services. They had a local family looking for a little girl. They were a well-to-do family, and that’s what you needed. The next morning the family came to meet us. Ronni is a great woman. She has big plans for you, and she will never keep you from me and Joe will give you everything you need, they are wonderful people. Well baby girl, that’s it, here I am, finishing up. Please know that I am not crying, I am smiling, because I know I did the right thing. I couldn’t give you the world, so I gave you people who could. I love you baby girl, Isis Ordondez


By: Ceade

~There are a few essentials that a woman, a diva must have. We have to carry the world on our shoulders on a daily basis, taking care of our home, our families, and still getting up early to go to work and school. The world depends on us, the strong women to make it go round. So with all this pressure, we’re bound to stress out from time to time. It’s inevitable; we will forget to take time out for ourselves because we will be too busy doing for others. After all, that’s what we do, we’re nurturers. ~It’s time to forget about your family, your friends, and your job and think about yourself! Do everyone else a favor and love yourself. So in this week’s edition of things we like, you’ll be getting loads of things you can use to pamper yourself and alleviate some of that stress you face! The magic letter is A. ~AWARE Every morning, you wake up and face the day, no matter what it brings. Since life consists of highs and lows, it’s unrealistic to think that everything will be perfect. But your expectations become the yardstick used to measure the quality of your existence; when you feel you don’t measure up, tension mounts, making it difficult to make good choices. If you are aware of the factors that trigger stress for you, you can have a plan ready to head them off. Implementing these positive measures will help you maintain your health both emotionally and physically.
~Take time to rest your mind from the daily hassles. Love your body with bubble baths, oils, body washes, massages, and soft music. ~Here are some ideas you can use to give yourself that good lovin’ you deserve! Sensuality Aromatherapy 5-Minute Self Massage Take five minutes to relieve the tension in your back and shoulders and open yourself up to a greater awareness of your senses. • Pour a dime-size amount of Sensuality Massage Oil or Lotion into your palm and rub hands together. • Place your right hand on your left shoulder and trace your trapezius muscle with your fingers. (The trapezius muscles run from the sides of your neck along the tops of your shoulders.) • Place your palm flat and, using your middle finger, apply pressure at various intervals as you run your hand along the muscle. Releasing the pressure slowly will give you an energized sensation. • Repeat with your left hand on your right shoulder. After your massage, take an extra minute to breathe deeply, allowing the natural essential oils in your Sensuality Aromatherapy to speak to your mind and awaken your senses. 15 Minutes to Reconnect With Your Senses Turn a personal space you can call your own into a sanctuary for your five senses. Whether it's a corner of your kitchen, the middle of your bed or your favorite living room chair, adding a few carefully selected items can inspire you to reconnect with your senses. Here are a few suggestions: • A fragrant candle • A soft pillow • A single beautiful flower • A radio or compact disc player • A cup of hot tea When you have 15 minutes to yourself, retreat to your space and take time to appreciate each of the items you've added. Close your eyes and inhale the scent of the candle. Feel the cushion of the pillow as it cradles your body. Discover the infinite detail in a single petal of the flower. Listen to the nuances in the music. Let yourself identify the flavors of the tea. T r u e B l u e "! S p a 1 - H o u r U l t i m a t e S p a E x p e r i e n c e W h e n y o u h a v e a n e n t i r e h o u r t o y o u r s e l f , o u r s p a e x p e r i e n c e w i l l h e l p y o u c l e a n s e , e n e r g i z e a n d p a m p e r y o u r s e n s e s . C l e a n s e " S t e p i n t o t h e s h o w e r o r b a t h a n d e x f o l i a t e w i t h I ' m I n T h e M o o d F o r S c r u b S u d s i n g Shower Scrub. Lather using circular motions to increase circulation and wash away dry, dull skin. • Towel dry and slather on Mud About You Body Mask to detoxify and refresh skin. Apply it to arms, legs and body, then let it set for 20 minutes before you rinse. Relax with a fun read or your journal. Energize • Splash your face with warm water to open pores and increase circulation. • Awaken your skin with an invigorating facial. The Three-Ring Citrus Renewing Facial smoothes and gently polishes. • Dot under-eye skin with Eye Do Miracle Eye Treatment. Pamper • your feet. It's not only relaxing; it softens the skin to make exfoliation easier. • Treat your feet to a pedicure. • Give your hair a new style. Have fun playing with different styling products and techniques.

~You can get any of these items from Bath & Body works and Victoria’s Secret. ~Ladies, love yourself and all of the good qualities you have to offer the world. Take care of yourself!!

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Sometimes I wish I had enough courage to walk up to him and say "I love you" and that be that and everything is right again. But no matter how hard I try to get him to see that I still love him, it's like he's oblivious...I try to make it obvious, I even did things with him I would NEVER think about doing with other people. But he wont give me another chance caz I'm dumb. I always seem to get scared when I'm happy. And I was never so happy as I was when I was with him. I ruined it TWICE because of another guy. And this guy never wanted me, he only wanted what I could offer. By then it was too late and my happiness was gone. I often fear I won't ever get to be happy again. What if everything goes the way I want it to, and then my happiness leaves again. That worries me. The past has screwed me over too many times. In the back of my head it still lingers the fact that My first love hurt me more than imaginable. The one thing I'll never understand about that is I would have died for him, if he'd asked, but that still wasn't good enough for him. I'm over it now, finally after two years. LOL It took me longer to get over him than we were together. I wish I could pick and chose my memories, and I wish I could take my happiness back. He had everything I desired in a guy. He had, the job, the money, the car, the love for me, the sweetness, the way he felt with me, the happiness, the rightness of every kiss and breath. He had everything I wanted, and still I was dumb enough to let that go. I'm not a happy person anymore. I take it out on the wrong people sometimes. It makes me feel bad, but I guess not bad enough. On another note, If I could apologize to Rachel this is what I’d say. I'm sorry about the mean things I typed. I guess I was misinformed. He told me that you were mad caz I didn't want you there. I don't know if its that I love him in a way or if it's because i'm emotionally unstable, but he hurts me a lot, and doesn't care. I hate that more than anything, it scares me that he's going to talk to my baby that way. I have a lot goin on in my life right now, and I don't have a single person to talk to about it. The person I used to talk to about it, doesn't have time to talk to me because he's with u all the time, and then he goes home and talks to Meghan. He's all I had left, and I guess sometimes I feel betrayed because he treats me like shit anymore and doesn't care about me. He straight up said that tonight...I said “Do you even care?“ He said "very little" or something like that. Then he tries to give me a hug and tell me to call him tomorrow. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I take my anger out towards u, because u are easier to blame than he is. I never said I was perfect, I know I’m way less than perfect. I know that no one is perfect. I have everything I want sitting right in front of me, and yet I cant grasp it because I had it once, but I couldn't hold on to it, because of him. I, in a way, hold that against him. When I tell him i'm going out with a new guy or that i did something, he gets all upset, like I'm suppose to wait around for him, when I know he's not coming back. I've known that since about August of 02. I don't regret me and him, I regret that I let him talk me into believing that he loved me, when he didn't anymore. I will live my whole life wondering “what if?” and how “come?” I don't think he knows what it's like to feel. It's like he's numb, or he just never loved me. That's hard for me to understand, and I know it's not your fault, but I feel like he's holding me back from something that I want so bad. I would like to try to be friends with you so just name the time and place that u would like to talk about things, and I'll try my best to be there. There is a lot we need to talk about. Thank you for listening to my ramblings.

