written on july 18 -- @ 11:11 PM

>>*Today was awesome. We got up early and went boating with Kate and Catherine. We got bruises, scars, and headaches but it was worth it. After 5 long hours of boating, we went to the Dairy Queen. Then we had to drop Kate off. We went to the clubhouse and stuff untill Catherine had to leave at 6.. then I felt reely sick. I had a fever so I slept untill 10. Then I watched Buffy episodes with Sarah untill I fell asleep. I'm gonna keep updating the pages.
Love Always

written on july 17 -- @ 2:13 AM

>>*Ok today was pretty dull. Me n Chris got in a fight..no big really. But Catherine came over and spent the night and just about an hour or so ago.. the neighbors decided to play a humble prank. While we were in the hot tub they started throwing rotten pears.. u heard me rotten pears in our pool. We got the shit scared outta us!! Whoo.. but after we got the butcher knives they ran off so.. now were totally tired and were off to bed. Sorry I didnt have time to work on the page..
Love Always

written on july 16 -- @ 10:01 PM

>>*Finally HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOM! Since she left early for work.. we decided to decorate the house. TONS of balloons, a big cake, and all her presents. As we waited for her to get home, I went over Hunter's house :). Swimming as such.. the usual. When my mom came to pick me up, I gave Sarah a heads up call. When we got in the driveway, I got out of the car and ran ahead. We got out the Party Poppers and Silly String and waited. We surprised her as she opened her presents, ate her cake, etc etc. Then we went to the mall to celebrate [well not really]. We got home LATE like 10:30. Then me n my sister Sarah were goofing off so we decided to try out Mom's workout videos. HOLY CRAP THAT WAS THE WORST!!! Well I fell asleep around 1.. yeah it was a GREAT day.
Love Always,

written on july 15 -- @ 4:37 PM

>>*Today was boring..yet again. I did basically nothing until 4. Catherine came over, we made a CD, OMG Catherine is the funniest kid I know!! We had so manny awesome times. COCNUTS. o no I mean COCONUTS! LoL. Then after she left I talked online for the longest time! Then I watched A Goofy Movie [I havent seen that movie in AGES its a classic!]. Then it was off to bed.. at 3 AM! Me and my party animal self. TOMORROW is my mothers birthday!
Love Always

written on july 14 -- @ 8:22 PM

*>>Today was reely boring.. I went to the YMCA this morning at 10 and then at 2 I got BRACES! holy crap.. I hate them SO much. But they're clear and u cant reely tell.. I cannot wait to get them off! Then I went to Hunters for a while.. we watched movies and stuff lol. Yeah but I came home and slept a lot. I'm still working on this. My ME page is almost done so I'll keep updating.
Love Always,

written on july 12 -- @ 10:51 PM

>>*Another birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!! Today was extremely hott.. I got up really late today like around 12. I went out and swam for about 3 hours. Then I watched the Kim Possible thing.. yes I was really bored. Then I went to Corie's house and we hung out and played volleyball. Then she came over my house and we went swimming and she banged her head against the pool and there is a HUGE bump. Poor Corie.. well noe I decided to keep updating the page.. its not done yet still needs a lot of work. Well there you go. 4 days until Mother's birthday!
Love Always,

written on july 11 -- @ 3:00 PM

*>>First I would like to say HAPPY BITHDAY BAILEY!! Today was basically a boring day. I went swimming over Hunter's [that was great fun] until like 5 and afterwards we went shopping for Mother's birthday [its in 5 days]! We got her a sewing machine and some really beautiful necklaces and bracelets. Then, Chris stopped by and we planned out our $100 billion dollar house LoL. I watched TV for a while and then there was a huge thunderstorm later on around like 8:30 and it totally wiped out all our chairs on the porch and everything that was in the pool. When it ended around 11:30, Nick [from camp] called and we talked for about 2 hours. Then I started updating this for a while and now I am watching JACKASS the movie. Such an awesome movie!! It is really really late and I am not tired one bit. Well I guess thats it for today.
Love Always

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