By: Ceade

~Calling all DIVAS!!! Fall is finally here, and if you are clueless about latest, hottest, flyyest fashions, then this article is for you! ~But before I give you my ideal fall fashions, I am going to hit you with my fashion pet peeves. ~We all know that white is a no-no now, but if you’re going for the ‘rebel’ style then that’s up to you. But remember top and shoes and accessories should match. Meaning you should not have a black top, white shoes, black belt, white hat, and a white purse. If your top is white and your bottoms are black, then your accessories should match your top. (This mainly applies to black and white) If you ever wear a black belt, white accessories are a must NOT. However, if one article of clothing is black and white, you can choose what color your accessories will be, but choose only one color!! No black shoes, white belt thing should be happening. Key word: CONSITENCY!!! ~For a lot of us; the weather is still warm and the sun is still shining. So wearing your sandals is okay, but you must watch the type of pantyhose you wear with open-toed shoes. Some of our jobs require business attire and those pantyhose are must. Keywords: Sheer-to-the-toe. ~Panty-lines are a big NO-NO!! Red panties, white pants, another big NO-NO! Bra straps bigger than the straps on your shirt, which means they will show is definitely a NO-NO!! And although at one time or another we have been a fault for doing such heinous fashion crimes, we’ve realized our fashion foes and have risen to the occasion! After all a DIVA possesses the total package, which most definitely includes her fashion style. ~With that said, this is my fall Fashion line:

By: TamaraFaith

Capricorn December 22 - January 19
You want the whole thing badly enough to make room for it in your life. Unfortunately, the short version is all that anyone else has time to experience. Summaries are favored over details. If you hope to win somebody's attention, you'll say only what he or she needs to hear. Those who move fast are the ones most likely to serve justice. Of course, some things can't be rushed. Be wary of the delays that come up during your decision-making process. Today's minor annoyances could turn into major problems of their own by next week. Be careful about this.
Get over any miscommunications. You know each other well, but incidents like this help you understand even more. Maybe now you can finally make sense of that old cliche about never having to say you're sorry.
Aries March 21 - April 19
Expect the unexpected. No, you can't predict everything, but at least you can prepare for the unpredictable. Just when you think you understand the equation, the stars sneak in a new variable. As a Fire sign, surely you understand that nothing holds still for long. You'll dance with whatever comes your way. What begins in discord could just as easily end in accord. What starts out as a confrontation will probably end in an embrace. This is just another chapter and not some grand finale. The best stories go on and on.
Your sweetie spoils you rotten and you know it. He or she knows how to do it up right. Be very clear how happy this makes you. If anything, all this royal treatment will increase.
Leo July 23 - August 22
Your energy makes you a prime candidate for hooking up with someone or something. It's the right time for a business deal, a club or restaurant recommendation or a romantic liaison. Every method of approach has its place, whether it's a subtle compliment or a friendly ambush. Naturally, you'll know what's appropriate. You can tell anyone what you mean in just a few words, but in most cases this will lead to a long, delicious conversation. If you're involved in something, it's sure to be a memorable experience. You don't have to remind certain people just how lucky they are.
You feel good about the decisions you make together. Your significant other is on your wavelength in so many ways. It's hard to remember how you operated as a single person.
Sagittarius November 22 - December 21
Honesty is its own reward. Your word is your bond. Anybody who knows you would trust you with his or her life. It's good that you have such a high standing in the community. Universal respect greases the wheels on the engine of your success. Your finely tuned plans are gliding toward completion. The world seems to be celebrating the things that are important to you. At the end of your special day, great friendships make your impressive shadow grow even taller. The scope of your deeds is finally matching the size of your ambitions.
A successful partnership is all about delegating duties. If one person is happy to cook, the other one should clean up without complaint. This is probably why so many couples live together before marriage. It helps to know what works.
Taurus April 20 - May 20
A comfortable habit or routine feels as though it's been with you forever. Everything has to start somewhere. Take a look at roots and origins, whether to educate yourself or to refresh your memory about where you've been. Use what you know for someone else's benefit. You're creative enough to find a way. Small gestures of charity will have big results. People like what you stand for and what you bring to the party. If this applies to your romance, you and your partner will soon discover that a generous friendship is a major part of your chemistry.
Anything less immediate than your romance can wait. Maybe you haven't spent enough time with each other this week. Maybe you've been close but can't stop yourselves from getting closer. Time and space are yours to share.
Virgo August 23 - September 22
Circular paths can be frustrating and comforting at the same time. You'd rather go somewhere else than just around and around, but the lack of new situations also saves you from meeting the challenge of the unfamiliar. You're afraid of being disappointed by something that starts out so wonderfully only to soon lose its sparkle. Turn to your partner or neighbor for constructive criticism. Although you don't like asking someone to take a shot at you, debate can be a healthy way to get things moving again. At least your brain is getting its exercise.
You want novelty in your relationship. Just don't let your sweetheart feel inadequate if he or she fails to surprise you. Your fantasy may not be possible right now, but at least you can dream. Why not dream something up together?
Gemini May 21 - June 21
You look good because of where you are and what you choose to do. Location and agenda have a powerful effect on what others think of you. Your context enhances you. Once you figure this out, you can use it to get what you want. Your simple explanations sound like poetry. Your audience swells as more people discover you and they all stay until the end. You stand as proof that the messenger is just as good as the message. Even if you're just telling the world how great you are, people are willing to buy it.
You're a sweetheart supreme. By anticipating your partner's desires, you seem to be everywhere at once. Say yes to another helping, because that's what you'll get.
Libra September 23 - October 22
Do you know the saying about having your cake and eating it, too? Right now that's you, taking endless pleasure from a plate that, by some magic, remains full. Life is sweet when the usual rules don't apply to you. In fact, your word is law, but only because others believe in you. Nobody complains if you cut a corner or take a mile when given an inch. Even when you're being careless, you're still safe. You flirt shamelessly in public, flattering all and offending none. Getting everything you ask for still excites you too much to bore you.
Your life is a big romantic gesture these days. Everything has been leading up to this. Nothing stands between you and your beloved. You can't resist each other and you can't forget a single moment that you've spent together.
Aquarius January 20 - February 18
Bad luck is history. Like everything else, your chances improve with your outlook on life. As others come closer, you realize that they're not trying to hurt you and in fact probably never were. You even feel a strong kinship with the people who once seemed so distant. A broken-down dialogue starts up again. Every answer is the right one, no matter how hard the question. Each spontaneous action flows as smoothly as if it had been choreographed and rehearsed. If you know the secret to all this, tell the world. It's just too good to keep to yourself.
Like attracts like, even when you're from different neighborhoods or cultures. A strong relationship works in spite (or is it because?) of all the labels and categories. You don't care who knows about you or what they're saying.
Cancer June 22 - July 22
You're back in the realm of emotions again. This is familiar territory, although you can't say that you'd always choose to visit here. In fact, being alone with your feelings is probably distracting you from something that you'd rather be doing. Still, you'll be conscientious and thorough because that's just how you are. Watch other people's eyes when you're discussing painful subjects. You're ready to communicate your sympathy in any way that seems appropriate. Bring comfort to someone in his or her sadness. Once everybody is cured, no one will have to look back on this.
You're a pushover when it comes to matters of the heart. It's a good thing that you're with someone who's so loving and safe. He or she is here to shelter and nurture you. Show your appreciation in the best way you know how.
Scorpio October 23 - November 21
You want credibility. If you're lucky, a few people will listen to you. If it looks like you have a struggle ahead of you, what are you going to do about it? Establishing yourself shouldn't be such hard work. When the playing field isn't level and the other team is full of ringers, you're just so tempted to concede the game and go home. Maybe that's your opponent's strategy. Will you give him or her the satisfaction of defeating you in this way? Maybe you will. Anyway, you'd rather talk with someone who understands your dreams.
Saying what's on your mind isn't the same thing as showing that you care. You can be there for someone with your mouth shut. As long as you give your partner full attention, he or she has no right to criticize your thoughts.
Pisces February 19 - March 20
You think you know when you're being scammed. Even so, a really convincing person knows your weak spots and stays one step ahead of you. The more you care about this individual, the more he or she can get away with putting on an act for your benefit. Does this feel right yet? Maybe yes, maybe no. Ask a thousand questions before you agree to make major changes. You're right to distrust anyone who asks you to compromise your ideals. There's only so much you can give before you need to slap the lid on your well of compassion.
If you're feeling down, your partner lifts you up again. He or she will leave you in better shape than you were before this little encounter. Being cheerful and responsive are the best ways to show your gratitude.

By: TamaraFaith

Okay, Ladies are you looking for the perfect outfit to wear during that wonderful fall weather? Well, girls the outfit I’ve chosen for you is just that perfect! It is for those warm sunny days with accessories for that cool fall night! Here it is ladies….

And Ladies, you know I can’t leave the men’s wear out! So I’ve fixed them up a little something also! Here it is….

Clothing was brought to you by Baby phat and phat farm…

By: Kenz
Its the kind of simple pleasure that comes from hearing your voice that makes me want to melt into your arms all night. Thinking it could be our last actual time together makes me realize that life isn't as long as we'd like. The way your rough hands grab a hold of me, and the way your smile soothes me. I could never tell you why I loved you when you asked, so I think I should tell you now. It's the way your eyes capture my soul and the way your heart beats in rhythm with mine. It could be the way you run your fingers through my hair. I think it is the way you hold me so close and whisper in my ear. The way you made me laugh and cry with just one word is still amazing to me. I never knew such pleasure and pain could come from one human being. It's the way your lips felt when they brushed against mine, that made me lose all since of time. I never understood why you would stare at me so hard. But now that you don't, I miss it so much. I couldn't comprehend what true love was supposed to be. I did the wrong thing in letting you go. But this one last time will be forever in gold. Your arms were so strong and your love so deep. But now you've moved on without me. I guess I'll always wonder what could have been between us, but now it's other's that must be blessed with your touch. Always remember the times we shared and all of the times I cared. Remember all of the things that you told me when you looked me in the eyes. When you hold her, I want you to remember all of the times you lied. I want you to know all of the things I did for you, I did out of love. No one again will ever love you the way I did. Nothing can ever compare to the way it was for you and me. Never will she take my place in your heart, because as you’ve said before, no one can. Love isn’t about what you want or need. Love is about caring deeply enough for someone that you don’t let them leave. Love is about the times you look at each other and your content with it being quiet. You don’t find any pressure with love, only ease and happiness. I wish you the best with all of your new found freedom. I want you to know I’m always thinking about you in good ways. You will always be the one who I let go. You will always be the one that will never know.

By: Chrissy

Let me start out by saying that I take back my "Boo to the new cast" post...along with my not so positive expectations of this season. Last season really put me in a slump because it seemed as though Survivor was just getting worse and worse. But I must say that I'm very pleased with this season's opener, along with the cast. These people are all interesting, I liked them, I enjoyed myself--Last season I didn't get "crazy" about it till the merge, but tonight I was yelling and clapping.
So starting out, I liked the idea of making the castaways "jump ship" without notice, but ultimately there was no purpose for that seeing as though they were allowed to stop in the nearby village. I must say, I cracked up with Rupert's "pirate" act...It was great, and I don't even recall seeing the other team notice that their things were stolen.
As for the teams, I definitely like Morgan more. As many of you regulars know, I despise cockiness and Drake seems to show a lot of it. I adored Andrew and Tijuana--they're probably my favorite members from the team. Andrew reminded me solely of Mike (S2.) He's a leader yet not overconfident or obnoxious. I also liked Osten--he's wonderful. I like Ryan S. and Lilian, and the little friendship they have going on. In the past we've seen the young girl make a close friend with an older guy so I think it was cute that they have a little thing going on. We really didn't see much of Ryan O. or Darrah, but both do seem to be "followers" of the group, yet not easily dislikable.
Moving onto Drake, I really only had an obvious liking for Rupert. He seems like a great guy. I must say, Burton was one of picks to win coming into the game, but him and Shawn both annoyed me to death. They're way too cocky--cockier than last season's men. Sandra, while she did a lot for the team in the beginning, started to annoy me throughout the show, complaining about everyone and showing her own personal "cocky" attitude. Christa didn't do much for me--I don't have a strong opinion either way on her. Noticing that she's a former child model I was hoping she wouldn't give me any flashbacks of any former models in the show (aka Jenna,) and would be nicer--which wouldn't be a hard task to complete in terms of being nicer than Jenna, and my hope was fulfilled. Same with Trish--no strong opinion about her either way. And ending with Jon and Michelle--they both seem to be two who think they can use their "charm" to get along in the game--let's hope this isn't the case.
Moving along to the immunity challenge--it was kinda silly but overall good. I didn't like last season's challenges and along with everything else, the challenge creators are redeeming themselves as well. Although, this one must've been a bitch to test out. I really thought Morgan was gonna pull it off in the end, but they didn't and I was bumbed. But Andrew said it best, and they WILL win next time!
As for Andrew, Osten and Ryan getting naked, I was surprised that the host was so critical. He didn't seem to have any objections last season with the nudity--I'm sure his wife appreciates that. While these guys were doing it to make Osten feel better, Jenna and Heidi were solely doing it for attention....that's where guys and girls are different.
As the show ended, I LOVED how they made it seem like at LEAST 4 people could've been voted out, when last season, in every episode, it was revealed who was going.
Let me say, I was surprised. I was hoping for Nicole but it seemed unlikely, especially since last season didn't go at all the way I wanted or expected it to. Nicole was definitely turning into our Jenna this season and I was thrilled they voted her out.
So in closing, I predict that 1.) The clothes will eventually be given back to the Survivors, most likely as a reward in a reward challenge, and 2.) Morgan will win next week.


By: Ceade
2 key Ways to stop sending out signals for Mr. Wrong.
~If your looking for someone to just fill a void in your life, you will attract the wrong guys. You are sending out vibes that you don’t really care about longevity or meaning. You just want someone to cure your loneliness. Your best bet is to start enjoying your own company. Then you will attract the right kind of guy
~Self-confidence is the key! When you feel confident, you will stop wasting your time with guys who aren’t right because you will know that you can do better. And your self-assurance will automatically attract more desirable, seemingly hard-to-get guys.
Things you must consider before taking that next step with your partner.
~As long as you won’t regret it, it doesn’t really matter when you decide to take that next step in your relationship. Just always keep in mind that your relationship may change and sleeping together to try to make the relationship better is not the way to go. Sex will only magnify the problems you already have. And if you’re gonna do the do, BE SAFE!!!
~If you have any doubts, don’t do it! That’s your head saying, “Maybe this isn’t right.” Give your time to think about it before jumping into something you can’t take back. And make sure that you’re making this decision with your brain, not your emotions. This is a very important decision, not to be taken lightly.
Learn 4 different way to get a date!
~Bring in the new: Throw a “new blood” party with friends. Everyone has to bring someone new, someone your friends don’t already know.
~Go dateless: Instead of whining about not having a date, go places by yourself. Be secure in yourself and all else will follow. Someone at one these events are going to spot you and say, “Wow, I wish I had her courage and confidence.” And that will lead you to greater things.
~Have fun: Ever heard the saying ‘You’ll meet someone when you least expect it’? It’s true, it’ll happen when it happens. In the meantime, have fun doing things for you. Go out with your friends and have many laughs. You never know who’ll be looking at you, admiring your smile and cute lil’ laugh.
~Get comfortable: Remember you have to be at peace with yourself before someone else will be comfortable with you. When you love yourself, guys will clamor to date you.




Use this before using the skin cushion body wash.The exfoliator removes all dead, peeling skin, then proceeds to use the body wash. Price: $17.50


Use this after body exfoliator. Once all the dead skin is rinsed off apply a small amount on your hand and foam it up. A little goes a long way. Then we go to the final step. $17.50


As i said before theres so many different types , i suggest a consultation with a cosmetics specialist to find out whats right for your skin type. Deep body comfort moisture is very smooth and soft. It will last you quite a while. i buy one bottle a month , thats only because I use it all over my body . Your body will stay smooth and soft , no dry areas all day long. It's an imazing product.


Vanishes the look of lines, uses new cluster buster to help break apart the appearance of dark spots. $35.00


A hydrating formula that lifts, firms up the skin. It helps erase the looks of lines as it tightens. It renews the elasticity by rebuilding natural collegan. $36.50


As i said before, there's so many different types but what i sugges is to have a consultation with one of the cosmetics consultants to find out what's best for your skin complexion and so on. $10.00

All clinique products are allergy tested, although it's a little pricey, u would be amazed at how long it lasts you. Roughly a year. You should start with the 3-step system:

1.CLEANSE:clinique soap leaves skin feeling vibrant, fresh, soft, never dry. $10.00
2. EXFOLIATE:deflakes the skin, allows the moisturizers to work more efficiently. Theres 4 types of exfoliators:
1. for extrememly delicate, fragile skin
2. for dry to average skin
3. for oilier skin
4. for very oily skin
3. MOISTURIZE:It gives your face the drink it needs . Use after cleansing and exfoliating. $11.00

There are several types of clinique acne products although my favorite is the "ACNE SOLUTIONS SPOT AND HEALING GEL":It helps reduce blemishes, promotes healing , fast drying, clear gel, mayb use before or after applying makeup, it's invisible. $12.50

TOTAL TURNAROUND CREAM:skin renewer, instantly reveals newer, brighter , livelier skin. use after the 3-step and the acne spot healer. $12.50

Well ladies this is the end of the skin care issue for this week. Next week we will be discussing makeup products. I hope you enjoyed this issue of cliniques body products.

By Sarah Davis

Hate, what exactly is hate? An emotion? An attitude? Is it what gets your blood curdling?
Hate could be any or all of these things. But how does one determine the difference between hate and dislike? "I hate math class." "I dislike my brother/sister." If you ponder long enough, you may realize that we mistake hate for dislike in many cases.
If, in the previous paragraph, you decide that you may think the same way - well, honey, think again!! This Sexy & Sassy article is gonna give you a run for your money! Whether we like it or not, we're human - and not only that, but we're women. Which means that there are undoubtedly many things that we have grown to "hate" over the years.
Well, ladies. Pull up a chair. Kick back, relax, and get ready for the very first edition of Sexy & Sassy's Top 5 List of Things We Hate!!
5. Bad hair days - Have you ever woken up in the morning, looked in the mirror, and thought to yourself, "I look like a cracked out Chia pet that got attacked with a weed whacker!!?" Of course you have, girl! Don't try to lie; we've all been there. That horrible puff of frizzy tangled madness atop our dome is what we wake up to every day along with our kicking; knock the whole house down, morning breath. Unless, of course, you have the pleasure of waking up to your drooling, unconscious, significant other. But, I won't go there. Some of us like that. So we wash, dry, tease, iron, curl, crimp, and primp to take that mangled mess of hair from "YOW!!" to WOW!! Simply put, the hours of overtime we put in for our hair, just to do it again the next day, most definitely sums up the reason we women HATE bad hair days!
4. Relationship problems - Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, the never-ending cycle of love and "twitterpation". Oh, yes, it's all very dreamy and the beginning. As was with the Garden of Eden. Along came Adam and then along came Eve, and God looked down at the two and said, "It is good." except for one thing...Adam was a dick and Eve was a bitch. We so often strive to make our own relationships as "perfect" and "pretty" as we possibly can. But, without fail, all good things must come to an end. And you argue, you fight, you cry, you scream, rant, rave, break things...but most of all, each other's hearts. Many times we think that we are being considerate and helpful towards our significant others when we argue. And other times, we want to do everything in our power to tear them down to the lowest possible level. Every relationship goes through it...there isn't one without flaws. No one ever said it would be easy. But, as the old saying goes, "It is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all." What crazy honker thought that one up!!?? There are definitely times in our lives where being alone would be much better and safer than a broken heart.
3. Our Bodies - Now this is not for everyone. Some of us are very happy with the way we look. But it's more about the way we feel. Do you ever look at yourself and think, "I'm having a fat day!!" Your clothes don't fit right. You wear black to cover up the places that "need work". Stripes make you look like a hippo. I think we've all had at least one of those days in our lives. Correct me if I'm wrong. And it doesn't help that every time we turn on the TV, we somehow always seem to come across some hot, young "skinny mini" wearing a size 0, standing 6 feet tall and modeling CK underwear. Dontcha hate that?! I know I do. Face it ladies, it takes hard work and determination to keep you body in "perfect" condition. But, it can be done! We may "HATE" the way we look sometimes and want to give in to the pressure of Sara Lee or Ben N Jerry's, but we didn't choose the bodies we were given, and should therefore learn to love who we are.
2. Sexism - "It's a man's world." Well, try this one on for size - "I am woman, hear me roar!!" or "Hell hath no fury like that of a woman's scorn!" It’s the battle of the sexes. For years now, men have been considered the dominant sex. Well, wake up and smell the coffee, boys. It may be a man's world... but we women sure know how to rock it!!
1. PMS!! - Whoa, what a killer. I don't think there is a woman alive that would disagree that we all HATE our periods, the cramps, the bloating, the headaches, backaches, and the seemingly never-ending bitchiness. The only thing that makes a period or PMS worse for a woman by herself is the presence of the opposite sex. Picture this: you're lying as comfortably as possible on the sofa in your frail state with a tampon shoved up your $%**@!!, trying hard to forget about the pain while you drown yourself in bon bons and Midol. You think that things are just starting to get a little better - and then it happens... In walks your testosterone-driven, gung-ho "let's get it on" significant other. And while, at times, he is the epitome of emotional support and kindness, it always seems to fail him when your "best friend" is in town for the week. Now, on the other hand...if you're single - take advantage of it while you can, girl!! The severe pain and discomfort, along with the strong desire to slap the hell out of everybody in your way, definitely lands PMS in the number one spot of the top five things that we women despise, loathe, and utterly HATE!!! Well, ladies, that wraps it up for this month's edition of Sexy & Sassy's "Things We Hate" column. I hope you enjoyed, and until next time...Rock on, ladies!!

Being A Girl
by Tamara Moore

Being a girl is hard sometimes… A lot of people expect us to look a certain way or be a certain size. So, sometimes in life us girls would like to lose a little weight, right? I know I would! As I’m sure all of you know, a LOT of diets do not work. So, I did some researching of my own and I’ve found out some pretty interesting things and I’d like to share them with you…
Diet Myths: Don't risk your health on hearsay. Learn the whole truth and start eating healthier...for real.

Myth- if you eat less, you'll shrink your stomach.
Truth- shrinking your stomach simply does not work because digestion occurs in your small intestine, not your stomach.

Myth- Fat is your worst food enemy.
Truth- Diets that cut out fat can lead to late night raids. A little fat triggers feelings of fullness and helps in the battle against the real enemy...too many calories.

Myth- you inherited your weight problem.
Truth- it's the habits, not the genes that your parents pass down that are more likely to affect your weight. While you may inherit your mom's tendency to carry some extra weight around her stomach, it's up to you to make healthy eating choices and become conscious of breaking the cycle of bad eating habits.

Myth- White bread has no nutritional value.
Truth- White bread provides calories, vitamins and minerals. Its major shortcoming is that it's low in fiber, but if you get whole grains in your diet in other ways, no need to feel guilty enjoying your sandwich.

Myth- As long as you stop eating by 7 p.m., you'll lose weight.
Truth- Sorry. What counts is not when you eat but what you eat. While it is a good idea to eat most of your calories during the day when you're most active so the body uses them for energy instead of storing them as fat, it's the total you consume, balanced by the number you burn through activity, that causes weight gain or loss.

Myth- if you weighed yourself with a full bladder, you're probably a few pounds lighter.
Truth- Nope. A full bladder adds less than a pound to your weight. A cup of water weighs about half a pound and that's pretty much what fills up a bladder.

Myth- Air popped popcorn is lower in fat than oil popped.
Truth- only if you make it at home. Commercially air popped corn, like the kind you get at the movies, is sprayed with oil, salt and other flavorings and can be just as fatty as the oil popped brands.

Myth- Chocolate makes your skin break out.
Truth- Once and for all, acne doesn't care what you eat. Hormones and heredity are the culprits.

Myth- Chicken is lower in fat than meat.
Truth- Not all the time. While skinless chicken breast is lower in fat than most meat, a chicken thigh has nine grams of fat, three grams more than trimmed sirloin. And with the skin on, it's the same as steak, pork or lamb chops.

Myth- Frozen vegetables are not as nutritious as fresh.
Truth- Only if your vegetables come straight from the garden! Otherwise supermarket produce can be a week old by the time you buy them. Frozen vegetables are often processed at their peak and retain their nutrients

Myth- Protein is the best food for energy.
Truth- Not so. Carbohydrates, because they're the most readily available source of glucose, are the best. The body only burns fat and protein for energy when there's no carbs around.

Myth- my big breasts add five pounds to the scale.
Truth- Breasts may feel heavy but the hugest weigh less than two pounds each.

Myth- you don't have to exercise to lose weight if you just cut back on my calories.
Truth- yes, you will lose weight but probably you won't be successful at keeping it off unless you exercise. Exercise decreases body fat and increases muscle, which in turn increases your metabolic rate so you can burn more calories even when you're lying down.

Myth- if you eat only low-fat foods, you'll lose weight.
Truth- be careful. Foods that are labeled "low-fat" or "no-fat" may still be high in calories. Check out the nutritional info on the food packaging to find out the skinny on calories.

Horoscope (Leo)
by Tamara Moore
Leo Sun Profile (much more to come later…)

July 23 – Aug 22 Leo is the fifth Sign of the Zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job One for Leos, and when you consider their personal magnetism, you see the job is quite easy. Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. The fact that these folks are also creative makes their endeavors fun for them and everyone else. It's quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since these folks never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic.
Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. They do love pleasure! It's the Lion, which symbolizes Leos, and the king (or queen) of the jungle is a most appropriate mascot, since these folks consider themselves the rulers of their universe (and the Zodiac at that).
Like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong, and it is this sense of their power, which allows them to get things done. A Leo on your team is a good thing, since Lions are eager to see their projects through to completion. Putting these folks at the helm is a good thing, too, since the Leo-born are natural leaders. They may ruffle a few feathers along the way, however, since they can also be overbearing and somewhat autocratic. This may be in keeping with the Fixed Quality assigned to this Sign -- Lions are indeed opinionated and set in their ways.
That said, they are well organized, idealistic and have a knack for inspiring others. Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe and the fuel for our being. In much the same way, Leos consider themselves indispensable and the center of the universe, and those who would tell them otherwise had better look out! Lions are outgoing, self-assured and have a tremendous zest for life.
So what if the world revolves around them? There are worse role models, for sure. The Lion's enthusiasm is boundless, and along with that comes generosity of spirit and the determination to succeed. That focus may be construed as vanity and even bossiness at times, but Lions would say 'No way!' and continue along their regal path. Regardless of appearance, those born under this Sign can be counted on for their loyalty and sense of honor. They are also decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic.
The Element associated with Leo is Fire. Everything about the Lion's personality is hot, hot, hot. Those born under this Sign are fearless and strong, which may be why Lions plunge in headfirst and let the chips fall where they may. Thankfully, Leos are dignified enough not to commit too many pratfalls.
It's the Lion's unswerving courage that wins so many folks over. If you need someone to lead the charge, call a Leo -- and the bigger the project, the better, since these folks love an expansive stage (and the audience that comes with it).
While some would take to calling Lions status-conscious, these folks are truly warmhearted and want everyone to be happy. Hey, it's their kingdom, and happy campers make for a perfect peace. Further, it's the great gift of the Leo-born to be dynamic, forward thinking and self-confident. These attributes certainly catch the attention of others, making Leos sought after by both friends and lovers. The Lion's charms extend to all; even to the children they dearly love. Yes, the pleasure principle is paramount to the Lion, and along those lines, Leos are great at spending money. Lions can't fathom an uncomfortable throne.
Leos also enjoy trying their luck at the tables, so expect to find them living it up in Las Vegas. Come play time; Leos are at their best. Those born under this Sign enjoy fun and games both outdoors and in (and with a group), so expect to find them playing softball, hockey or a game of cards. Lions are also a natural at the gym, where they can show their stuff to a crowd. When the lights are low, the essential Lion comes to the fore, since this beast is 90% fun and 100% romantic. The Leo lover is devoted, creative and almost too hot to handle! Since Leo rules the heart and back, however, overzealous Lions may have to take a deep breath and slow down a bit. You can bet that the Lion's home will be swaddled in royal purple and gold. The great strengths of the Leo-born are their creativity, idealism and leadership.
Lions don't lack for ambition, either, so they're likely to accomplish a lot -- and have fun while they're at it. Their warmth and loyalty ensures that others will enjoy the ride as well.

Ceade’s Hot Picks of the Week
by Ceade Harris
Here’s my picks for books, movies, and music!!!
Flyy Girl
This book will have you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next page to hurry up and come. It’s fast-paced and filled with humor. It’s about the growth of a young girl in the city-a flyy girl! All of Omar Tyree’s books are hits, but this book is his best by far!

~*Hayleys Hot Picks!*~

~*Chicks CD Must-Have *~ Christina Aguilera Stripped(RCA)
1.) Stripped Intro: An introduction into the world of Christina (which is a little crazy) It has an excellent beat and it's a perfect way to start to get to know the REAL Aguilera. It sets a great tone for what's to follow. Rating: 5/5
2.) Can't Hold Us Down (feat. Lil' Kim): If you thought 'What A Girl Wants' was the biggest girl power anthem then wait till you hear this! The girl has a point in what she's saying! The 'shout louder' chorus is perfect for Christina's amazingly powerful voice (the break down is my favorite part!) Lil' Kim is just the icing on the cake! Pure Quality R& B. Rating: 5/5
3.) Walk Away: The real blues, the vocals are perfectly arranged. This song just makes me feel for the words and it's one you'll be singing along to in no time. The lyrics are so heart aching and truthful. It is simply one of the best, complete euphoria. Rating: 5/5
4.) Fighter: This is 10 times better than the early demo version. The Hard Rock edge is what makes this song so great and appealing. Its different to anything I have ever heard on a 'pop' album. You just have to laugh when you hear Britney's, 'I Love Rock and Roll'. That has nothing on this song. This IS ROCK N' ROLL!! Another outstanding track. Rating: 5/5
5.) Primer Amor Interlude (First Love): It's in Spanish I wish I knew what she was talking about; apparently it's about her ex dancer, boyfriend, Jorge Santos. Well anyway it's good in the way it helps the CD flow together. Rating: 5/5
6.) Infatuation: Here is the song she premiered at the 2002 Winter Olympics. It has a real LATIN flavour to it. That harks back to wonderful memories of, 'Mi Reflejo.' It's probably the most POP this album gets. Aguilera's voice is at it's strongest and it really makes you feel she's singing these songs from her heart. Rating: 5/5
7.) Loves Embrace Interlude: Again another Interlude. It sounds like a beautiful relaxing summers day. Rating: 3/5
8.) Loving Me for Me: A slow slinky sexy song, which at first I wasn't too keen on because of the pace but after listening to it repeatedly I have fallen in love with it. I love the speaking bits in the song. It's just so honest. Rating: 4/5
9.) Impossible: Alicia Keys is the writer and producer of this real Blues number. It is in Alicia's own style, which is heard on 'Songs in A Minor'. Another song to make you think about your real life situation. It shows off Christina's amazing talent. The song is just so perfect; it has no flaws whatsoever. Rating: 5/5
10.) Under Appreciated: Wow, how funky! You go girl! The song is so sing-along-able. GREAT FUN! Not one of the strongest tracks, but still excellent in its own right. Rating: 4/5
11.) Beautiful: The second single from Stripped. It is, quite frankly, stunning, uplifting and beautiful (it reminded me of the Beatles for some reason.) This song has number one written all over it. I really cannot wait until everyone hears this. It will open people's eyes to how good this girl really is. It's a great ballad and so unique. I can't praise this song enough. An OUTSTANDING track. This is going to be Christina's signature song. One to be remembered forever! Rating: 5/5
12.) Make Over: Mmm, a bit Suga Babes overload, but still different. A fun hippy style tune! Flower power! Rating: 5/5
13.) Cruz: Not my favorite. Its just too lighthouse family for me. Still it shines on its own, it's Christina after all! Rating: 3.5/5
14.) Soar: Again I feel this and Cruz are just not to my style. This song does build up though and improves toward the end. I just feel this could have been left out. Although if you like gospel style then you'll probably love this, I know a lot of people do. Rating: 3.5/5
15.) Get Mine, Get Yours: I LOVE THIS! It is just SEXY R'N B! All abut naughty things like one night stands. It's so smooth. Butter wouldn't melt! God I mean it, this is my favorite track on the whole album. I can't describe how this makes me feel. It's great! Rating: 5/5
16.) DIRRTY (feat. Redman): UK number one single and Christina's come back track. It's just pure genius! I swear it gets better every time I hear it. Produced by Rockwilder, it's got a filthy bass line and an even filthier video. I am so happy this got the number one it deserved! It's not generic, it's not anything that's ever been done before ITS AMAZING! Oh and Redman makes it even better. Rating: 5/5
17.) Stripped Part 2: The hip-hop and R&B theme carries through to this and it links it all together! I wish this were a proper song, it's too good. It has a lot of surprises. Rating: 5/5
18.) The Voice Within: Very Mariah with all the vocal acrobats. Instantly loveable. It would fit perfect on the 'Christina Aguilera' debut album. Rating: 5/5
19.) I'm OK: You're probably thinking; when are the songs going to go downhill? Well they don't. The first time I heard this I was nearly in tears, it was just so touching. Rating: 5/5
20.) Keep On Singing My Song: I don't think this the best song to end the amazing album, but it is uplifting. It's hard to find any real faults with it. (Probably just my own taste again.) Rating: 4/5
All I can say is this: You will not regret buying this. It's like a personal handbook to help you get over life's obstacles; its always good to have! Buy it now!

~*Chick-Lit Must-Have *~

Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding

I read this book in the space of one day, so it is quite light and at the same time, addictive - I think it's the diary format, because the fantastic "Adrian Mole" books have the same effect.
The reason is probably because both books attempt to show a character's life: no beginning-middle-end structure, with serious moments and trivial ones, and always-flowing forward. The two are similar in more than that: they both record the ideas and actions of pretty self-obsessed, insecure, and yet also often perceptive characters.
There are times when you violently disagree with them, and times when you identify a lot, despite yourself. In the end, generally it's a good idea to put aside your objections - though not abandon them - because, frankly, everyone in the books gets lampooned, most of all Bridget and Adrian themselves. Bridget Jones is worried about her weight, but resents any comment on it and definitely does not feel good about worrying about it. Isn't that most women's attitude to weight stereotypes, or in fact, most people's attitude to any stereotypes? You recognize they're unfair and that you are worth more, but despite yourself, they still bug you.
Bridget isn't very intellectually driven and thinks too much about "getting" a boyfriend. But the book isn't asking you to BECOME Bridget (although it is true that such things can have a more subtle influence) - but to understand people like her and recognize some of her fallibility and humanity in yourself.
Overall, the book is quite witty, and you grow to understand and empathize with the characters. By having Bridget as a heroine and giving her a happy ending, it could be said that Fielding is endorsing the stereotypes Bridget gives in to - this is a valid enough objection. However, in many cases, her confusion and insecurity is attributed to those stereotypes, and so ... there is, quite definitely, a strong element of satire involved.

~*Chick-Flick Must-See*~

Legally Blonde 2 Starring: Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is back in Elle Woods strappy shoes in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde. Now a rising young lawyer, Elle is about to make partner at her firm, she and Emmett are still in love, and her hair is still super healthy. But when she finds out her beloved Bruisers canine relatives are being used as cosmetic test subjects Elle heads to D.C. to accessorize her rights and take matters into her own well-manicured hands. Political maneuvering, vote-seeking senators, hidden agendas, and a cute Congress outfit with matching Gucci bag Elle Woods goes to Washington, and the U.S. government will never be the same. See this movie girls!! Ultimate chick flick!!!

~*Beauty Q & A with Hayley!!*~

Have a question about your skin? Bad hair day? Need make-up suggestions? Whatever your beauty dilemma, ask Hayley!!
(B/N: MaterialGirl_UK or E-mail:

“I have frizzy curly hair, tons of it though...what can I do to keep control of my hair and just keep it at curly ringlets? Need hair advice please Hayley!!! “ From Hunter1975
Hunter, there are a lot of things I can recommend for making the most of beautiful curls! Here is my step-by-step suggestion!
1. Wash your hair with a LIGHT shampoo and conditioner. Nothing that is going to clog it up and make it heavy….you’ll be able to find specialist shampoo for curly hair. Do not comb conditioner through; just use your fingers to gently massage.
2. Squeeze your hair dry with a towel to remove the excess moisture. Do not rub dry or the curls will separate and become frizzy.
3. Place a generous amount of a lightweight but firm control gel… (Have you tried “frizz-ease??”?)...into the palm of your hands and rub hands together, flip your hair over and apply the gel starting at the nape of your neck making sure to scrunch evenly throughout the hair from roots to ends.
4. Using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment, dry the hair in one-to-two inch sections, scrunching it with your hands as you dry it. This way the blow dryer heats the curl as the scrunch movement sets it.
5. Make sure that your hair is fairly dry but not bone dry. A little bit of moisture defines the curl but dry hair softens it.
6. Using a flexi-hold hairspray, lift and spray at the roots of your hair to provide lots of body and control without the stickiness.
Remember that practice makes perfect so keep repeating this process to get the most out of your curls each time!! Good luck!!

“My skin gets oily on the side of my nose a lot...what can I do for it?” From Tamarafaith
Sounds like you have combination skin, Tamara. I advise you to start a daily care routine. In the AM use a purifying cleanser, massage a small amount onto wet skin work into a lather and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Apply a toner to clean skin, concentrating on the problem area, and allow 2 minutes to dry. Apply a moisturizer for combination skin liberally to the face and neck and allow it to dry. Repeat the process in the PM, and avoid touching the problem area…that could be causing the problem!! Good luck!!

“I have really dark circles under my eyes and I can sleep for 18 hrs and they never go away… and I’m not big into make up, I just want them gone... what can I do?!” From Peek-at-this
I feel your pain; I have the same exact problem!! Are you anemic? Have you been tested for anemia? The dark circles I have are a result of low iron in my blood from my anaemia…its worth checking out.
Dark circles can also be caused by poor diet or problems with your kidneys, so pay your doctor a visit and ask about it. Doctors recommend that cutting down on caffeine and alcohol intake, increasing water intake and including a lot of raw vegetables and fruits in your diet can help significantly with the problem.
There are numerous creams available claiming to reduce the shadows…in my experience, they’ve never worked.
Using slices of cucumber on your eyes can help reduce the puffiness…and is also very relaxing and inexpensive!! I personally use a light liquid concealer to cover mine. It works well (Maybelline cover stick especially!) and isn’t heavy or cloggy. Good luck!!!

“I burned myself pretty badly on the stove and it left a nasty dark scar. Is there anyway to minimize the scarring so it doesn't look so bad?” From Ceade
I’m afraid I haven’t been able to find anything to help you, Ceade!! All the sources I’ve used have said that after the event...little can be done to treat scarring. However I came across numerous herbal products claiming to effectively treat them, perhaps worth looking into? I recommend you see your doctor about it and ask his/her advice. Good luck!!

“I got straight hair & I never know what to do with my hair, I can only do ponytails & piggytails. What should I do?” From Ladypatriots
There are so many things you can do with straight hair! Your choices are endless! You can curl it, crimp it, make it wavy, wear it up, and wear it down…endless choices!
I have long straight hair, and my favorites styles are a simple Bun for hot days (Put your hair into a pony tail at the back middle of your head, take the ponytail and twist it into one big ringlet and wrap that ringlet around the band holding your ponytail, hold in place with another band! Simple!) and a half/half style…(Take the top half section of your hair and clip it at the back middle of your head using a slide or clip…leave down two pieces in the front around your face).
For a more stylish, evening look…I favor the “Twists and Spikes” style, which is slightly more complicated. (Take your hair into a very high ponytail. Take small one inch wide sections one at a time and twist them…as you twist them they will start to rest upon your head, clip them there and leave a few cms out of the twist…use hairspray to make that stick up into a spike effect. Repeat until all of your hair is up in twists and spikes!)
Or for easier looks, invest in a curling iron or crimper with wave attachment to give your hair a different look! You could always use rags to make curls too. Rip up an old pair of tights or stockings into 5- inch strips…wrap your hair around them and roll it up to your head like you would with rollers. Then tie the ends tight so that it keeps your hair up. Sleep with them in, take them out in the morning (which can be a bit painful!) and separate the huge curls you’ll have into smaller ones! Tada!!!

Baby Carmen
By Erika

Dear Carmen,
Hey baby girl, this is you mom, Isis. I want to tell you why u are where you are and not with me. Yes it maybe sad, but one day when you’re older you will understand and be able to forgive me for it, but at the time it was the best decision. I don’t regret making it. The family you are with now can give you so much more then I can.
It was two years ago, and we had just moved into our new house. While we were unloading the truck, a tall, dark and extremely sexy man about 18 came over and introduced himself as our neighbor, Troy Hardman. I gave him a once over, he was about 5'11" nice chiseled body, black hair pulled back in corn rows, dark brown eyes, dark skin dressed to kill and fine as hell. To be perfectly honest, at the age of 13 I was all about looks. Looking at him made my heart race, and I believed he was the man of my dreams.
He was pretty talkative as he offered to help us unload the truck, and even when that was done he still was interested in helping. My parents told him not to worry about it, and that they didn’t need any help so he helped me. I loved watching him lift the heavy boxes seeing his muscles contract and glistening with sweat was such a turn on for me. At that time the only thing I had done with a guy was kissing and heavy petting so watching him made me yearn for more. When all the moving was done, he stayed in my room and made small talk with me.
He sat on my bed while we chatted, He watched me move around my room. Each time I looked back at him I caught him staring at me. I couldn’t decide if it was because I looked terrible or was it because I was very well developed. Finally I got up to courage to ask him why he kept staring at me. He said it was because I was so sexy with my long brown hair dark brown eyes evenly tanned skin, killer curves and personality. I blushed; even though it wasn’t my first time hearing it. I said thanks and continued unpacking.
It was a little while before either one of us said anything. Finally he broke the silence. He asked how old I was. When I told him I was only 14 his jaw dropped and he laughed and told me to be for real. It really didn’t seem that he didn’t want to accept it. After a momentary pause he said age is just a number girl, it don’t matter. After that not too much else was said.
A little while later he said he had to go, but he wanted to see me again. He left me his number, and told me to call him. When he left he kissed my cheek and told me not to forget to call. I didn’t Later the night, right after dinner, I went up stairs to my room and called him. My heart raced faster and faster as each ring echoed through my phone. I thought about hanging up after the second ring, but by then he had picked and, said Hello. We didn’t talk much. He told me that my room was right across from his so sometime I should give him a peep show. I laughed, and told him that only if he was nice. His low toned “ha-ha” echoed through my phone as he promised to be nice and never hurt me for as long as he knew me. Sad thing is, I really believe it.
Somehow through our conversation we got on to the subject of sex. He was, as he put it, “Pleasantly surprised that I hadn’t let someone slide up in me, and that I have such high morals.” I was flattered that he admired me for that. Somewhere along the line he asked me if I would ever consider having sex with him. Before I could stop and think about it, I had blurted out a yes. I sat there in my room blushing until he said that he would be honored to be my first. I sat there blushing when I heard his voice telling me not to blush that it was ok. I looked out my window and there his was, standing there with nothing on but a pair of boxers, sitting on the windowsill. I blushed some more and listened to him laugh. I went over and sat in my window and looked at him as we talked. I didn’t say much. I was listening to him explain how he would make love to me. He talked about how he would kiss me, and how he would touch me and how gentle he would be. As he was talking about it I could almost feel it. When he was done he told me that he didn’t mean to tell me so much, but he couldn’t help it. I was everything he looked for in a woman. He promised he wouldn’t force me into it and that he would wait until I got comfortable around him. I remember my first time with him. My brother was gone to a friend’s house, and I was home alone. He had called into work sick and had me come over. It started with light passionate kisses and heavy petting. Then he carried me upstairs to his room. He laid me on his bed, shut the shades and turned on some sweet soul music. He lay next to me and whispered that he loved me, and this was going to be something that I would never forget. He continued to kiss me as he caressed my breasts and sucked on my neck. I could fell him growing hard on my leg and I giggled a little. He asked me if I like it and I said that I did, so he gave me more. Soon enough we were both completely naked and under the covers. He asked me if I was sure that I wanted to and I told him yes. He laid on top of me and kissed me softly as he penetrated me. I don’t remember if I cried out aloud or moaned before I blacked out. A few seconds later I snapped back into it and looked up at him. He asked if I was ok and I told him yes, don’t stop. He didn’t he continued with long slow strokes, and with every stroke the moaning got louder, and the breathing heavier. Just as I left that my heart was going to pop, and my lungs implode, he reached his climax. He laid on me for a few moments looking at me and kissing me before he rolled off and caught his breath. He pulled me close and said that I was great, a little tight, but he loved it and we feel asleep.
After that I spent every possible moment with him, In the summer we would camp out in our back yards and we’d try new things, ice cubes, cough drops, tongue rings, bondage, and others. I’d have him over for dinner, id go over there and eat. My parents loved him; they never thought that he would do something as terrible as he did to me. They trusted him. It wasn’t until he missed my 14th birthday that things got kind of bad. We had been seeing each other for about a year. We had done just about everything sexual that we could think of. He had wanted to give me my belated birthday present, but I didn’t want it, I just wasn’t in the mood for sex. He seemed ok with it.
We sat down on the couch to watch a movie and he started trying to get me in the mood, He blew in my ear, he sucked on my neck he ran his fingers up and down my back. At that time it wasn’t turning me on it was pissing me off so I told him to stop. That pissed him off, so he kept doing it. I told him enough and I got up and moved to the other end of the couch. By the look in his eyes I could tell he was really angry. I decided that I was going to leave and I would call him later, when he had cooled off and I told him so. I got up to leave when he grabbed my arm and told me that I wasn’t going anywhere. He had been gone for a week and he needed me to pleasure him and it was my gift. I told him I didn’t want it today so he slapped me. I fell to the ground and I saw him standing over me. He told me that I was his bitch and I was to do what I was told. I got up to leave and told him I wasn’t a position; I was a person. He pushed me back down and strattled my body; He kept saying do you want me now? And when I responded no, he would hit me and ask me again, and each time I answered no he would hit me again, but harder.
Finally I stopped answering him and I guess he took that as a yes. I started taking off my clothes, as I screamed no leave me alone! Over and over again but then he just slapped me and tied me down so I couldn’t fight him off. He removed my pants and started to take off my panties when I crossed my legs and screamed. At this point he was really pissed, he stood up and kicked me then went up stairs to get the leg spreader. He pinned my legs apart and got between them and started raping me, as I scream no stop, I hate you; you’re a sick son of a bitch. With every sign of protest I showed he got more brutal and made his strokes harder and faster. I don’t know what he did to me after this because I blacked out. I came to when he put his penis in my mouth and started choking me with it. I turned my head and tried to get it out but there was no moving it. When he realized he wasn’t going to get me to suck it, he penetrated me again with a hard thrust. After what seemed like hours he reached his climax. He unclamped my legs, untied my hands and told me to go clean up. He was going over to my house to get me clothes because I wasn’t going home. I did as he said for fear he would attack me. I went up stairs to his bathroom and got in the shower. I sat in there and cried and scrubbed my body. I heard him knock and then he came in. He asked if I was almost done because he needed to talk to me. I didn’t answer him. He left my clothes on the sink and I got out and put them on. I slowly descended the stairs and I saw him cleaning up the blood on the floor. I started to cry again and he came to the stairs. He apologized and he started to cry. He told me that he was sorry, and that he loved me, He only did it because he loved me and needed to show me. Needless to say I spent the night there, and I slept in the same bed with him. The next morning he had to go to work, but he woke me before he left to tell me that he loved me. I laid there until I heard his car leave. I went into the bathroom and examined my face. There was a cut on my nose, my lip was spit open and I had a few other cuts. Amazingly I had no bruising to my face. My wrists, thighs and ribs were another story though. He fractured one of my ribs, and left rope burns and bruising on my wrists. I spent the day trying to figure out how to explain the cuts on my face. The wounds on my wrists were something she wouldn’t even ask about, since she knew that we were sexually involved.
~*~To be continued~*~